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Basic Rules:

Do not mess with the site masters or staff, what ever they say goes and if u disagree come to me or (tyler) and we will think about it.

To join this site you need AIM for battling and should try stay active because if we notice that you havenít been doing anything for a while we will most likely warn you first then boot you from the site.

When posting your joining form on the board make sure you include your aim name, email address and split 10,000 between st, sp, df, hp, and ki Ö.. example.

Name: billybobjoe (should probably be made up name)
Race: Werewolf
Location: (stated on the races page but you should add it here)
St: 2000
Sp: 2000
Df: 2000
Hp: 2000
Ki: 2000

Aim name: doobedoo
** It does not matter how much you put on one stat but they must add up to 10,000 and we will add race advantages when we join you**


Strength - (St) - Basically this is what is used to do damage to your opponent, the higher your strength is, the higher your damage will be depending on the opponentsí defense.

Speed - (Sp) - This is what will determine who goes first in battle and if you will evade their attack.

Defense - (Df) - Your defense will determine how much damage you take from an attack, the higher the defense, the less damage you will take unless stated otherwise in the move.

Hit Points - (Hp) - Your hit points are your life force, when it hits or goes below 0 you get knocked out and lose the battle, but you donít die until you get 30 losses.

Ki - (Ki) - Ki is your energy used for special moves and to power up certain moves.


You may train once a day, unless you have an item which says other wise, or are taking part in some special trainings that offect this rule. to train list you old stats, then items used, then new stats see it at the Examples Page


You may fight any people in your area 2 times per day(if there are 10 ppl in your area you can have a total of 20 fights tht day)If you have an item which allows you to fight people in different areas then you can fight much more everyday.The battles are conducted in AIM and is turn based, with the person with the greatest speed goin first. A ref who has been appointed by the sitemasters must be present(the ref may also take part in the fight)there can be up to 8 people in any one battle.