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Last time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, it was revealed that the mystery Ranger had brought the Psycho Rangers back to aid him. He has now taken them aboard his ship and is leading them towards to what he calls a surprise. Meanwhile, on Mirinoi, after Andros battled his own sister, Astronema came out victorious and left with the spell that she needed to bring Ecliptor back. If she succeeds, will our hero’s be able to defend the Universe against all the forces of evil that exist? Next in Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo……………


The new look Serpenterra sped across space. The stars that it passed, looking like nothing more than lines drawn by an infant as the ship travelled at a speed even the Astro Megaship would find hard to match. Inside Astronema’s room, there was a discussion going on between the assumed Queen of Evil and Finster. The room was dark and dreary. It was filled only with a bed for Astronema, and a table, which had mini images of the Rangers, and Rita and Zedd on it. The room however was windowless, it was the perfect place Astronema thought, for her to create her most dastardly plans.

Astronema was pacing back and forth in the room. Each time she passed Finster she gave him a look of contempt. For two hours now, Finster had been researching the spell, trying to find out what needed to be said in order for Ecliptor to return. Once again, Astronema made her sweeping movement across the room. However, this time she stopped in front of Finster. She bent down towards him, and smiled.

Astronema: "WHY haven’t you decided on what to say whilst performing the spell yet? I grow tired of your slowness. Tell me NOW!!!"

Finster: "Oh…. Oh dear. The spell is very complicated my Queen. One wrong word, and you could bring back the wrong being."

Astronema walked away from Finster again, and he breathed out a sigh of relief, thinking he had bought himself at least a few more minutes. With the way Astronema acted around him, he was beginning to wonder why he had left Rita and Zedd. At least whilst he was with them, he wasn’t insulted…… well, not all that much. Then he suddenly remembered why he had; Astronema would have killed him if he hadn’t betrayed his former masters. And, life Finster thought, was better than loyalty and death. He was snapped out from his day dream when Astronema suddenly turned around and shot out a purple lightning bolt from her staff. The bolt sailed towards Finster and smacked down onto the floor by his feet, causing a small but rather loud explosion.

Astronema: "Enough of your excuses! You will perform the spell now, or next time, I will not hit the floor. I will hit your head!"

Finster let out a sigh of disappointment. He knew if he performed the spell now, it might have dire consequences. However, not doing the spell, would bring about the same situation. He picked up the page, and wandered over to where Astronema kept the one light in the room. Even with it, it was hard to see in there, but he knew, reading just one word wrong could destroy them all, so he needed all the help he could get.

Finster: "Very well then. I shall begin."

He leaned into the light to make the page’s script as clear as possible. He moved his hand over it, getting rid of any creases the page had. He breathed in, and began to perform the spell.

Finster: "Frot rotpilce lear goutish ragle!"

He closed his mouth as he finished the spell. He hoped for his safety and for his life that he had said the spell right.

Time drifted on, and after a few minutes, nothing had seemed to of happened. Sweat began to appear on Finster’s forehead as he could only imagine what Astronema would do to him. As he thought that, he made eye contact with her. That he thought, Is something you don’t do with Astronema. The Queen of Evil began to make her way over to Finster with an evil glint in her eye. She was half way across the room, when it began shaking. The sudden movement in the room knocked Astronema off her feet, and she fell onto the floor, banging her head on a chair. Finster rushed to her aide, helping her back up.

Astronema: "What’s happening?"

Finster: "I believe the spell is finally beginning to work. It is only a matter of time, until we see what I have conjured up."

As he was telling Astronema this information, the sweat began to disappear, as he knew, the spell had worked. But, he didn’t know how well……….

A wind swept up on the planet of Mirinoi, brushing past the trees, which out populate the people on the planet at this time. It had been a few years since the people of Terra Venture arrived, but the planet was still much the same way they had found it, aside from a couple of major cities. The two sets of Rangers along with Mike, Leo’s brother, had met in one of the many forests dotted around the planet. It was where the Astro Megaship had been hidden, and the Space Rangers were saying their goodbyes.

Leo: "Thanks for all the help you gave us. I mean, I don’t know what we would have done, if you guys hadn’t of showed."

Kai: "Astronema’s still got that spell though."

As Kai finished the sentence, a chilled wind blew through them all, sending shivers down their spine’s.

Andros: "Even if she does bring back Ecliptor, we’ll be ready."

Carlos: "Andros is right. We’ve dealt with him once, he’ll be no problem this time."

Andros: "Well, we better get going."

The six Space Rangers turned around, and headed up the Megaship’s ramp. Zhane pushed one of the many button’s on the side, and the main door opened, steam gushing out of it, as it slowly crept open. The Rangers waved one more time to each other, before the hatch door closed. They walked towards the control room.

Alpha: "Are we ready to get going?"

DECA: "Megaship ready to take off. Awaiting command."

Andros sat down in the main chair, whilst the other Rangers took their positions around the controls.

Andros: "DECA, begin scanning the Universe for any planets which contain an unusual amount of power. I’m guessing, those planets will contain the subcrystals. OK guys, let’s go."

He put both of his hands down onto the two levers which controlled the ship. He eased them both forward, and the Megaship flew off, speeding out of Mirinoi’s atmosphere.

Serpenterra continued to speed across space, now however, the whole ship was beginning to shake uncontrollably. Goldar wandered the halls, crashing into each side of the walls as the ship veered left and right every few seconds. At this rate Goldar said to himself, I’ll never get to Astronema’s room. Serpenterra veered left again, sending Goldar hurtling towards the wall. The force was so much, that this time, he smashed through it. He landed with a thud on the floor, covered in plaster and the material from the wall. He coughed, and some dust came out of his mouth. He swiped all the debris off him, as he stood back up onto his feet. He growled as he spoke to himself out loud.

Goldar: "This spell better be worth it."

In Astronema’s room, the single light flickered on and off, as the page which had fallen out of Finster’s hand, began to flutter up and down. Finster stared at it, hoping that something good would happen. He looked to his left, where Astronema was standing. Unbelieveably, her face was covered in fear. Whatever this spell from the Galaxy Book was doing, it even had the Queen of Evil scared. Finster opened his mouth, about to say something to try and calm her down, when a blue light shot out from the page. It covered the room, taking the many shadows it held away. Astronema closed her eyes, being blinded by the light.

The blue light continued to shine for a few seconds. The light then seemed to move. Finster stared at it, as he saw two shining blue bolts hover out from the page. The spell had worked then, Finster thought to himself. But why are there two bolts? The two balls of blue light continued to float above the floor, shining light across the whole room. Then they majestically sat themselves on the ground, and exploded. Astronema and Finster shielded their eyes. The heat from the explosion then decreased, and Finster and Astronema looked on, to see what had happened.

There, standing in the middle of the room was a monster; of that Finster was sure about. He was huge, with a strong build to him. He seemed to have jagged edges on his shoulders. The light in the room then came back on, and they could finally see who it was standing before them. Astronema smiled with pleasure.

Astronema: "Ecliptor…….it is good to have you back!"

Ecliptor: "Where……where am I?"

Astronema: "You are onboard my ship, as we travel through space, searching for the Zeo Crystal."

Ecliptor: "I…….I don’t understand."

Astronema: "I did not expect you to. Come. I will explain everything to you."

Ecliptor walked towards Astronema. He let out a sigh of what Finster could only decide was happiness. The two turned and began to walk out of the room. Finster then looked back to the page, but he saw someone standing on it. Finster’s eyes grew with shock.

Finster: "A….A….Astronema, you should see this!"

The Queen of Evil turned around, annoyed that Finster was keeping her from informing her protector what was happening.

Astronema: "WHAT….. is it…..?"

She paused mid sentence as she too now saw the second being standing in the room. He had obviously been behind Ecliptor, as she knew she would have noticed him before. After all, how could she forget someone like this?

"Well? Isn’t anyone going to say hi?"

The mystery Ranger’s ship flew through space, speeding across to where ever it was the Ranger was taking his new comrades. They all stood in the main control room, which was actually quite small.

Psycho Yellow: "So where are you taking us?"

The mystery Ranger looked at Psycho Yellow and smiled. A smile which had an air of knowledge in it, but also a smile that showed years of hatred.

Mystery Ranger: "You will know soon enough. Soon, you will see my surprise."

Psycho Black: "It better be soon! All this waiting is making me impatient."

The mystery Ranger walked over to the opposite side of the cramped control room, and tapped a few buttons.

Computer: "Time to arrival at destination point is two and a half hours."

Mystery Rangers: "Does that make your impatience disappear?"

The mystery Ranger let out a little laugh. He knew the Psycho Rangers were powerful, he thought; If only they used their brains more instead of their brawn. Then they would be unstoppable, but as it was now, they might not meet……Well, we’ll cross that path if it comes to it. He looked up and saw Psycho Red staring at him. He was obviously suspicious of where he was taking him and his counterparts. For that, the Ranger commended him. It showed loyalty towards his Psycho friends, that along with the fact that it seemed Psycho Red followed the mystery Ranger’s own number one rule: Don’t Trust Anybody. Well, anybody that is except…….

Psycho Red: "What are you thinking about? I do not trust people who stay quiet for such a long time."

Mystery Ranger: "Soon, you will find out what I was thinking about, and you’ll have all the answers to any questions you may have."

Astronema stared at the being standing in her room in shock.

Astronema: "HOW…..did he come back."

Finster: "I must have miscalculated the spell. I said I shouldn’t have done it at this time, something could have gone wrong, and it obviously has."

Astronema: "Of course something’s gone wrong. You’ve brought back a despicable villain. You’ve brought back, one of the most hated villains of all time! You’ve brought back…….."

The mystery Ranger and the Psychos walked off the ramp connected to the Ranger’s ship. They had landed on a planet that was full of moist air. There were thick forests as far as the eye can see, with no signs of any life forms actually existing on the planet, even though it was obviously habitable. The mystery Ranger led them through a row of trees. He obviously knew where he was going. The planet, Psycho Red thought, is a good hiding place for anybody to meet without others knowing about it.

Psycho Black: "What planet are we on Ranger?"

Mystery Ranger: "We are on a planet called Primelta. It is unknown to any of the Rangers. They don’t even know it exists."

Psycho Pink: "Then why are we here?"

The Psycho Ranger’s question was answered when they stepped through another pair of bushes to appear in front of what seemed to be nothing more than a shed. It was old and crabby. The wood that had been used to build it, was starting to rot, and the bits that weren’t, were damp and looked as if they would fall apart any second. In the middle of it, there was a door, which the mystery Ranger began to walk towards. He opened it, and gestured to the others to walk inside. Though unsure of what lay inside, the Psycho Rangers went through.

They were met by the smell of dead bodies, but on search of the interior of the building, nothing could be found that would even pass for death. The Psycho’s looked around, and all they could see in the dimly lit room, was a table with a chair behind it. Both were cast in shadow. The chair suddenly swung around and they were greeted by someone. This being was covered in the shadow that surrounded the area he was in.

???: "I am glad to see you have finally made it here Vengeance Ranger!"

Psycho Yellow: "Vengeance Ranger?"

The Psycho’s stared at the companion who had brought them back from the dead.

Psycho Blue: "Is that you Ranger?"

Vengeance Ranger: "Yes, that is my name."

Psycho Black: "But you told us, the powers you have, were given to you by Zordon. If that is true, then you would not have the name of Vengeance."

Vengeance Ranger: "That is true Psycho Black. The name I carry now, is the name I chose for myself after what Andros did to us in the battle on KO-35."

Psycho Red: "Then what is your original name?"

Psycho Red eyed the Vengeance Ranger up and down. The more he found out about this Ranger, the more he became suspicious of him.

???: "That is not important right now!"

The person cast in shadow slammed his fist down onto the table, and electrical charges shot out of it, lighting the room for a few seconds. However, even through the temporary light, the person sitting in the chair remained in the shadows that engulfed him.

???: "You, Psycho Rangers are here to learn of my plan. A plan that I and the Vengeance Ranger have been piecing together as a team since the battle on KO-35."

Vengeance Ranger: "You are only part of our plan to dominate the Universe, and destroy the Space Rangers."

Psycho Pink: "You mean we are nothing more than puppets to you?"

Vengeance Ranger: "Oh far from it. You are the key in our plan. Without you five, our plan would fail."

???: "That is true….. We have waited far too long for anything to happen that could cause a setback. That is why I had the Vengeance Ranger bring you back."

Psycho Red: "But you still haven’t told us who you are."

He then turned to the Vengeance Ranger.

Psycho Red: "And we still no nothing of your past."

Vengeance Ranger: "You want to know my past? Then prepare yourselves for my story."

Astronema stared at Finster with hatred in her eyes.

Astronema: "HOW could you bring…..him back?"

Finster: "I am sorry my Queen, I did not mean for this to happen."

Ecliptor: "Do you wish for me to destroy him my Queen?"

Astronema: "……..No! He may be of some use to us……..ELGAR, follow Ecliptor and I to the control room!"

Elgar: "You got it!"

Astronema, Ecliptor and the returned Elgar then walked out of the Queen of Evil’s room…………



Next time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, on the planet of Primelta, the Vengeance Ranger tells the Psycho Rangers of his past and how he has ended up in the plan he is now a part of. What secrets does he hold? Find out next time in Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo………………….