Wade Keller, the editor/main writer for the Pro Wrestling Torch ragsheet which I have the shame of saying I used to subscribe to for about four years, recently posted a laughable article on the Torch site - which has remained the headline of the site for about a week now- going on a giant lawyer-esque rant about how it's "illegal" for wrestling sites to "steal" news from the Torch and a) publish it in its entirety or b) publish any of it without proper credit. The whole thing was about eight paragraphs of self-righteous legal drivel. To put it bluntly, it's a big joke.

Keller's main gripe is that "News is not "free and legal" for anyone to republish once its published here without having been given permission.... Credit must be given." Credit? Maybe somebody should ask Wade if he gives "credit" to where HE got the news from. How can you expect people to name their "source", Wade, when you obviously won't name your's? This is the thing that kills me the most when "the big three" (Keller, Meltzer, and Scherer) go off on a tangent about people "stealing" news. The news in question, frankly, these reporters themselves shouldn't even have. Reporters, through their sources, steal news that Vince and other members of WWE management don't want these guys to have. Why is it okay, then, for Keller to post some manifesto bitching and crying about people "stealing" his news, yet if WWE.com posts an article stating that it's instituting some kind of "media block" to prevent news from leaking, these morons go up in arms and Scherer puts up an editorial the next morning ripping it to shreds? Nice double standard, assholes.

Secondly, if Keller actually thinks for one second that he's going to be able to "crack down" on every wrestling site our there taking his news from him, he must be high. To get an idea of what I mean by this, go to Yahoo.com. Type "pro wrestling" into the search engine. Press "enter". What did you find? On my browser right now, it says "1-20 of 1,250,000". Granted, a good number of those 1,250,000 finds are likely linked pages off of the same sites, but the bottom line is that there are probably thousands of pro wrestling sites on the net. Some of them are what smarks term "credible", some of them are run by the proverbial twelve year-old. All of them except for maybe about five or six STEAL their news from other sites. Rajah gets quite a number of hits, but his site has practically no original news outside of the house show reports and TV results. His news comes from Scherer, Meltzer, and Keller. Keller is only kidding himself if he thinks there's very much he can do to put a stop to the "stealing" of his news. What's he gonna do, sue them all? Have them all shut down? If he actually tried to do that, he wouldn't have enough time left to draw a breath, much less run his site and his goofy-ass newsletter.

Oh by the way. People have been stealing your news for YEARS now, Wade. You just now choose to have a major legal problem with it? Bah.

The funniest part of the Keller Manifesto had to be the closing lines:

If any PWTorch.com readers see a violation of this "PWTorch News Use Policy," please send us an email with the link to the story. We will save "screen captures" of all violations of this policy and file them with our attorney for future potential legal action.

Wade wants to take "future potential legal action" against what he's going to find out are a bunch of sites run by 15 year-olds for taking his news and not making a dime off of it? This man must indeed lead a miserable life.

Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm not by any means advocating the stealing of news from the Torch, Meltzer, or Scherer by other, lesser wrestling sites. Any kind of journalist at all would tell you that that is wrong. What is B.S. though is the fact that Wade is simply being unrealistic about the internet as a whole- you can't control the theft of news on the internet as you can in the printed media. If one newspaper or magazine plagiarized news from another, there would be huge controversy. On the internet, lesser news sites swipe and re-word things from MSN.com and other major news sites all the time. And of course it's going to happen in the wrestling community as well. On top of that, is he going to break it down into levels now and say that you can't even post his news on a discussion forum without crediting the Torch? Will he go after individual forum posters who do such a thing? Ridiculous. The fact that Keller can't see how impossible it is to stop something like this on the net, or his own hypocrisy in tearing down others for printing news that he shouldn't even have access to in the first place, just makes the whole issue even more of a joke to me.

Quit wasting your time and money trying to take down the "competition", Wade, and worry about getting those damned pop-ups off your site.