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Current Inventory and Gallery

Current Inventory

All of these drums are for sale--just email me regarding the piece that you're interested in. The drumstick is included in the cost of the drum.

A coiled green snake with triangular scales, seen from above. Its eyes are painted a rich metallic gold to give them an entrancing "glow," while the tongue is dark blue and has been gloss-varnished for a realistic shine. Symmetrical, counting as three-color. $100
A view of the entire drum.
A closeup that shows the face a bit better.

Painted in violet and deep black-purple, a dragon with jewelled eyes stands with its wings spread, breathing fire. It holds a magical sphere in one claw. Asymmetrical, two-color. $90
A general view of the entire drum.
Here's a detail of the upper body, showing the flames and the chevron shapes in the horns.
Now for a detail of the lower body, showing some of the wing membranes and the coiling tail.

This striking piece depicts a phoenix rising triumphantly from the flames, its spread wings resembling the rays of the sun. Parts of this image include metallic antique-gold paint. Symmetrical, five-color.$120
The complete painting.
A closer look, showing how the feathers and flames were rendered. All of the yellowish areas on these photos are actually the metallic gold reflecting the camera flash.

A second simple raptor profile, completed after Mr. Pierce (see below). This one actually made use of reference photos, for a very different result. Asymmetrical, monochrome (black). $70
The entire drum.
A closeup that shows the pattern formed by the feathers on the neck.

The Gallery

These drums are not for sale. It's possible to create new designs that look similar to these, but I'd personally encourage you to go for a fully custom one instead. :)

An eagle's face in profile, executed in a simple and striking fashion. Asymmetrical monochrome (black). Originally priced at $70.
The entire design.

Two dolphins leap out of overlapping waves, crossing over a pattern of concentric circles and simple scrolls in the background. Asymmetrical monochrome (black). Originally priced at $70.
A distant view of the complete design.
A closeup, showing the wave and dolphin detail a little better.

This mysteriously beautiful design depicts a lizard made of a piece of outer space curling around a simple diagram of the nine planets and the sun of our solar system. An arrow of power points back along its spine, and its attention seems focused on the Earth. Asymmetrical monochrome (black). Originally priced at $90.
The complete design, seen from afar.
A closeup that focuses on the body of the lizard, showing the stars in its depths and the line of power.
And another closeup showing the arraingement of the planets and sun, with the tail coiling around the Earth.

In addition to these pieces, I have sold a couple designs that I was never able to take pictures of. Aslan showed the face of a lion, painted completely in gold with black outlines; one eye was Day and the other was Night. Circle Dance II was essentially the same as Circle Dance, but was painted completely in royal blue instead of black.

Inventory and Gallery
Custom Orders

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