Ever since the abominable roster split took place in WWE (I'd give you the amount of time it's been, but since I never claimed to be a journalist, I won't bother looking it up), the internet has been swarming with editorials as to which brand is better, Raw, or Smackdown, and why. The "debate" has raged on since the split began.

Personally, I think it's the biggest waste of time and energy I've ever seen.

Few things annoy me as much as reading some moron's long-winded spout about why one brand is superior to the other. People who do this need to be sat down, clubbed in the back of the head with a steel pipe, and, upon regaining consciousness, forced to sit through an explanation of exactly how pointless and redundant the subject really is.

Which brand is better? WHO CARES.

Frankly the entire argument is futile, fruitless, and ridiculous. Everybody is going to have their own opinion about things. Some people prefer Raw because their favorite wrestlers are on Raw; some prefer Smackdown for the same reason. And you sitting here and saying "BUT SMACKDOWN IS BETTER BECAUSE KURT ANGLE IS ON IT" isn't going to change my opinion about Smackdown, because honestly I could care less about Angle. Just because you foam at the mouth everytime his music hits doesn't mean I have to. It's the equivalence in stupidity of a Triple H fan like me attempting to go on some smart-mark board where a bunch of Trips-haters dwell and convince them that Raw is better because TRIPLE H is on it. Since when does somebody's opinions on a handful of wrestlers, or especially just ONE wrestler, dictate which show "should be" better to EVERYBODY?

My own personal preference is Raw. Smackdown I enjoy when I watch it, but I don't go out of my way to see it. And that's that. I'm not going to ever post a top ten list or anything like that about why Raw is better simply because I think it is; I think the whole concept of trying to brainwash other people with your ideas as to one brand's superiority is arrogant. That's like trying to turn a hardcore, lifelong Yankees fan into a Yankee hater. It's impossible and why bother to begin with? How does it affect your daily life if you love Raw or Smackdown but one of your friends doesn't? Do you lose sleep at night? To be blunt, all of my favorite wrestlers who are currently on Raw could go to Smackdown and I would still prefer Raw. I doubt anything is going to change that, especially some goofy-ass editorial or top ten list trying to tell me how incorrect and satanic I am for liking Raw over Smackdown.

WWE fans who argue about why their favorite brand is superior need to face facts. Some people like Raw. Some people like Smackdown. A Smackdown fan vehemently arguing with me about how much Raw sucks is more likely to have the OPPOSITE effect from what they intended; I might just end up liking SD less out of spite and annoyance. It's a basic human trait to possess individuality and like what you like; a lot of people worship the Smackdown brand because the matches are more technical, faster paced, etc, while a lot of people enjoy Raw because it has more big names and the focus is more storyline-based, for those of us who like the interaction between characters leading to great matches. Both brands have their good points. Both have their bad points. Deal with it. Stop being a psuedo-nazi and trying to mind control people into believing that you are right and they are wrong. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show- whichever show you like better- and let me and everybody else do the same, without the self-righteous crusade. Sheesh.