The Women's Division is dead. Long live the Women's Division.

On the rather long list of things that currently suck about WWE, the current Women's Division on Raw is near the top of the list.

This is because, frankly, there no longer is one.

Let's look at WWE's list of available women wrestlers (and by this, I mean women who can actually wrestle a decent match- which eliminates Stacey Keibler and Christy Hemme): Lita (currently on the shelf), Trish (currently on the shelf), Victoria, and every now and then, they put Ivory in the ring. If I'm missing anybody, I attribute that to the fact that they have so little air time that I can't even remember them. And if they're on Smackdown, I don't watch it, so I don't know nor care which women they have, and last time I checked they were all eye candy anyway, so who gives a damn.

So there you have it. Four women. Four.

That's not a division. It's a joke. Especially when WWE had women wrestlers like Molly Holly, Gail Kim, Nidia, and Jackie Gayda, every last one of whom was wasted.

I remember when the women's division wasn't a joke. I remember the days of Alundra Blayze, Bull Nakano, et al. I remember Jacqueline coming in and having what was actually a rather entertaining feud with Sable. I remember women's matches actually getting a reaction for something other than the fact that the participants were half naked.

What do we have now? Four women wrestlers, and a sea of, and I quote, "eye candy". And it's in quote marks because half the supposed "eye candy" could only count as "candy" if candy suddenly started to taste like rat feces.

We've got Candace Michelle, who looks like an uglier, darker-haired version of Sable (who in my humble opinion never looked that good to begin with), and who seems incapable of doing anything other than spinning in a circle and parading around in a bikini. She couldn't even say her two lines convincingly in the Wrestlemania XXI Taxi Driver commercial. Pathetic.

We've got Maria, who is, by far, the single worst interviewer in the history of the wrestling business, bar none. I would rather see that fat, ungrateful scumbag Kevin Kelly sloth his way back onto Raw and do interviews again than to have to tolerate this woman every week. She used to just annoy me, but it's gone beyond that now. For the simple reason that this woman does not belong in the wrestling business. She's a classic case of a typical woman who looked in the mirror one morning and said "Wow, I've got a big set of boobs and a pretty face- I should try out for the WWE Diva Search competition, even though I've never been a wrestling fan in my life!" Actually, replace the word "competition" with "thing" (much more suited for this airhead) and it's probably more accurate. The simply truth is that most of the women who participated in the last Diva Search were not even fans of the business; they just wanted an easy payday. I know people who would glady sell their soul to work in WWE (I'm one of them), yet here we have non-wrestling-fans being hired simply because they've got big tits and look nice in a bikini. Non-wrestling-fans, who can't act for a shit, making their living off of the wrestling business. While talented women wrestlers like Molly, Gail, and the like, women who actually love the business and are dedicated to it, fall by the wayside.

And now we're going to have a second Diva Search. Because apparently the sex-starved writing team of WWE doesn't think there's enough eye candy, or some other dumbass reason. So they can bring in some more talentless bimbos to become parasites off the business, while the already crumbled Women's Division plunges further into decadence, along with the tag team division.

Newsflash, WWE. Wrestling fans watch wrestling for, get this, WRESTLING. Hiring eye candy isn't helping your ratings; never has, never will. It's an utter disgrace to sit back every week and watch these clueless skanks parade around the ring in bikinis that don't even have enough material to make a necktie out of, especially when it's in the wake of horrific overall storylines and the mind-numbingly ridiculous brand extension. Don't do us long-time WWE fans a favor and actually concentrate on booking decent storylines or anything, keep concentrating on DIVAS.

If WWE took the amount of effort that they've taken with all this Diva Search bullshit, the shows might actually be fun to watch again. But they're not, and the floundering Women's Division is just one reason why.