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Human Pups

I have decided to write this article due to my own learning of this subject. There are not many heterosexual websites that talk about Human Pups.

Human Pups does not actually fall into the BDSM grouping of activities because of the sensitivity levels involved. Perhaps a reason why it is not spoken about as much as many other things.

Perhaps I should back up and explain what I am talking about.. Human pups are a special breed of person. They are people who can live for a few hours, few days, or even most of their lives as dogs. It depends on the preference of the persons involved. What it is, is that some people can find a space in their head where they can become easily, over time, thinking and acting like that of a biological dog. If they are going into pup space you better be picking up your boots and taking your laundry away and putting it into a safer spot, for human pups will be a finding it and sniffing it out and causing all such a mess!

Why do some people find this as pleasurable.. Perhaps some people think it is a way for people to let their perversions out. In fact, many while in pupspace do not engage in sexual acts. They just cuddle with the pup and let the pup run wild and run amuck. I don't know many people who engage in pup space for a small amount of time who do that. It is just like having a biological dog around though, you treat a human pup as you treat a biological dog...especially when it comes to Discipline...

Would you ever swat at a biological dog with a paddle or crack a whip at it? No!! You shouldn't do this with a person who is in pup space either. You punish or discipline human pups the same way you would a biological dog. Swatting a pup with a newspaper is a fine example of punishing a human dog. Just to scare it into behaving, not to really harm it and hurt it. To do something you would a regular human, could cause great danger to the experience of the pup. In pupspace you're not a human, you're a're a dog.

There are also many different breeds of human dogs. There are those who are companion dogs, guard dogs, protector dogs, etc. Just like in biological dogs. I, myself am mostly familiar with pet dogs and I find myself also as a protective one. I love to curl up on my Owners lap and just eat up his petting and loving. Though if you come at him in a threatening matter, you need not worry about his anger.. you need worry about mine for I do bite hard when it comes to protecting my Owner. any ways *wags a tail happily and backs shyly away* See!!! I told you!! Even given warnings when not needed *laughs pup style then grows shy and drapes a leg over my muzzle*

The level that people take it also differs from person to person. Some dogs are not allowed out of space. They are even kept outside and must sleep in dog houses, though that is for persons deeply into it and that are that strong to be able to do that.

Some other things is, it is a space. You can be woken from it..and sometimes people think of things that they think may wake up a human dog from their space like eating and like having to go potty. Well, firstly, I don't approve of a human dog eating dog food. This is because of the laws that are differed from that of human consumption to that of dog consumption. Dog food does not have to pass as many guidelines to be given to biological dogs as it does for humans. This does not disturb the space also... in my opinion.. because how many times have you fed your biological dog from the table. Haven't you ever cut up a few pieces of that steak dinner or even tore some of that chicken off and gave it to your biological dog to munch upon? See!! Not disturbing it one bit!

Okay, now for the potty.. While in subspace, some are kept naked, or some are kept in real tight fitting clothes such as spandex, etc. Perhaps, if it is real tightly fitting, it can take a while to tug down to go to the potty.. Though, I think that a couple of minutes if you are in pup space, just long enough to climb up, do what you do, then climb right back down again.. I don't think that gives enough time from not being actually acting like a pup, to take you from pupspace. Let us also not forget about the dog in Bruce Almighty who could even flush!! (Yeah I know, that is Hollywood and a movie but... gosh darn it *Laughs* It was a good point!)

Well, the further and further I write about this and think about this..the more frisky and playful I am feeling and the more I feel like I am slipping into pupspace... so I better trot on out. Oh and one more thing.. how do you get into pupspace?

Some people get into pupspace by conditioning themselves with certain articles of clothing, or the removal of certain articles of clothing. Sometimes by just calming all your body down for with human pups, it is there quiet a bit.

And one word of caution... if you do decided to try to find pup space, be sure you do so with a person you trust. To be in pup space is to be just as vulnerable to outside elements as that of a biological dog. You must be careful with who you are and who handles you when you are in pupspace, and that they understand how vulnerable you are.

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