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The Rattery

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This is Mona, a pretty striped roan agouti, very friendly if not more interested in investigating than cuddles. She has just had a litter of kittens, her first and ours. She has proven to be a lovely laid back mum and has happily let me handle the kittens from day one.

Rowan is again a striped roan agouti and is Monas sister. She's a little more aloof than Mona, a bit flighty she very independant and prefers to have things on her terms.

Morrigan is a black rex irish, she calmer then the other two girls and will sometimes, if your lucky, stop with her own business to have a bit of a cuddle.

Cerridwen or Cerri for short is the remaining daughter of Mona who i chose to keep because i love her colour. She is a silver fawn striped roan. Cerri is a natural shoulder rat and loves to sit hidden in my hair, very sweet little girl who i hope to breed a litter from when she is old enough.

Clarice is a chocolate dumbo who i got from Clare holmes at ratty rascals. She a lovable little rat always getting her nose into everything, and along with Cerri likes to sit quietly on my shoulder and hide under my hair.

Brennas a lovely little chocolate doe, also from Clare at Ratty Rascals. Very energetic and inquisitive. And as you can see i have finally managed to get a decent photo, it was a two person job but we got there in the end.


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