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The Calm Before The Storm

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August 18th 2005-> At 1 o'clock there's going to be a moment of silence for the soldiers who have recently died in Iraq. especially in the past 1-2 months. Therefore I'm talking about 4 or 5 of these soldiers out of about 16-20+ of whom my uncle JUST put on a plane to return back home after being killed near where he is at. It's a small world out there. Things happen and you have to go with it. Time cannot be calculated in years, yet only in hours. Because just in a few hours can things change. Heh-i think i'm getting my writing gift back-please don't steal my words b4 i can copyright them, thanks. lol. One day my uncle decided to go check his email instead of going with friends/fellow soldiers to eat lunch... explosion went off killing 1 and injuring 3 AT the lunch tent. Someone's out there watching out for us, I believe it's the universe's way of telling me and the rest of us humans to treasure every moment we have.

ATTENTION, VIP ANNOUNCEMENT : For anyone who use to know the "secret" link to my journal...I moved it from this website. It's back where it was. Don't know how to get to it? Ask me and I'll tell you. Why did I move it u wonder? B/c it took up 80% of space on here and I think funny yet random pictures, videos, and information is more important for a website. What do u think?

Hope you like what I have so far!

Very Important Read As Well:

There was a notice at work someone told us about:

here's what i wrote down:

starting august 15th every cell phone number will be given to solicitors and if u don't want to get calls then call this number to be taken off the list of numbers... 1-888-382-1222. Pass that along to ur friends as well.

PS:This may be a scam - I investigated. We'll see.