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Age of Shadows

In the year of 1818 when evil roamed most of Europe with the exception of a few sacred locations. Carnage was spreading with the dark mists of the east, closing the gap of survival for humans. Werewolves and vampires were in a constant struggle for power with demons and demons on the sidelines waiting for the perfect chance to strike and gain control. Werewolves are the only beasts able to slay vampires in hand to hand combat without special weapons giving them an advantage, although vampires were much, much smarter making it harder for the werewolves to conquer all. Demons, from the fiery pits of hell, and their deadly breed of demons, soon were divided among themselves, those who wanted world domination and those who wanted the fighting to stop so they could go about killing the innocent with out being in complete control (takes the fun out of it)

Travel the Realm of Shadows

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