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A.F.E. ~ Allied Forces of Evil

Why join the forces of evil.

My Favorite Web Sites

Runescape- The action packed rpg this site is based on.

Join and feed the darkness before it feeds on you!A.F.E~ Allied Forces of Evil is an army of lvl 30 warriors and up. Our mission is to challenge other clans to a duel in wilde. Also we support our fellow brothers when they need assistance. There are 5 ranks in the A.F.E army:1. General 2. Seargent Major 3. Gang leader 4. Squad Leader 5. Infantry The infantry is split up into 5 catagories: 1. warrior 2. Mage3. Cook 4. Smith 5. Reinforments to apply for a position talk to: runescape screenname: Darkplaig666 ~ Farletto Aim Screen Name: GuyNamedTay12 ~ PatrickMooreYay