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About the Coding

Its pretty basic really, but all you have to edit is the updates.html, main.html, nav.html. Don't fiddle with anything in the index.html because you have a high change of getting it stuffed up so please don't! Okay, now the Iframes from left to right the iframes target updates.html, main.html, nav.html. They go in that order and the names of the iframes are the same with the webpages names. When editing the content make sure to put all the content you need to put into the div tags or the content won't scroll. If its hard for you to contain all of this information email me @ Use that email aswell if you have any questions, inquires or comments.

About copyright/credits

This work is only linkware only. A link with my web link on it would be appropriate for every page that this was with. Direct linking is not allowed so make sure to upload everything to your own server. And never ever take my link out!!! Please credit the following sites above that was said.

Imaging/coding (c) Puretaurus21 of Geistengel