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Custom Orders

Custom Orders

These are the base prices for custom orders, and it's possible for them to go up based on the number of colors and my assessment of the detail and time required for any individual design. The base prices themselves may also increase if the cost of my materials goes up at some point in the future. Note that drums that I paint just to have in stock (that is, non-custom designs) are priced according to these same standards as well, so it's actually not any cheaper to wait around until I get to the animal or scene that you have in mind. :)

I can paint any species of animal or plant on a drum (with the exception of humans)--if the species you want is especially rare, you can email me any links that you have to sites with photos of it in order to help speed up my search for reference images. I can also paint groups of animals and the like, but keep in mind that there will likely be a price increase due to the amount of detail needed.

The price of the drumstick is included in the total cost for the painting.

This refers to designs that do not require both halves of the image to match perfectly, and therefore do not require precise measurements. Circles that are concentric with the outer rim of the drum do not count for the purpose of pricing due to the fact that they are easy to make; these can therefore be included in a design at no extra cost.

This refers to designs that involve complex shapes that need to be "mirrored" across both halves of an image (ex. both sides of a face, when seen from the front). The higher price is due to the extra time that must be spent on the measurements in order to achieve this effect.

* This is the agreement that all clients must accept upon commissioning a custom order from me.

I understand that custom projects are completed in the order in which they were received; this sequence is indicated by the order number assigned to the project (which will be made known to the client). Because of this policy, completion of this order may take several months, depending on the time required to finish paintings ordered before this one.

I understand that the product that I will be receiving is provided on an as-is basis; the artist is not responsible for the repair or replacement of the drum, painting, or drumstick after the finished product has been sent to the client.

I understand that one set of "thumbnail" sketches will be provided by the artist; once a general design scheme has been decided on, I will be allowed two revisions of the design. Additional revisions will be ten dollars each, with this extra amount to be included in the first payment. While the artist will attempt to make the final painting match the preliminary sketches as much as possible, I understand that the final product will have its own slight variations from the drawings.

I understand that the first payment is due upon the completion of the final sketch of the product. Painting will begin after the payment is received by the artist. The second payment is due after the painting is completed and pictures of the drum are received by the client; the product will be shipped after the artist receives the payment.

The progress of all orders will be tracked on the Crow's Voice website, and I may also contact the artist to inquire about the progress. However, I also understand that the artist cannot know exactly when projects will be completed.

In the event that revisions result in a drastic change in the original concept of the design, a new price may be negotiated and payments may be recalculated. I will be informed if this is necessary.

* All clients will be made aware of these terms and must agree to them in order for the work to be completed.

The first step is to supply me with the following information. Email is the most efficient way to do this, although you can also call me if you like (I'm just more available through email :)).

Included in my response will be a copy of the agreement that was shown above; I need you to keep that part of the document intact in your response and note your acceptance of the terms afterward.

After I have a good understanding of what you're looking for, I'll start work on finding references and sketching designs. (You're also welcome to show me your own sketches--I can receive images in my email, if you'd like to send scans and such.) Once you pick the thumbnail design that you'd like me to work on further, and once the colors are settled on, then I can quote you an initial price.

After this, a cleaned-up and more detailed drawing of the thumbnail will be provided. Any changes made at this point, such as shifts in the subject's position or the addition/subtraction of things from the piece, will be counted as revisions; as noted in the above agreement, I will redraw the design as you specify twice. Additional revisions will cost you extra. Also note that, as the above agreement also states, certain kinds of changes (like making an asymmetrical piece into a symmetrical one) can require a change in the initial price as well.

Once I have your OK on the sketch, then the price is set and the first of the two payments is due. After I receive it, I can begin work on the painting itself. The state of completion will be posted to this website whenever there's a change in its status. After it's finished, I'll take photos of the product and send them to you (via email or snailmail, whichever is best) as proof of completion. At this point, the second payment is due, and the product will be mailed to you once I receive it.

Because email is the fastest way of sending things, it's my preferred method of contact. If you're capable of receiving images, I can send scans of sketches and digital photos to you as JPG attachments; alternately, I can put them up on my webspace and simply give you the links to them in the body of the email, if you don't want to have the pictures sent to your inbox. If either of these options are unworkable, snailmail is also an option, though there will naturally be a delay involved (probably between three days to a week and a half, depending on where you are).

I can't take orders from anyone outside of the United States. Sorry. :)

Currently, I am unable to accept credit card payments, and I am still working on setting up PayPal to accept money online. Naturally, I can accept cash, but I know that people are understandably averse to sending it through the mail. :) Checks and money orders are the best options right now--in the case of personal checks, the payment will not count as having been "received" until your check clears the bank. This can cause an additional delay of up to eleven days.

My email address is ebondrake [at] hotmail [dot] com, and my phone number is (941) 359-9102. Please feel free to get in touch!

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Custom Orders

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