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Weapons Bios

Astro Morpher

The morpher used by all the Rangers. Used when going into battle against a monster. Zhane has a Digi Morpher, which is a varied version of the Astro Morpher.. When the Rangers need to morph they shout "Let's Rocket!" before punching in 335 on the morpher.


Worn by Andros. This allows him to deliver two powerful punches. However, when the time calls for it, he can press button 3 to transform into the Red Battlized Ranger.

Red Battlized Ranger

When Andros presses button 3 on his battlizer, he morphs into the Red Battlized Ranger. He did not know of this power until Silvy pressed the button for him during a battle with Astronema.

Astro Blaster

The primary weapon of the Space Rangers. When combined with a shot with the Quadro Blaster, it can have devastating effects on the monsters that are hit.

Spiral Saber

The weapon used by Andros the Red Ranger. It can also be formed into Spiral Saber booster mode. It was the weapon he used when breaking Zordon's tube in the United Alliance of Evil's attack.

Astro Axe

The weapon used by T.J. Can combine with the four other weapons to form the Quadro Blaster. It can also be put into booster mode.

Satellite Stunner

The weapon used by Cassie the Pink Space Ranger. Helps to form one quarter of the Quadro Blaster. Can be used to search out enemies location when hidden.

Star Slinger

The weapon used by Ashley, the Yellow Space Ranger. Also helps to form the Quadro Blaster.

Lunar Lance

Carlos' weapon can be used as itself, in booster mode or as part of the Quadro Blaster.

Super Silveriser

Shown here in blade mode, it can also be used as a blaster. It is Zhane, the Silver Ranger's weapon.

Quadro Blaster

When the Satellite Stunner, Star Slinger, Astro Axe and Lunar Lance combine, they form the Quadro Blaster. It is controlled by Carlos the Black Space Ranger, with the other three Rangers standing behind him.