i'm dropping my beauty secrets here. all you beautiful ladies can use these whenever. before you begin, just remember, beauty comes from within.

. hair .

· products
daily renewal 5x / herbal essences intensive blends shampoo + conditioner
thermasilk / herbal essences mousse
eco styler clear gel
thermasilk hair spray

· tips
don't rub your hair with your towel. it will cause your hair to break and encourages split ends.
if it's difficult to brush your hair when it's dry, brush it in the shower with conditioner in your hair, then rinse.
try staying away from styling products that provide heat ; ie. hair dryer, curling iron, those damages your hair really bad.
trim your split ends every 2 - 4 weeks depending on the damages.

. skin .

· products
victoria's secret love spell + endless love lotion
baby johnson's bedtime lotion (the purple one)
baby magic powder fresh lotion
herbal essences body wash / st ives whipped cream body wash
johnson's baby oil
apply your lotion on damp, not dry skin. it will be more affective.
after shaving, apply generous amount of baby oil to leave it silky smooth.

. face .