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Caslius' Stats

Age: 23
Breed: Rough Collie
Sexuality: Bisexual
Sub/Dom? Almost always dominant though will
submit to equines.
Mods: Labret + left Eyebrow peirced.6 Surface
peircings though the top side of his wrists,
3 on each side plus one between eye brows
and another through top of muzzle 3/4 down.
Status: Single/Possibly Looking
Slavery?: May rent now and then
Kinks: Bestiality, Rough, Dirty Talk, Sluts, Bitches in heat,
Occassional Bondage, Giving/recieving head, Has
a thing for red heads and females in costume.
Personality: Generally confident in himself he's often the one to start off
a conversation. Bored easily and constantly full of energy
he may fiddle or chew with and upon anything that's laying
around. An Outrageous flirt and doesn't much care for gender
, his generaly amiable mood changes if he's challenged over a
lover though -- greatly jealous and hates to have attention
taken from him or to have to share.
Description Thick fur covers him but for calves and lower arms, the
majority of it ranging from creams to dirty whites and light
golds, but for a 'cap' of slate gray on his crown and down
his muzzle and the same shade speckling his spine and flanks,
fading out toward the tip of his tail. Eyes are a rich, dark brown.
As for his build, he stand 5'12 and quite muscular but not overly
so, just enough to give his body a shape. Endowed to 8 inches
and a girth of 4, sheathed in public - most of the time. Fur around
loins and inner thighs is kept cut short.