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Rita and Zedd's Army

Rita and Zedd

The two who for so long thwarted the Rangers on Earth, left their Palace on the Moon in thier search for the Zeo Crystal aboard the new Serpenterra. However, the newly brought back Astronema overthrew them, taking their army with her. Now they have recreated a brand new army, and along with Rito Revolto, they set out on a quest for revenge against Astronema.


Darkonda was a treacherous beast, never staying on one side. He was the one who caused the death of Dark Specter, and Darkonda himself was only destroyed in Dark Specter's last breath. He has now been brought back by Rita and Zedd under a binding spell, so as not to be able to betray them in their battle against Astronema and the Rangers. But, one has to wonder, how powerful the binding spell is........

Rito Revolto

Rito origianlly arrived and destroyed the Thunder Zords. However, in more recent times, he betrayed his own sister and brother in law to join Astronema. But, during a battle with the Rangers, he left Goldar's side, and rejoined with Rita and Zedd just as their new army had been formed.

Klank and Orbus

Klank and Orbus were once the footmen for Mondo and Machina of the Machine Empire, but they were destroyed by Zordon's wave. However, they have now been brought back by Rita and Zedd, thanks to the ideas that they came up with during their stay in the Machine Empire. They now join Rita and Zedd on their quest for the Zeo Crystal.


Along with Klank and Orbus, Rita and Zedd brought back their new foot soldiers the Cogs. These too were once used in the Machine Empire, and proved to be a formidable foe to the Rangers. They now join Zedd aboard his new ship.