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Elites Troops


Fast Attack Heavy Support

  Avatar Farseer Warlocks  
Eldar forces are led primarily by the power psykers of their race. These individuals can foresee many possible futures and use this knowledge to determine their Craftworld's course of action. If this means seeking the aid of the Imperium, so be it. Whatever best suits their race's cause. Armies tend to be led by Farseers and their bodyguards of Warlocks. They form a deadly psychic force that is not to be taken lightly. In times of need the Eldar call upon their god of war, Khaine, and it takes physical form on the battlefield through a beast known as the Avatar. Both make up effective fighting Headquarters units that will be found in the thick of battle directing their troops. This makes it easier for you to meet up with these threats as you attempt to destroy them. However, be warned that they are deadly foes at close quarters, attacking with psychic powers and conventional weaponry alike.