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I can hear what you are thinking about,

I can sense every move you make,

Your face is a window into your soul,

where I can feel every breath you take,

I know all about what has been,

The good and bad, and things youíd rather forget,

I can see the joy and fear within your heart,

All the times you hurt and wept,

I have a great life some say,

To be able to do what I do,

For eternity I will learn from the feelings you have,

For eternity I shall learn from you,

But then, I could be drawn into your eyes,

And find myself falling and drifting apart,

But itís easy to drown in your thoughts,

And to get lost in the love of your heart.

I canít fly anymore,

I was never meant to,

I can never soar,

With my broken wings,

The words I sigh,

Are lost in the wind,

I cannot reach the sky,

With my broken angel wings,

The thoughts are turning,

Deep inside my soul,

Tears in my eyes are burning,

Because of my broken wings,

Was this meant to happen now?

I have cast my ideals aside,

I donít why I am or how,

Alone with broken angel wings,

To heaven I cannot fly,

I am held down by despair,

Why do I even try?

I have but broken wings,

I walk my steps alone,

I have nothing,

Nothing to call my own,

Except my broken angel wings,

I have a hole inside of me,

It consumes my mind,

I cannot fight myself free,

Hampered by broken wings,

There is no one who will care,

Or protect me,

From others when they stare,

At the angel with broken wings,

I live without a spark,

Walking in solitude,

Treading lightly in the dark,

Dragging my broken wings,

I canít fly,

I canít see,

I canít die,

I have but broken wings.