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Last time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, Astronema and Finster finally performed the spell from the Galaxy Book. Although it was successful in bringing back Ecliptor, they also brought Elgar back into existence. The Space Rangers left Mirinoi, leaving the Galaxy Rangers behind in their search of the Zeo Crystal, and the mystery Ranger provided the Psycho’s with the name he now goes by. The Vengeance Ranger. Now he prepares to tell them about his past. But how much will he reveal? Next on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo…………..

The four former Zeo Rangers walked through Angel Grove park, as they all felt a cold wind sweep up and blow through them. They looked up into the sky as they saw snow flakes falling down from above.

Tommy: "Oh man, I can’t believe its Christmas already."

Billy: "Yeah, time does fly when you’re a Ranger. Oh, and we needn’t bother about thinking what to get Jason for Christmas anymore."

Adam: "Why? He’s not leaving Angel Grove again is he?"

The four continued to walk through the park as the snow began to settle on the ground around them.

Billy: "No, he’s not leaving, but Alpha contacted me yesterday, you know how he said Jason would no longer be able to morph into the Gold Ranger, just as Center Back was attacking?"

Rocky: "Yeah, Alpha left out one important thing in the Power Transfer."

Billy: "True, but since that day, Alpha has been studying everything that he did, and he’s found a way to let Jason be able to morph again."

Tommy: "Hey man, that’s great. That means the Earth won’t be completely defenceless if anything happens."

Billy: "Exactly, Jason’s at the Power Chamber now so Alpha can do what he needs to do."

Adam: "That’s great, but I wish I was still a Ranger."

Rocky: "We’ll just have to hope that Andros and the others can regain the Zeo Crystal."

Adam: "I wonder what’s happening with them right now………."

On the planet of Primelta, the Psycho’s waited around in the shack they were in. Becoming more impatient as the Vengeance Ranger took is time to begin his story.

Psycho Black: "Are you going to tell us your past or not?"

???: "Patience you fool! But I can no longer wait. I must leave now. Vengeance Ranger, you know the next step in our plan?"

Vengeance Ranger: "I do."

???: "Good, then I shall leave."

The person covered in shadows spun around as lightning spread through out the room. Smoke filled the room, and once it was gone, the person the Psychos had been staring at was no longer there.

Psycho Blue: "Who was that?"

Vengeance Ranger: "You will find out when we are ready to tell you. Now, you want to know about me? I shall tell you of why I want to kill Andros."

Psycho Pink: "This had better be worth it."

Vengeance Ranger: "My birth name is Owen. Andros, Zhane and I grew up together. We were best friends, and had been right up to the day when KO-35 was attacked."

Psycho Yellow: "What happened to change all of that then?"

Owen: "Have patience and I shall tell you……….."

……..An explosion went off to the right of Owen. He turned to see what it was, and Zhane had just destroyed another of Dark Specter’s monsters. ‘The battle was tough, but it was going well.’ Owen thought. He turned back to the person he was currently squaring off against.

Zedd: "Do you really think you can save your planet Ranger?"

Owen: "I don’t think that! I know I can help save my planet! There’s nothing that you’re evil can do to bring us down Zedd!"

Zedd: "Is that so?"

Lord Zedd lunged at Owen, striking him with his staff. Owen’s chest roared in flaming agony. The pain was excruciating, but he got back up to continue the battle.

Zedd: "Why delay the inevitable Ranger? You will die just like everyone else on KO-35."

Owen: "Why do you delay what will happen to you Zedd? You and I both know, that one day you will be destroyed. I may not do it, but you will be killed one of these days!"

Zedd: "Tough talk from a Ranger that’s losing!!"

Zedd struck Owen once again with his staff. This time the Ranger was sent flying through the air. He smacked down into a nearby building. He lay on the ground writhing in pain. His entire back felt like it was about to crack. Owen looked up and saw Andros and Zhane running over to where Zedd was.

He was just about to get back up and join them when he heard a thunderous roar, and the ground began to shake. Owen stood up, and looked above and beyond the building he was standing by. There looming over everything, was the Monarch of Evil himself; Dark Specter.

Dark Specter: "All evil villains, continue on you’re path of destruction. The people of KO-35 must be captured by sundown. I must know of the technology they used to create the Space powers!"

Owen stood aghast. Dark Specter himself had come to their planet to oversee its demise. And now he finally knew what for; to discover the secrets of their Ranger powers.

Owen: "I won’t let Dark Specter win. Weapon; Cannon Mode!"

Owen pulled out his most powerful weapon, and transformed it into Cannon Mode.

Owen: "One blast from this, and Dark Specter will be gone forever!"

He began to take aim, but just before he fired, he heard a travelling scream. He looked up into the sky and saw Andros fly overheard and crash down into the building Owen himself had just done. He looked away from Andros again, and prepared his shot. He couldn’t let anything distract him. He was about to fire when;

Andros: "Owen! Wait, I’ll do it! Spiral Sabre booster mode!"

Owen: "Andros you idiot!"

With Andros shouting across to Owen, their cover had been blown. Dark Specter turned around, and saw the two Rangers ready to take fire on him.

Dark Specter: "You Rangers dare consider firing on me?"

The Monarch of Evil lent down, and with one fiery swipe, sent both Rangers flying. He then disappeared. Owen, was the first back up onto his feet.

Owen: "Look what you’ve done Andros. You just cost me my chance to rid the Universe of the one true threat. You’ve just cost KO-35 its freedom, and for what? So you could call yourself the hero? So you could take credit for it?"

Andros: "No, I just wanted to help you!"

Owen: "If that’s the case, why shout to me, ‘No, I’ll do it!’. Face it Andros, you couldn’t handle me saving our planet, just because you’ve always been considered better than me. You’ve been like this since Zordon picked me instead of you!"

Andros: "What do you mean? We’re a team, we fight together."

Owen: "That may have been true once, but now you only fight for yourself. You’re an ego-maniac Andros."

Owen got up and left the Red Space Ranger. He ran back to the battle, in one last attempt to save his planet whilst Andros stood there dumbfounded…….

….Owen walked across the room once again as the Psycho’s began to understand the story of the Vengeance Ranger.

Owen: "That was the last time I saw Andros until now. If it wasn’t for him, I would have saved KO-35 and thousands of lives across the Universe. But once again, he wanted the glory for himself, he put himself ahead of anybody else. I can’t let that happen again. That is why I must destroy him!"

The Psycho Rangers looked around at each other. Was it possible, they had found someone who hated the Space Rangers more than them?

Rita and Zedd’s shuttle came to a halt, and began its orbit of the Earth.

Rita: "Zeddy, why are we here? Its not possible for a piece of the Zeo Crystal to be on this planet!"

Zedd: "I know that dear, but after all these years, the Earth is now truly defenceless. I want to conquer it once and for all. We shall make one last attempt on the Earth before we set out for the Zeo Crystal."

Rita: "You do realise tinsel teeth, that this will put us behind that brat Astronema!"

Zedd: "Of course I do you horned she-devil of a witch!! But just think if we conquer the planet. We will have done something that Astronema could never do. And that will put us at an advantage. Klank get in here!"

Klank: "Is there anything I can do for ya my Lord?"

Zedd: "Take down a batch of Cogs, and attack the former Zeo Rangers. Just when they’re defeated I shall send down a monster to destroy them once and for all! Ahahahahaha!!"

Klank: "At once my Lord! Come on Orbus!"

As more snow began to settle on the ground around the former Rangers, they began to recall a Christmas which hadn’t exactly gone according to plan before.

Rocky: "Hey, you remember when Zedd sent Goldar and Rito to take over the North Pole?"

Adam: "Yeah, they almost ruined everyone’s Christmas that year."

Billy: "Not to mention we couldn’t morph there either."

Tommy: "We had to attack them with snowballs off al things!"

Rocky: "And who would have known elves could fool villains so easily."

Tommy: "Oh man, those were great times!"

Billy: "Yeah, before we had to worry about regaining the Zeo Crystal. Who would have thought we’d ever have to do that again?"

Adam: "Not me that’s for………"

Klank: "Sorry to interrupt your Christmas past Rangers, but I have a wee surprise for ya all."

The former Rangers stood back in shock.

Rocky: "Klank? I thought you were destroyed."

Klank: "Aye, that were true once, but the great Lord Zedd has brought me and my pal Orbus back. Now where was I? Oh yes, Cogs get them!!"

A batch of Cogs appeared beside Klank and Orbus, and prepared to attack.

Adam: "Cogs? Man this is getting weird guys."

Billy: "How can we defeat them without our powers?"

Tommy: "I’ve got an idea…. We can use the weapons around us."

Rocky: "What weapons? What are you talking about?"

The former Red Zeo Ranger knelt down and scooped up some snow. He stood up straight again, and threw his newly created snowball at one of the Cogs. The snowball smashed down into the Cog, knocking it off its feet.

Tommy: "Come on, let’s do what we did at the North Pole, and have a little fun!"

The rest of the former Rangers began to throw snowballs at all the Cogs as well. Before too long, Zedd’s new army of soldiers were being bombarded with snowball after snowball. Adam threw one last ball of snow at the Cogs, before they teleported back to Rita and Zedd’s ship.

Klank: "Oh haggis! Our plan isn’t working too well is it Orbus?"

Billy: "I think its high time you got ready to leave Klank."

Klank: "But that would be improper of me to leave without introducing my new friend. Former Zeo Rangers, I introduce to you, the Eye Guy!"

The Eye Guy appeared next to where Klank and Orbus were standing.

Klank: "Now go get them Eye Guy!"

The monster recreated by Zedd began to make a charge towards the former Rangers.

Rocky: "This doesn’t look too good."

Billy: "And I don’t think snowballs are going to work on this guy!"

A sudden wind drew up around the Rangers, and they heard a voice coming toward them. They looked up into the sky to see someone floating to them on a cloud.

Ninjor: "Have no fear! Ninjor is here!"

Ninjor landed down in front of the powerless Rangers. Except, this time Ninjor looked a bit different. He was wearing a Santa Claus hat.

Rocky: "Ninjor? Why are you wearing that hat?"

Ninjor: "Well it is the Christmas season! Now if you’ll excuse me, Ninjor has a monster to vanquish."

Ninjor ran to the Eye Guy and they began to exchange blows. They were evenly matched, neither one gaining an advantage, despite each blow becoming more powerful as it connected. Finally, the Eye Guy shot a laser out from his two main eyes, causing an explosion around Ninjor, and sending him to the floor.

Ninjor: "This isn’t going as well as I had expected."

Suddenly a shadowy figure jumped over Ninjor and hit the Eye Guy with a flying kick, sending the monster down. The former Rangers and their blue ally looked to see who it was. There standing before them was Jason, morphed once again as the Gold Ranger!!

Jason: "Its time to put an end to you once and for all Eye Guy."

The Gold Ranger stood over the fallen Eye Guy, and began striking him repeatedly with the Golden Power Staff. Klank and Orbus stood a few metres away from the battle looking on in worry.

Klank: "It seems Orbus, that the Eye Guy doesn’t have an eye for battle."

Orbus: "Oh, please."

Klank: "Sorry about that. I guess some of King Mondo’s poor humour as rubbed off on me. But its time to give this monster a little more fire power. Ready Orbus?"

Orbus: "Ready."

Klank began to swing Orbus.

Klank: "Around and around, and away ye go!!"

The tiny Orbus flew towards the downed Eye Guy and landed on him.

Orbus: "Need some help?"

Within seconds, Orbus had made the Eye Guy grow to a huge size. Causing Ninjor and Jason to back off.

Jason: "Man, what are we gonna do now?"

Ninjor: "Don’t worry Jason, you step back. I will handle it! Ninjor Battle Mode NOW!!!"

Ninjor in all his rage grew and transformed into his battle mode. The monster and the grown ally squared off against each other, exchanging fists. Eye Guy leaned down for another eye laser blast, but Ninjor rolled out of the way and avoided it. In the process his Santa hat almost fell off.

Ninjor: "You nearly made me lose my hat. This makes Ninjor furious!!"

Ninjor put his hands close together and formed a fireball, then shooting it towards the monster. It connected and Eye Guy span around before exploding. Ninjor then shrunk down to normal size and was met by the former Rangers and Jason.

Tommy: "Oh man, that was awesome Ninjor."

Rocky: "Yeah, good work man!"

Above the Earth in Rita and Zedd’s ship, Lord Zedd slammed his fist down onto a nearby table.

Zedd: "Curse that annoying blue moron and his putrid gold friend. If it wasn’t for those two I would be….."

Rita: "We know, we know. The ruler of the Universe. Thanks to your brain dead plan Zeddy, you’ve cost us valuable time in our quest for the Zeo Crystal!"

Darkonda: "Whilst that pathetic monster was down their battling those puny Rangers, I have discovered something very interesting."

Zedd: "What is it Darkonda?"

Darkonda: "I believe I have found the location of one of the sub crystals."

Rita: "Finally, some of the hired help we have does something useful. Well? Where is it?"

Darkonda: "It seems to be on the planet of……. Eltare…….."


Next time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, Rita and Zedd make their way to Zordon’s old home planet, Eltare, in the belief that one of the sub crystals of the Zeo Crystal now resides there. What surprises await them, and will they be the only ones there? Find out next time in Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo………….