i chose this picture of a specific reason. this picture has its own definition. there's a image of a path and we all know in life there are paths to choose. this is the path i have recently made. the path with beautiful flowers every where resembles how i feel - beautiful at the moment. pure happiness is how i would explain what i found taking this path.

. ghosts of my past .
· i was born to a seemingly loving family which shattered when i was just about three years old. my parents got divorced and my mother loved the drugs she was putting in her veins and stuffing up her nose more than she did love me. i did not matter and she said she did not want to see me until i turned 18. (hasn't happened.)
·i lived with my father who was blinded by a controlling female. at a point, i was neglected.
·at 9, i weighted 172 pounds and was constantly discriminated and humilated by his girlfriend. with all intense humilation, i turned to thoughts of suidice, eating disorders, depression, and running away. there were no communication between me and my father and i eventually gave up trying.
·at 14, i started to see what i was capable of academically and athletically. i started performing really spectacular in sports especially basketball and volleyball. i got numerous of awards, all star tournament, a three-timer connecticut independent athletic school conference all star. i started getting highlights inside and outside of classrooms. i was often recommended by directors to participate leadership workshops and be part of the peer mediator team. i was doing everything i should do to make my father proud. but that did not work.
·every thing went seemingly right at my senior year. i was a step away from doing something my parents - to graduate from high school.
· i accomplished something my parents never did. i graduated with honors, i did our graduation song and national anthem along with my two other friends i grew up together. my father has never been more proud of me. that's when our relationship strengthened.

. angels of my present .

· i am currently a college student finishing my second semester of my freshman year. i am majoring in social work and i hope to work with people that needs some guidance in life.
·i am currently in love with antwan. to read more about him, look into the dedication part. i have never been this happy in my whole life.
middot;my father and i are really close. we talk a lot more often now. he finally realizes i am not a little girl anymore, but i'd always be daddy's girl.
·i truly believe that all the hardships i went through as a child mold me to the person i am today.

. sights for the future .

· i don't really know what will be happening in a couple of years. i just hope to graduate from college and start helping the unfortunate ones.
· to get married to a wonderful man and have a beautiful family.