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I am 31% evil.

I could go either way. I have sinned quite a bit but I still have a bit of room for error. My life is a tug of war between good and evil.

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Ey u all! Welcome to my page. Still not much going on in here, but I'll keep the page updated as often as I can! Till then, here's some stuff I would like to share... - ^o^ Leonace ^o^
Thursday, 24.9.2004

"What I do is...I grab my guitar...sit down...and practice...until I think I'm done for the day...I begin running through some modes and chords to warm up...then I play some tunes I know...trying to relax as I go...Whenever I get stuck in a rut I'd check out some DVDs...and they're usually Joe Satriani stuffs...after that I'd be all glad that I did start to learn guitar...pat myself on the back and hope I can do better...not better than anyone else, but better at my playing...I wish to get an electric guitar soon...and continue to play...that's what I wanna do..." Ldacez

Thursday, 24.9.2004

Oooooozzzz....Okay, I have this buddy at school. He's kinda huge and very, very, I mean VERY funny! Haha! I don't know why but no one in class seems to ever get angry at him no matter what stupid things he say or do to them! :D When you get angry, he laughs, and you laugh too! Now that's someone you'd wish everyone in the world would be like...GOD BLESS AH LIANG the MAN! (a.k.a ALI & ABU)!! Haha! Take care BROTHA! - Ldacez

Thursday, 21.10.2004

I don't know what to say in here, nut I'll just put anything I can think huge BGCE just started today with the Chemistry Practical paper. I'm not sure what to say about it but the thing is, there's a chance that I might lose a whole bunch of marks on my messy calculations!'s the past. No use worrying about it now. Well, I'm currently working on a new tune; I BELIEVE by JOE SATRIANI (of course!). It's a brilliant song. Quite challenging at first but once you can pick up the tempo and the rythm's flow, it's quite straightforward :D As it requires you to apply a slight palm mute, it sounds extra brilliant with a percussive, sentimental kind of quality. The only thing that's bothering me rite now is how I'm gonna get an electric'll be a while until I can grab one of my own. I'm trying to save as much money I can but thing's been really slow. I'm hoping to get either an ESP guitar or maybe an IBANEZ GS series guitar or better, a JS1000BP or a JS1200CA! But those'll just be a dream to me right now cause they're quite over my budget! I gtg though, more on this...see ya all! - Ldacez

Thursday, 12.11.2004

Hey all! I've got no time to post or even anything to post in here just yet. But anyway, good luck again to those doing the O levels. And yea, check out this ite of a friend of mine. Cracks me up! Brotha Liang - Ldacez

Saturday, 4.12.2004

Yea I'm back. And yea I'm broke. Haha! Alot of parties' been held after exams and I'm not as wacked as not to attend them :P I'm gonna try updating stuffs into this lil' webby here more often and see what kind of response I'd get. Oh yeah, have a great holiday people! - Ldacez

Tuesday, 19.4.2005

Yeah, I know. I haven't been updating this site of mine for a long while now. I just couldn't find the time, or was it something else that got my attention for the most of times? Haha! Anyways, I wish to thank those little group of friends of mine who do occasionaly pop into my site to check things out a little bit, I really appreciate it :) I'm PROBABLY going to update this old blog page soon and spice things up a bit. It's an honest truth that when I thought about building a website, it's the mechanical stuffs in it that I was hooked on, the colours, shapes and all. I've never really decided what I'm going to put in my site as the major something-something. Hahaha! But anyways, all for the better, I'm thinking about putting in stuffs about music and for most part, about the art of guitar play. But don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly a musician, I wish to be one but with everything that's going on right now, it's something that is seemingly sublime for a dream. Haha! Yea, I learn the guitar on my own but there are still so much to learn that I would one day find myself needy of a teacher. Haha! Okay, enough stuffs about my guitar world. A big part of my sleep-practice guitar-eat-daydream-kacau people life has change. Haha! I'm not saying that I'm a better person or anything, but let's just say I met someone special. Of course a girl, right?! Haha! I'm never going to be able to describe this girl though yesh, she is one of a kind...but it's still not possible to do so :P She's just...special. Very, very special. Gorgeously cute...and many-many more. Haha! Okay, that's for this edition of Talk-Bla-Bla-Then-Talk-Again. Haha! I'm not going to talk further about anything. Malu lar me later :P Good luck to all in all that you all will do and doing. But do good stuffs yea, so that the world will seem all a better place for you and me...Hmmmmm. I'm goner...Seriously, I am. Haha! Out. - Ldacez

Joe Satriani
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