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Dan-I's Full - length Biography


Dan-I joined his first group at the age of twelve as lead vocalist of the band KUBLA KHAN and performed live.


1969 Dan-I became lead vocalist of the group REIGN and recorded musical spotlight for BBC TV. Also performed live concerts opening for GENESIS, THE KINKS and OSIBISA.


1970 Dan-I was invited to join Andy Frazer (former bassist of FREE) as singer of his new band.
1972 Dan-I performed live with the ALAN BOWN BAND as lead vocalist.
1973   Dan-I, as lead vocalist of D’ DANCER, toured with HOT CHOCOLATE on national UK tour. Also recorded double-sided single entitled DANCER/ISABELLE (Made in Heaven Records)produced by Chris Squire of YES, and Marketed by Atlantic Records.

1974   Dan-I recorded with Mick Taylor, guitarist (former member of JOHN MAYALL AND THE BLUES BREAKERS, and THE ROLLING STONES). The recording Dan-I made with Mick Taylor and his band was entitled SHAPE I’M IN (composed by THE BAND). This version was produced by Eddie Offord, engineered by Generator.




  Dan-I sang lead vocals with Latin American Band SPITERI from Venezuela (Warner Bros.)

Dan-I worked towards the formation of a new band with Paul Kossof (former guitarist of FREE)



Dan-I recorded with Lofty (former member of OSIBISA and founder of ZEBRA) produced by Vangelis.





Dan-I performed as part of the British Contingent for the FESTAC (Black Art and Cultural Festival) with THE FUNKEES (Nigeria’s No. 1 Pop band). Recorded a TV program and performed a three month Live National Tour of Nigeria.



1978   Dan-I formed the band ABBRAKA with two members of THE FUNKEES and performed live.




Dan-I sang with Funk band PLEASURE ZONE with Mel Gaynor who later joined SIMPLE MINDS. Also sang for Afro/Funk/Jazz band EFIAK with Jake Le’Meseurier who later formed CENTRAL LINE.





Dan-I joined Reggae band THE TOPICS (Desmond Dekker’s backing band) and performed live.



Dan-I co-produced and recorded a Jazz L.P. with Augustas Arnold, (a.k.a.) Julio Finn, featuring Dudu Pequana and his band, which Dan-I sang lead vocals on one song entitled THE GHOSTESS NAMED DINAH (Charlie Records).





Dan-I recorded and performed live with RITUAL, a Jazz/Funk band (United Artists).



Dan-I recorded lead vocals on an L.P. with Lemi of BLOW FOUNDERS 15 (Time Records)





Dan-I Recorded and wrote lyrics for KOSSAGA (Age of Time Records-catalogue no. KO5587021) Marketed by Atlantic Records.



Dan-I released a single entitled MONKEY CHOP (Island- 12 inch:12WIP6520,  7 inch: 7WIP6520)Composed by S. E. Lewinson, sung and produced by Dan-I, (a.k.a.) S. E. Lewinson, mixed by Dan-I and Trevor Horn which became a Hit: Nine weeks in UK Pop Charts; No. 1 in Milan, Italy, and No. 4 Nationally in Italy;  No. 8 British Dance Charts;  TOP 20 in Sweden, and the biggest selling record of the time in New Zealand (outselling The Beatles). Also reached Club Top 13 in Switzerland and Denmark. Also appeared on the TOP OF THE POPS program on BBC, and SATURDAY BANANA on Southern T.V, U.K.  Later releases in Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Norway, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, and all other territories.

MonkeyChop_Front.jpg (186510 bytes)               



Dan-I appeared in the film ACTION, directed by Tinto Brass.





Dan-I released a second 12 inch single entitled HIDDEN VALLEY, Featuring Sue Glover on backing vocals. (Island- catalogue no. 12WIP6572)

HiddenValley_front.jpg (79475 bytes)       HiddenValley_a.jpg (36766 bytes)      HiddenValley_back.jpg (42275 bytes)        HiddenValley_b.jpg (34718 bytes)




Dan-I performed Live on T.V. in Stockholm, Sweden on the T.V. program MONDAY SPECIAL. Also performed live at the ATLANTIC CLUB in Stockholm.





Dan-I appeared on Italian T.V. in Milan on the POPCORN program and the DISCO RING program, then to Rome IN ON SUNDAY program. Also performed a live stadium gig in Rieti, Rome.



Dan-I released a 7 inch single entitled LETS BE AN ANIMAL (RCA in Spain; Aura Records catalogue no. AUS123 in UK; Marketed by Spartan Records)

     Dan-I_Aura.jpg (32357 bytes)    




Dan-I spent time writing with Busta Jones (former bassist for Albert King, Sharks, and Talking Heads)


Dan-I recorded several rock tracks with Busta culminating in headlining the opening of the Irving Plaza in Manhattan NYC, NY with Billy Idol, The Ramones, and Holly and the Italians.



Dan-I formed Gospel Group UNITY 83 and performed live in Manhattan, and Long Island, NY.





Dan-I formed Gospel group GOLDEN KEYS, also Soul/Funk band RARE TASTE and performed live in Manhattan, NYC, NY.



Dan-I co-formed Tibetan Rock Reggae Band EMPTY GESTURE which recorded and performed live in NYC, NY, and opened for Phillip Glass. Also toured and recorded in California, and opened for the MEDITATIONS and the GLADIATORS.



Dan-I released an LP in the USA entitled NICELY NICELY (The Vodka Label catalogue no. VDK8001).

    Nicely_LP_back.jpg (136106 bytes)




Dan-I joined the Reggae band UNITY in L.A. California, and opened for BURNING SPEAR.


Dan-I recorded an album with UNITY (Caye Records/Selmore Records- catalogue no. UN.2003/S.16403104) They also recorded a 30 minute T.V. Special livicated to Haile Selassie on KPBS.





Dan-I wrote, arranged and sang backing vocals for BABYLON WARRIORS, also toured the USA and opened for STEEL PULSE in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and BIG YOUTH at the Beverly Theatre in Los Angeles, C.A.





London, UK- Dan-I joined Rock Band with KOFI BAKER, son of Ginger Baker (former drummer of CREAM) and continued to work on his own project, and recorded WHO KILLED THE PROPHETS? Featuring BIG YOUTH. 12 inch (V.I.P. Records catalogue no. VIP007).

VIP_Front.jpg (59370 bytes)      V.I.P.jpg (82644 bytes)         VIP_back.jpg (63333 bytes)


Dan-I reunited with Busta Jones and co-wrote several tracks, and made recording of SURE LOVE THE FEELING with Mica Paris on backing vocals, and Andy Gill (former member of GANG OF FOUR) on guitar.





Dan-I wrote three songs with YOUTH (former bassist of KILLING JOKE).





Dan-I and Busta made video for the song SURE LOVE THE FEELING.





Dan-I and KI performed live and recorded three tracks in London, UK.






Dan-I performed live with EMPTY GESTURE a special benefit concert for the Dalai Lama , accompanied on guitar by special guest Nick Korner (son of Alexis Korner) at the Peace Bogota- Battersea Park, London.





Dan-I recorded two tracks with Busta Jones: Track A- MY HANDS ARE SHAKIN’ (Bass/Vocals- Busta Jones; Guitar- Andy Gill of GANG OF FOUR; Keyboards- Helen Turner; Backing vocals- Dan-I) and Track AA- NUBIAN MIX (Guitar-Jimmy Ripp of MICK JAGGER BAND; Bass/Vocals – Busta Jones, Backing vocals-Dan-I). Sierra records- catalogue no. 12BJ188

Busta_Jones_LP_Front.jpg (121420 bytes)    BustaJones_LP_a.jpg (31270 bytes)    BustaJones_LP_Back.jpg (105171 bytes)    BustaJones_LP_b.jpg (31978 bytes)





Dan-I released an Ace LP entitled SURE LOVE THE FEELING (Selmore Records- catalogue no. ALPSEL001).

SureLove_front.jpg (107053 bytes)       SureLove_a.jpg (65205 bytes)       SureLove_back.jpg (295952 bytes)       SureLove_b.jpg (74891 bytes)




Dan-I and the Freedom Fighter performed live throughout the U.K.

Dan-I_FF.jpg (65722 bytes)
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Dan-I and the Freedom Fighter recorded and released an LP entitled WATERS OF REBELLION (Ease Records-catalogue no. EASE001).

FreedomFighterLP_front.jpg (49828 bytes)       FreedomFighterLP_inside.jpg (53921 bytes)       FreedomFighterLP_back.jpg (67658 bytes)




Continued to tour UK with DAN-I AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTER.





Dan-I and two members of Freedom Fighter went to Jamaica and promoted LP on  IRIE FM RADIO.





Dan-I and the Freedom Fighter toured France, also U.K.





Dan-I performed with ROCK STONE (reggae band) in London, U.K.





Dan-I performed live with RDF and sang lead and backing vocals (Guest Appearance).





Dan-I and Lucky (a.k.a) Jeremiah formed the band SPLASH and performed live in front of Johannesburg library, STREET LAW: CELEBRATING OUR RIGHTS- HUMAN RIGHTS DAY In South Africa



Johannesburg, South Africa- Dan-I and SYEZA composed and rehearsed songs.



Dan-I recorded and performed live throughout Johannesburg with BIG ISLAND.





Dan-I formed project: DAN-I AND THE ALTAR featuring the group SONS OF SELASSIE and performed live at the Tandoor, Rocky Street, Johannesburg, South Africa.





Dan-I performed live with Reggae band TUFF GONG in Cape Town, South Africa.



Dan-I and the reggae band ROOT SYNDICATE ONE performed live in London, UK.



Dan-I and JUMP WITH JOEY recorded the song- BAREFOOTIN’ on the LP entitled SKA ISLAND (Island-catalogue no. 314-524-392-2) Produced by Gaz Mayall and engineered by Damian Korner.

Ska_Island_front.jpg (46494 bytes)       Ska_Island_inside.jpg (279052 bytes)        Ska_Island_back.jpg (82311 bytes)




Dan-I released cd:  LIVING FIGURES (Onset Records- catalogue no. OSET001)

LivingFigures_front.jpg (47136 bytes) 


Dan-I formed project: DAN-I AND THE DRAGNET and performed live.





Dan-I composed and recorded with UNITY in Los Angeles, CA.



Dan-I composed and recorded with BABYLON WARRIORS in Los Angeles, CA.



Dan-I re-released the cd: LIVING FIGURES on his label Onset Records- (catalogue no. OSET001).

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