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The Unknown

This site is dedicated to 4 types of people. Those who...

Welcome, By visiting this site you have taken a huge step in coming to realise that we, humans are not the only terrestrials that inhabit some part of the universe. What I offer is simple. The chance to take a trip down the rabbit-hole. How deep you go is your choice. Whatever you want to know about UFO's, The Supernatural, Government conspiracy etc all you have to do is ask. eg. Is there really a planet headed for earth? Did a spaceship really crash in Roswell? What is a 'Lifter'? Who or what is Majestic Twelve (MJ-12)? Are Crop Circles a hoax? If you have A question please refer to the e-mail address on the bottom of this page- Subject: realm3. Also, if you give me your e-mail I will periodically send out newsletters on whats going on. Any questions/comments will be greatly appreciated. I will be in contact soon. Disclaimer: This is no joke. What is stated in my personal replies to you is truthful to the full extent of my knowlegde and is backed up by reliable and well researched sources.

If I am unable to help you with a question you may have, please, refer to these sites..

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