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PRiS: Bios


Cassie is the Pink Space Ranger, and former Pink Turbo Ranger. She gained the powers when Andros gave her the Astro Morpher. She helped defend the world against Dark Specter and the United Alliance of Evil. Recently, she and the other Rangers helped the Zeo Rangers against Rita and Zedd. Cassie has the Satellite Stunner as her weapon.


Andros is the Red Space Ranger and leader of the team. He was responsible for giving the former Turbo Rangers their new powers. He thought he destroyed Zordon to save the Universe. However, Zordon recently reappeared again to help the Zeo Rangers. Andros has a sister named Karone, who used to be Astronema. She was kidnapped by Darkonda and turned evil. Andros has the Spiral Sabre as his weapon.


T.J is the Blue Space Ranger and former leader of the Turbo Rangers. He was chosen by Tommy to replace him. T.J recently helped out the Zeo Rangers in their battle against the Evil Empire with help from the Astro Megazord. After being leader, T.J adjusted to Andros being the new leader perfectly. T.J's weapon is the Astro Axe.


Carlos is the Black Space Ranger. He was given his powers by Andros when they were on their quest for Zordon. He used to be the Green Turbo Ranger after being given the powers by Adam. His weapon is the Lunar Lance.


Ashley is the Yellow Space Ranger. When she first met Andros she instantly developed a crush on him. Their relationship went further than being friends, but it is unknown at this time what is happening between the two. She is the former Yellow Turbo Ranger. Her weapon is the Star Slinger.


Zhane is the Silver Space Ranger. He and Andros worked together when KO-35 was attacked. However, Zhane was injured in the battle and was put into cryogenic freezing by Andros so he could heal. He was unwittingly released from being frozen when the Space Rangers were attacked. He pilots the Mega Winger which was damaged during the attack by The Evil Empire against the Zeo Rangers. His weapon is the Super Silveriser.