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The Siddakahpaka is the story of Jah. To properly understand the plan of Jah, one must know the Siddakahpaka. Here we present the Siddakahpaka, in an abridged and edited English translation.

The Beginning

In the universe, there was Jah. And the swirl of everything. And Jah made everything imaginable, and unimaginable to mortals, and it was all in a swirl. The Universe, all the colors, and all the galaxies and stars. All the elements and molecules, electrons and neutrinos. And from those, he made things we know, from water and fire and air to things like chairs and bones and bombs and planets people. And they all coexisted in the swirl of life. So Jah had everything. But Jah lacked one thing. He lacked happiness. As the days went by, Jah let his creations sit and gather dust, while others continued to function by themselves, without interference from Jah as he sat on his throne all day. As he sat in his copper throne one day, watching two stars collide, he saw an immense play of colors, all at once. He saw so many, the heavens turned white until he could not see at all. It was so bright a mortal human would be blinded permanently. But Jah is supreme, so he would not be blinded, unlike the poor people on earth, who had by this time formed communities and farms. the Light was so intense, the energy cooked the planet and the people, and Jah heard thier cries of death. When the light faded suffieciently so that he could see, he found the planet, that was burned to a ball of ash. Miraculously, three people survived, a brother, a female brother, and a babe. They were near death, but Jah healed thier wounds. He picked them up in his hand, and took them to his castle. There, the two brothers were amazed by what they saw, as they saw many things that could never normally exist on earth. He fed them divine food, so complex that the brothers nearly died themselves, and thier babe did die from the complex food, fit only for Jah. The two brothers wept, and Jah did feel most sad. Jah learned that the divine goods were not for mortals, so Jah then made them simple food, oranges, spinach, potatoes and nuts, and made them a simple house, and in time, the two brothers recovered from thier sadness and went on to bear nine children, before dying of old age, which was a quite a long time, as lives in the realm of Jah are incredibly far more long lasting that lives on earth. Meanwhile, on earth, nature had repaired itself, and people once again appeared and walked the earth, where they formed communities and farms. Life was well for humans everywhere.

The Dilemma

Jah had come to love his mortal brothers. While they were alive, they found it hard to care for all nine babes and to farm enough food for them all. So after asking Jah for assistance, Jah created four more brothers and more farmland for them all. Soon those brothers had children and everynow and then, Jah had to create more farmland, but that did not trouble Jah, as he can do many things at once, and farmland is no trouble to Jah. And while the brothers in the realm could not use or understand many of the complex things of Jah, they did enjoy a great many complex things that the mortals of earth have yet to know. And all the while the brothers were living in a way that pleased Jah, and caused him great pride. They often talked to him, and they both entertained each other. And Jah was no longer feeling so unhappy. So Jah was lonely, but Jah was not lonesome anymore, as he had the mortal brothers to keep him company. But he saw the mortals of earth and was troubled by what he saw. They did worship false deities and mistreated and abused each other. Crime and pain and death and sadness was rife, and people were being driven to escape from the world in anyway they could, which often times made their problems and the world worse. So Jah, not wanting to interfere, but not being able to help himself, gave the humans a gift, a substance that would allow them to see the good and not so good things in the realm of Jah, for Jah invented everything. But the mortals did not know about Jah, so they thought that what they were seeing was not real. And Jah did want to bring them all up into his realm, but he knew if he did, they would bring thier problems into his realm, and create strife and disrupt the lives of his mortal brothers. He did not know what to do.

The Solution

Jah looked to the first nine children, the spawn of the surviving two brothers. There were four female brothers and four male brothers, and one of both, the first born. The brothers had named him Jahallahlah, after Jah, and he was the wisest of all his siblings, and later on, the group of humans in the realm. Jah and Jahallahlah were close friends, and spent many hours of deep discussion together. Jahallahlah could comprehend the universe of Jah more than any mortal, but never fully, so he was always in awe of the universe. One day, in their common habit of talking, Jahallahlah did ask Jah why he did not yet find a way of providing the brothers on earth a way of achieving happiness. Jah explained that because of the many negative attitudes and problems in the earth, it would be a difficult job to even help a few brothers find peace, because of all the distractions. And Jahallahlah, always one to question, pointed out that in the realm there were a great many distractions, but yet none of the brothers felt the urge to abuse them. And Jah revealed to Jahallahlah that as long as a brother, or deity was not lonely, he would not be sad, and if he were not sad, he would not fall to temptation. But that would never work on earth, as such truths were not woven into the fabric of earth. But Jahallahlah wanted to help the mortals of earth even more, and so he proposed that he and a few chosen brothers would be sent down to earth, where they would help all the mortals that they could, and after a set point, they and thier new brothers would travel back up into the realm. And Jahallahlah was so stubborn and would not be deterred, so finally after many days of pestering, Jah permitted Jahallahlah to take a few brothers and to travel down. After an earth year, Jahallahlah would take his new brothers and travel back up, but Jahallahlah argued that one earth year would not be enough, for though it would be but a wink for those in the realm, he saw that a year would not be sufficient for helping his mortal brothers. He argued for a hundred years, and Jah did not want to grant him that many. Jahallahlah would be dead by the end of those years, and Jah did not want to loose his dearest friend. But Jah did also want to help the brothers on earth. After much heated debate and tears, Jah relented, but only after Jahallahlah promised to continue thier daily conversations on earth, which he did readily, for Jah was his dearest friend. But Jah wanted it so no more human brother could travel down, so after the descendents of Jahallahlah's band would return to the realm, earth and everyone on it would be destroyed. But in return, Jah would find a way to grant the sight and senses to mortals, that is, they would be able to use the very complex things of Jah that had so confused them, and they would be able to understand how they worked. And they would be able to eat the complex foods, and enjoy the good taste of them, and other things.

The Sacrifice and Ending

And So Jahallahlah, with the basic tenets of life in the realm that Jah recommended that the brothers follow, took ten brothers with him (for the human community did expand quite a bit by then, and giving up ten brothers was not a large population loss), and set up a community that became thier base, and agents set forth each dawn to preach the truth about Jah and the danger they were in, and the way of life according to the tenets that was practiced in the realm, the way of life that they would have to train to get used to, to please Jah. There would not be an afterlife, but most importantly, the agents could promise total happiness and peace, which would be endowed upon all who followed, even those of differing race and sex and any differing factor, which matters not to Jah, but to him all he is desires mutual affection and goodness, which one will gain upon following the tenets on earth and the realm. And while Jahallahlah did die a mortals death a good many years ago, his heirs still come about every now and then, to assume command of the commune. And while it is a few good years before vokalaka, it will come soon enough, and earth will be ablaze, upon the christian year of 2066, June, 6th. And so concludes the Siddakahpaka.