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Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo - Zords Bio

Astro Megazord

The new Astro Megazord which was built on KO-35. It was built after the original was destroyed by the Lost Galaxy Rangers. It can change into the Astro Megaship and is the home to the Space Rangers and Alpha 6. The new look Astro Megaship also contains a brand new D.E.C.A. The new Astro Megazord has the Astro Megazord Blaster and the Astro Megazord Sabre which it can use to destroy monsters.

The Mega Winger

The Mega Winger was built on KO-35 for Zhane during the period where Zordon had been kidnapped. He first used it to help the Space Rangers stop an asteroid which was heading for Earth. It was damaged in the battle against the United Alliance of Evil, but was repaired on KO-35. It has most recently helped Zhane fight the Evil Empire and help the Zeo Rangers.