. shout outs are below the dedication - look for your name . This site is dedicated to the love of my life, the king of my universe, and my very own best friend.


Before I begin, just know that words cannot alone explain how I feel for you.

I believe fate brought us together. We both know fate has its own ironic ways of bringing people together. I believe, if we continue loving each other, how we found each other will be one of those inspiring love stories ever told.

I dedicate this site to you because you are the only reason why I am still breathing. You showed me not every man is out to harm my fragile soul. Instead of mistreating me, you showered me with happiness I never knew. You taught me how to love again, to open my heart after putting it back from pieces thousand of times. You helped me grow in so many ways, I , now, look at life in a whole new light. I used to think that this world was cruel and I was going to be trapped in darkness and in a world filled with hate. Just until you came to be the one for me, you unleashed my shackles and I finally learned how to fly. With your tender touch, my horrid fears of being battered again slowly diminished. Every time, Im with you, I feel so alive. You simply showed me that it is alright to feel the way I feel.Like a flower, I am slowly blossoming. Before you, I was insecure and now with you, my confidence picks up its pace. I never thought I would find someone that makes me feel complete. I am no longer lost. With your sweet embrace, I feel ultimately wanted. From time to time again, I find myself drowning in your eyes, mesmerized by what I see inside, I never thought Id ever meet a man so faithful and true ; so loving and kind ; so entertaining and special.

I dedicate you all I could ever own. I give you my assurance that I will never leave your side. I promise you that I will love you until the last I breath I take. I vow to hold your hand and together we will battle through storms; great or small. I can guarantee I wont ever let you slip from my palms. I will devote my time for you and still live for my dreams. I can ensure you that I will remain faithful until the end of time. To you, I dedicate all of my love. Know this, my intentions are true. Memorize this, I love you.

. justin .
· i think we both know we can talk about anything and yet still feel comfortable. there is one reason why we can - cause we both are weird. don't forget to tell leggy i said hi and NEVER go on a fast again! promise?

. trista .
· you are my true home girl. always there whenever happens. yeah we are convinced that we are trapped in the wrong bodies, lol. i don't know where we will be when next year comes, just remember, you are always welcome. love you!

. david .
· twinkle! my best friend that i have never met! it's been over a year since i've known you and surprisingly, you know me like the traces on the back of my hand. ever since we went to college, we both parted our ways, but if you ever need a listening ear, im here.

. vishal .
· twixie, toots, and my midnight buddy! we both met through david, lol. im so glad you're the one i can share my insomina with! cause you crack me up. you know im always there for you and time will heal whenever pain you go through. love u. xoxoxoxo

. jenee .
· my other half!!! i have never thought i'd find somebody who loves make up, glitter, guys, sex, love, english, french manicures, lip glosses and some tan! you are the first chick i can tell everything and say anything without being looked strangely. i love u!!! hopefully this friendship with last a long time.

. justin b .
· my sick balla. you always had the spotlight for high school ball. remember these days when we'd play one on one? anyway, youre tight and when u play with clement and chad for the hoop it up, take it home!!! kiss your beautiful daughter aaliyah for me.

. amiya .
· it is so friggin ironic how we met! we met through uh u know, the whole drama online. what's even weird - you have a deaf sister. it's just too bad we couldnt talk often but one of these days, we are going to six flags and bug out, lol <3 you.

. tanya .
· my favorite female online friend. gosh, im sorry im never on paxed anymore. thank god for your tag board hustling on damitric's page. if it wasn't for that, we wouldn't have met. and i wouldn't have an older friend to talk about such things that matter or concern me the most. do me a favor? save a spot for me when i go to california and visit you ;P love you mama <3<3

. damitric .
· SOOOOO ELEGANT! that's how id describe you. you know i love your pictures and trust me one day, your wish will come true. you're made to be a model. i guess from now on we're gonna share madd graphics. don't worry, id help you in your sucky html area ;D <3<3

. ricardo .
· almost 5 years...our friendship is always rocky but you know we always remain talking every now and then. i just hope your downfall will end soon and hopefully you will find your happiness soon. <3

. matt .
cloned buddy! i think you are the only white guy on my homie list, lol. it is so fun to see how our friendship strengten through our high school years and in the end we got really closer. we are the buddies of every thing. it is funny how people would think we're brother n sisters. i bet you're still running your game and having all these girls stalking you ;x as usual, lol. <3 you. xoxoxo.

. mengi .
· mengistuuuu, my babiiii. lol. whenever im really bored, you always find a way to crack me up. don't forget our battle of animal noises, lol. we go back the in days of pixel, lol, <3 you hun. muahz.

. tasha .
· ahh! how the hell did i meet you? oh yeah, through greatestjournal. i never thought i'd find a friend i'd be down with off there. you're so much fun to talk to. you're the one who helped me with all my graphics and html codes. basically, you're the first one to hook up my page ;D when you go to europe for college, don't forget to send for me whenever you're on break. i love u mama! <33

. jurrell .
· where you at homie?! i seem to get ahold of you more when basketball season's still in. come back and get out of corny minnesota ;x go back to cali, lol. you one of the sexiest / tallest guys i know. you and your girl look real cute together! <3<3<3<3

. chrissy .
· last but not at least. which one of us is younger? lol me, of course. you'd always proudly say ' im older than alycia ' and pat on my head. we both stand 5'1'' and yet you look younger than i do, lol. in experiences, we both are just the same. we have gone through so much and we have proved that nothing can knock us down. i better be in your wedding whenever tony asks for your hand ;D don't worry, you're definitely in mine. i love u girlie <3.