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The Billesley Players

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                Who we are

The Billesley Players started in March 1972 with just five people,
three of those are still active in the group. Our early productions
were presented at "The Billesley Community Centre" on a small
stage which seemed like a postage stamp.
Soon we had more members and decided to put on a production at "The Old Rep" in Birmingham City Centre. We immediately fell in love with the theatre and have been there ever since. Through the years there have been many changes in management and costs. But still we survive! The group presents two plays a year, and have entered "Fame”  (The Birmingham Festival of Acting and Musical Entertainment) with some marked successes over the years.

We now have an enthusiastic membership who not only act but are an excellent team at set building led by a talented designer who never fails us with his originality.

Please feel free to browse this site to find out more.




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