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(The painted version of the logo and its accompanying office supplies are in the process of being found and converted. They will be put up in the future.)

Project Requirements
Create a logo that properly represents the client described. Show the logo at several reductions to demonstrate how it works effectively at a variety of sizes, and do the same for a monochrome version that demonstrates how the logo can be used in newspapers.

Client Name and Description
Orange Blossom Retreat--an old Florida orange grove and farm house that has been converted into a kind of down-home resort. Available services include a bed-and-breakfast, regular art classes taught by local artists, tours of the historic orange grove, and kayaking classes at the nearby river.

Client's Objective
To aquire a logo to represent their business, so that they may present the image of a professional organization.

Target Audience
A widespread blend of tourists, artists, and athletes, male and female, most likely in their twenties on up. The design does not necessarily have to be conservative, but it must appeal to elderly individuals as well as young ones. The sense of classical Florida life must be maintained while still displaying the influence of the newer things that the orange grove is now being used for.

How My Solution Works

Programs Used
Illustrator 9.0, Photoshop 6.0 (textures).

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