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The Chosen Enclave

Welcome to the Chosen Enclave. The Chosen Enclave is where nations who have chosen the correct path live and commune. The Bretheren Of Jah is the English name we use to describe the way of life as well as communities of those who have chosen the correct path.

We follow the Tenets of Life, the rules that dictate the proper way of living in the realm of Jah and earth. As well as the Tenets of Life, we follow the story of Jah, the Siddakahpaka. We do not belive in war and violence, and as a result we do not belong in the UN or any nongovernmental and nonbrethern organization.

We encourage you to seek out more information on our way of life and if you feel like joining our society, we would be most likely to help accomadate you.

Days until the End of the World!

For more information:

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The Siddakahpaka
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