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A most elegant tiara of leaves and a central flower in diamond, signed Mellerio. It can be divided into smaller ornaments. When exhibited at the Paris International Exhibition of 1867, the tiara was admired by Princess Maria Clotilde of Savoy (wife of Prince Jer˘me Bonaparte), who suggested the acquisition to her father. It was bought by King Victor Emmanuel II for his new daughter-in-law, Princess Margherita of Savoy-Genoa, for her marriage to Prince Umberto of Piemonte in 1868. The tiara was sold by one of the daughters of King Umberto II and Queen Maria JosÚ and is today displayed throughout the world in exhibitions, being the possession of Albion Art in Tokyo.

The Italian Royal Family posing before their entrance in the Royal Palace of Athens for the state banquet held ahead of the wedding of HRH Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark and HRH The Prince of the Asturias, in May 1962. From left, HRH The Prince of Naples, HRH Princess Maria Gabriella, HM Queen Maria JosÚ, wearing the Mellerio laurel diadem pictured above, HM King Umberto II and HRH Princess Maria Beatrice, who wears the diamond ears of wheat tiara.

During one of the last impressive gathering of royals at a state banquet, repeated very seldom ever since, the last King and Queen of Italy descend the staircase of the Royal Palace of Athens. HM Queen Maria JosÚ, apart of the laurel tiara wore her two splendid diamond and sapphire necklaces.

The Prince of Naples and his sister, Princess Maria Gabriella, at the Royal Palace of Athens. The Princess wore the ivy diamond and pearl tiara that her sister, Princess Maria Pia, had worn for the gala for her own wedding in 1955. The earrings worn by the Princess were a present from King Umberto to Queen Maria JosÚ on the occasion of their wedding in 1930.

Another most glittering ball in Athens, only two years later, perhaps the last to gather such a profusion of reigning and formerly reigning royal families: on the eve of the wedding of HM King Constantine II, the new King of the Hellenes, to HRH Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark, kings and queens from all over the World flooded the Royal Palace of Athens with an indescribable splendour. On this picture, HM King Simeon of the Bulgarians, son of an Italian Princess, is seen descending the splendid staircase of the Royal Palace with HM The Queen of the Belgians, born Do˝a Fabiola de Mora y Aragˇn, and with his aunt, HM Queen Maria JosÚ. Queen Fabiola wears the diamond tiara presented to her on her wedding on behalf of the Spanish people. Queen Maria JosÚ wears her magnificent diamond and pearl tiara, created by Musy.

The Italian Royal Family leaving the hotel in Athens towards the Royal Palace for a banquet in honour of the Greek King and his bride, HRH Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark. From left, HRH Princess Maria Gabriella, wearing her own diamond and pearl tiara, HRH The Prince of Naples, HRH Princess Maria Beatrice, wearing the Mellerio laurel tiara, HM Queen Maria JosÚ, wearing the Musy diamond and pearl diadem and HM King Umberto II.

During the grand state banquet at the Royal Palace, HM King Umberto II accompanies HM Queen Mother Helen of Romania, mother of HM King Michael. The exiled Romanian queen wears the Greek Key Tiara of the Romanian Royal Family. Behind, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, husband and representative at the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

A glittering couple, King Umberto II and Queen Maria JosÚ of Italy arrive back at the hotel following the gala in honour of HM The King of the Hellenes and his bride, HRH Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark, daughter of TM The King and Queen of Denmark.

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