This site is dedicated to the love of my life, the king of my universe, and my very own best friend.


Before I begin, just know that words cannot alone explain how I feel for you.

I believe fate brought us together. We both know fate has its own ironic ways of bringing people together. I believe, if we continue loving each other, how we found each other will be one of those inspiring love stories ever told.

I dedicate this site to you because you are the only reason why I am still breathing. You showed me not every man is out to harm my fragile soul. Instead of mistreating me, you showered me with happiness I never knew. You taught me how to love again, to open my heart after putting it back from pieces thousand of times. You helped me grow in so many ways, I , now, look at life in a whole new light. I used to think that this world was cruel and I was going to be trapped in darkness and in a world filled with hate. Just until you came to be the one for me, you unleashed my shackles and I finally learned how to fly. With your tender touch, my horrid fears of being battered again slowly diminished. Every time, Im with you, I feel so alive. You simply showed me that it is alright to feel the way I feel.Like a flower, I am slowly blossoming. Before you, I was insecure and now with you, my confidence picks up its pace. I never thought I would find someone that makes me feel complete. I am no longer lost. With your sweet embrace, I feel ultimately wanted. From time to time again, I find myself drowning in your eyes, mesmerized by what I see inside, I never thought Id ever meet a man so faithful and true ; so loving and kind ; so entertaining and special.

I dedicate you all I could ever own. I give you my assurance that I will never leave your side. I promise you that I will love you until the last I breath I take. I vow to hold your hand and together we will battle through storms; great or small. I can guarantee I wont ever let you slip from my palms. I will devote my time for you and still live for my dreams. I can ensure you that I will remain faithful until the end of time. To you, I dedicate all of my love. Know this, my intentions are true. Memorize this, I love you.