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The Realm of Raeral is a small one, consisting of a small ocean known as Pangora, or the Pangora Sea, and the Crescent Isle. Three miles out to sea, the Realm ends. This area is full of magical static in Great Mists that keep the Realm stable and linked to the RealmStream for immigrants.

The Great Mists

Artist: Thea Kent


    There are a few "special" items that have come up. This will give a further look into the many items in question. Players and Hosts have worked hard to create these guidelines and helpful reasons and guides. This will be added to and modified as situations arise.



    RP Reason: Airships of all sorts, magic and mechanical, are not allowed in CII. For this reason, in the RP world, the RealmStream mists can not support airships, thus that is the RP reason for them not allowed.

    OOC Reason: The OOC reason is the technicality causes too many issues with physics and logic, and the fact that this is a Ėfantasy- world. CII is less restricting on other items and such, but airships are not allowed when it comes to the magical and technical sort. What sort of airship is allowed? At most, a carriage being carried by a dragon and such.

Destruction of the Inn:

    RP Reason: The Crescent Isle Inn is indestructible due to the wards and spells set up by many in the past. These spells and such directly link the Isle Inn to the Great Mists and feed off their magic to keep the Inn constantly regenerating and putting out fires and such. Once may notice that from brawls, blood spilt on the Innís floor is absorbed. This also helps maintain the Inn.

    OOC Reason: Well, if the Inn is destroyed, there goes RP! So no destroying the Inn.

(And no, no Character can be linked to the Great Mists in the same manner and be indestructible. Also, the links can not be tampered with or severed. So, donít even try it. Yes, this is PGing, but itís for good reason for the game to avoid people abusing the Room.)



©Crescent Isle Inn 2005. All text has been legally documented as belonging to CII in usage, in idea and function. The Players of CII and other people have worked hard and put effort into this. To steal their work and ideas and/or modify them is wrong and will be dealt with harshly. The artwork belongs to the artists, not the players or CII. Permission of use has been documented.