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Sunday, 19 December 2004
What about human sacrifices?
Mood:  not sure
Topic: How we believe it.
As already mentioned, Yonism is a life affirming, healing faith/lifestyle. Yonis never have, and never will, engage in human or animal sacrifices. This myth comes from the ancient practice of ritual sexual spells performed on an altar. Fundamentalists felt threatened by an open expression of (ALWAYS!!!) consensual sex, so they portrayed a picture of rape and murder to disseminate to the masses. The human sacrifice lies were one of the negative forces that drove Yonis underground hundreds of year ago.

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So is it all about sex?
Mood:  irritated
Topic: How we believe it.
Everything around us is all about sex. Puritanical fundamentalists would love for us to forget this, but it's the truth. Even Jesus Christ, who was undoubtedly a Yonistic high priest, was comfortable with the sexual act as it related to spells and magick. Remember the woman at the well? The well is an ancient symbol (as is the chalice) for a woman's vagina. In ancient writings that predate the Dead Sea scrolls, living water was a euphemism for semen. When Jesus told the woman at the well that she had five husbands, he did not condemn her, but instead offered her his living water as a means to achieve eternal life.

Whereas most Sabats take place with only female participants (and a high level of spiritual fulfillment can be achieved with lesbian Tantric rituals), when a coven is lucky enough to obtain one of the eight high priests in this country, the magick transcends what I am capable of transcribing. While consuming semen to most of us (especially those of us who are homosexual -- not BIsexual, as you might assume -- but homosexual) sounds like a grotesque act of submission meant to unilaterally deliver pleasure to an organ, it is actually one of the purest ways to achieve a group climax and a group epiphany, when performed in the correct way.

There are so many complexities and nuances to Yonistic sexual rituals that attempting to describe it in writing is self-defeating. Only if one is fortunate enough to observe, or especially participate in, a Yonistic Sabat, can one really understand the power and the peace and the total absence of carnality that defines our rites. Regardless, there are a couple key points I wish to make.

First, as a member of the clergy I am not only required by law, but am ethically obligated, to report sexual abuse of children. According to the law of the land, any individual under the age of eighteen is a child, and any sexual activity or even innuendo is considered sexual abuse. Although ancient rituals seem to have considered anyone who has reached puberty an adult, remember that back then the average lifespan was twenty-some years old. There is nothing in any Yonistic literature that detracts from a government to define who is and is not an adult. Yonism respects the law of the land in this matter, does not accept minors into membership, and will not tolerate child abuse of any kind. Remember, Yonism is a life-affirming, positive force. We vow never to harm anyone.

The only other point is that, besides those aspects that are covered under the law (eg, rape, assault, and of course child abuse) there are no rules. Nothing is scripted. I have been to powerful Sabats where not only was there no sexual intercourse, but everyone kept their clothes on. There are many covens whose members are devout celibates and they are still capable of working powerful magick. So Yoni should feel compelled to engage in (or even watch) sexual activities if she is uncomforatable with this. Remember, many of our members are Christians -- rather than degrade these people as "Puritanical" or "tight," a Yoni will respect and admire the choices these members make with regards to their sexual practices.

I should also mention that, in addition to chaste Sabats, I have been to a healing Sabat where the chanting had to be disrupted because the circle of the coven transformed from hand-holding into a circle of cunnilingus that created a magickal spell so potent that a typhoon on the other side of the world changed its course AGAINST the flow of the jet stream, baffling meteorologists. I have seen a high priest ejaculate without touching either another member or himself, yet still work communal magick with his group, and I have seen this same high priest have intercourse with more than three hundred women over the course of twenty-four hours before closing the Sabat without ever achieving climax himself. (This was on the night of a lunar eclipse, and we successfully eradicated "incurable" cancer from the child of one of the goddesses.)

There are a variety of sexual rituals that we perform, depending on the spells we are interested in casting(and depending on whether we have a high priest). If there is interest, I can go into more detail in later posts.

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Updated: Sunday, 19 December 2004 2:18 AM EST
First, a word about magick
Mood:  amorous
Topic: How we believe it.
Magick is nothing more than the ability to control the Natural world by causing our possessing spirit to influence the spirits who have possessed other people, animals or physical matter. In general, women make more powerful magicians than men because, physically, women are receptacles for spirits. As goddesses, women are never spiritually subservient to anything or any male. In a very real sense, women control the Universe.

At the present time, in the United States, there are eight male high priestess (for the sake of semantics, we will call them "high priests.") I have met and worshiped with all of them. On the other hand, there are countless tens of thousands of women who belong to Yonistic covens, and although I have communed with many of them, I couldn't begin to name them all.

The high priests in this country are extraordinarily powerful as is evidenced by their size. I am not remotely talking about anything so vulgar as a phallus but, quite simply, throughout history high priests have always been huge men, ALWAYS more than six feet tall, ALWAYS more then three hundred pounds. I theorize that their physique has to be enormous in order to encapsulate the powerful spirit which possesses them.

High priests are profoundly in tuned with their own divine feminine qualities. This is not to be confused with "effeminate." High priests are able to balance virility with femininity. During Tantric rituals with high priests, I have achieved spiritual climaxes that would be impossible with a woman. And remember, as a lesbian, it is impossible for me to have carnal desires, or achieve carnal pleasure, from intercourse with a man. I suspect that even heterosexual women (and many of our members are heterosexual) would have a hard time achieving carnal arousal from obese men. No offense to the high priests who read this, but many women, gay and otherwise, would be repulsed if not for the fact that women (much more than typical men) are inclined to seek spiritual fulfillment over superficial lust. A Yonistic high priest is capable of lifting an entire coven of hundreds to ecstatic heights of spiritual climax that non-Yonis can't even dream about.

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Who can become a Yoni?
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: What we believe.
In a very real sense, like it or not, everyone already is one. We are all part of the natural Universe, and we are all part of the divine feminine: women because of their anatomy, men because of the womb that birthed them. All people, women AND men, have a spiritual connection to the Universe that transcends things tangible.

As far a joining a coven, that's a bit more complicated. Member of covens hail from all religious backgrounds, from Christian to Atheist. While most members are women, a rare man emerges who is capable of passing the requisite rituals of membership and ordination. Despite the absence of female anatomy, these men tend to be powerful sorcerers and high priests are among the most gifted spiritualists in our faith. (For a good read and an excellent analogy, read Frank Herbert's "Dune" and compare the Kwitzatz Haderich's status among the Bene Gesserit witches, for an idea of how our men rank in Yonistic society.)

Traditionally, because Yonism is a secret society, a prospective member -- selected by the Cosmos during a Sabat -- was approached by the coven; one didn't need to worry about "applying" cold. There are a number of trials, rites and gauntlets that one must accomplish before being accepted into a coven or promoted within the coven. Despite the pressing need to recruit eight new members, specifics on these rituals will remain a closely guarded secret.

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Why would I want to become a Yoni?
Mood:  smelly
Topic: What we believe.
Yonism offers a path of enlightenment that predates most other religions. Paganism, panentheism, pantheism, witchcraft, animism and Judeo-Christianity all trace their roots to Yonism. Though not a religion in the usual sense of the word, Yonism is a matriarchal faith through which the sacred feminine connects humanity to the divine (nature). Through our faith, we can bend, mold and drive Nature (what has been traditionally called magick), as well as allow Nature to commune with us in a spiritual, supra-sexual, fellowship with true deities. Though no Yoni would ever claim to have "all the answers", we know that Yonism is a reliable means to discover all the answers our minds are capable of retaining.

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Raw basics
Mood:  on fire
Topic: What we believe.
Like Pagans, Wiccans and Animists, Yonis believe in tolerance toward all living things and we believe that God is found in nature and vice versa. Yonis believe that the divine nature of the Universe is best encapsulated in the sacred feminine. We have no specific creed or set of rules, instead we discipline ourselves to be open to what the Universe has to tell us.

Nature is filled with countless spirits who choose to possess the physical realm. While the female body is the natural receptical for the most powerful of these spirits, men, animals and even inanimate objects fall under the influence of the spirits who possess them.

As Yonis, we are not disturbed by the fact that our conscious mind -- the driving force behind what our physical bodies do -- is a distinct and separate entity than what we see when we look in the mirror. We accept that the possessing spirit within us is our only consciousness, and is our only means to commune with the vastness of Nature.

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Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Welcome
I am extremely honored to host this web log. As a high priestess in the Yoni faith, I have been called to advance knowledge of, and respect for, Nature. Ironically, one of the ways I have been led to fulfill this mission is to use the Internet, one of the most UNnatural contraptions with which I've ever had the misfortune of working. Please forgive any technical mistakes as I'm finding myself in the midst of a very steep learning curve.

I have been chosen by the Universe to hand select a total of eight members for a new coven (please see my biographical entry). The mission came to me during a Tantric ritual wherein all twenty woman and the single man achieved a powerful communal climax simultaneous with the appearance of eight groups of eight shooting stars. All twenty-one of us independently interpreted the sign the same way.

Although Yonism has been a "secret society" for more than nine thousand years, I believe that a vision as profound as the one I received on December 6, 2004 necessitates the risk of open recruitment. I believe that the Internet offers the safest way for individuals to "meet" while having their identity kept a secret. After all, the main reason that Yonism is a secret society in the first place is to protect its members (we have doctors, judges, congressmen) from persecution from intolerant fundamentalists.

Thank you for visiting this website. I have no doubt that the eight members of the new coven will be in place by the next Geminid Meteor Shower.

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