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Stoogies From Boredomville

Stooges From Boredomville


Last Updated: August 3rd/ '3

Greetings! Welcome to the New Bordemville...(Please Insert the Naked Dancing Chicks Right Around Here Along With Some Type of Music in the Background..."Macho Man" by the Village People....Yeah...Naked Chicks Love Dancing to that). This Page is Dedicated to Me and My Associates (Would Call them Friends But That Would Make them Feel Important). I am Ellone! And We Have a Somewhat New Look on Our Page of Doom!!! With More Stuff on the Way!! Plus New Ownership Thanks to Some Stupid Moves by Our Previous Leader (Idiots!)
-Mayor of Boredomville-

The Citizens of Boredomville

I use to have Two Balls.2003 by the Citizens of Boredomville and Insane Monkey Collectors Inc. Inconjunction with Roman Eight Ent. We Own All the Stuff That is Ours. All the Stuff That Isn't Ours is Copyrighted and Owned by Someone Else Yeah, That's it and What isn't Ours We'll Buy it and Then Make it Ours (hahaha)

The Attractions of Boredomville

  • Boredomville Art Gallery - Check Out the Artistic and Photographic Talents of the People of Boredomville.
  • Boredomville Auditorium - Trouble Comes to Town
  • Boredomville Bar - Remember All the Stupid Things You Ever Said in Your Life? We do... :P
  • Boredomville Coffee Shop - Avatars for Excite Chat!
  • Boredomville Comic Shop - Comics by Those Who Live in Boredomville!!!
  • Boredomville Library - Read the Stories and Poems of the Citizens of Boredomville!!
  • Boredomville Phone Book - Want to Contact the People of Boredomville? Here's How! Oh, and Our Guestbook is in Here....Feel Free to Sign it.
  • Boredomville Post - Keeping You Up to Date on the CyberTown of Boredomville!!!!
  • Other Things - Our Trip to the Isle of Potatoes.
  • Collector's Notes - Just Stuff We See....Around and Thought Amusing or We Liked and Put Here.
  • Roads Out of Boredomville - Links We Like..... :)

  • A.T.B. - Protector of All Those in Boredomville!!!!
    A.W.M. - Assit. Mayor/Undertaker (R8e's Order).
    C.J.S. - The Coolness! Yes, the Coolness is Here!!!!
    E.T.G. - Mayor of Boredomville!! (For Now!!)
    N.M. - The Town Sex Symbol.
    A.T.K - Newly Aquired Enforcer for R8e.
    R.T.P. - Current Ruler of the World!!!
    TMF - Founder of Boredomville. Was Dead When he Joined.
    W.C.M. - Town B.U.M. (Benevolent Unemployed Minister).
    W.J.C. - Right Hand Man of B.L.(Future Leader of the World).
    J.M.L - Everyone Wants to be Him.