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Last time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, Lord Zedd lead Rita to a ship he had hidden on Mirinoi 6 months before the battle for the universe. He told Rita that they would leave Astronema and create their own army. On hearing this the mystery Ranger decided he would be needing some help in his quest to capture the Zeo Crystal and kill Andros; he too will bring back his own army. Meanwhile, Astronema continued after the Galaxy Rangers who called upon the Lights of Orion and regained their powers. With the Space Rangers still battling Rito and Goldar in their zords, what will happen? Next in power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo………….

Rita walked up to her husband, Lord Zedd who was standing near their new ship. The sun was beginning to set, and they hadn’t gone about bringing their own army back. Rita was not best pleased.

Rita: "Zedd!!! I thought you said we would have our own army again by sundown. I want my own elite force of Cogs. You better start performing those spells!"

Zedd: "Very well. The time is right, let’s go about bringing back the most evil villains to ever travel the universe."

Zedd walked into an open patch in the middle of the dense forest he had lead him and Rita into. He looked up into the sky, and then looked back down at his hands. He thought of Astronema taking Goldar and Finster away from him. Rito he didn’t care about. Quite frankly, he thought, he was glad to see the back of him. But Goldar and Finster was another thing. He closed his hands into fists.

Zedd: "I swear Astronema, you will pay for what you have done to me. And you Rangers!"

Zedd stared up into the sky, at the ongoing battle.

Zedd: "You, will not be able to stop me in my quest for the Zeo Crystal. I will become the most powerful force in the universe! I guarantee it! Now…. Time for the spell."

He put his hands together, and rubbed them.

Zedd: "This will take a lot of energy from me. But here it goes! Frot adnokrad lear goutish knalk!!! Frot subro lear goutish sgoc!!!!"

With the spell said, Zedd let out a huge breath and dropped onto his knees.

Rita: "Zeddy?? Did it work?"

Zedd: "We will have to wait and see…"

Kai held the Galaxy Book in his hands, taking a step away whenever Astronema stepped closer towards them.

Damon: "Come on guys, we can take her!"

Kai suddenly felt his hands begin to shake.

Kai: "Err… guys!"

They all turned and looked at the Galaxy Book. It was shaking furiously in Kai’s hands, as if it was trying to escape.

Leo: "What’s happening?"

Kai: "I…..I….don’t know!"

The Galaxy Book then fell out of his hands and dropped onto the floor. It opened up, and four massive bolts of blue energy shot out and flew into the sky. The book then closed, and Kai picked it up again.

Kendrix: "What was all that about?"

Maya: "I don’t know, but I doubt its anything good!"

Goldar lunged towards the Mega Winger. Zhane using the controls steered it out of the way, and Goldar flew head first onto the ground.

Goldar: "Ugh. You’ll pay for that Ranger!"

Andros: "Come on guys, we’ve got to take these two down now. The Galaxy Rangers need our help!"

T.J: "Right. Powering up Astro Megazord Sabre!"

The mystery Ranger paced back and forth near his ship.

"If I do the spell now, I’ll bring them back, but is now the best time? I’ve waited too long for this, for it to be messed up….. No! That won’t happen. Not with who I’m bringing back. Let’s do it!"

The Ranger walked towards the opening door to his ship, he stopped by it, and turned back around.

"Its time. Frot ohcysp lear goutish sregnar!!!"

After he finished his sentence, he too dropped down onto his knees, panting heavily.

"That took a lot out of me….. but it was worth it. Soon, I will lead my own team into battle, and I will destroy anything that gets in my way! Including you Andros. Your final chapter has just begun!"

Astronema: "I am getting tired of playing this game. Don’t force me to destroy you as well."

Kai: "Oh no, not again. The Galaxy Book began shaking violently once again. Kai, instead of trying to keep a hold of it, just let it go. Once again the book fell onto the floor and opened up. This time however, five of the blue bolts shot out and headed up into space. The book then closed.

Leo: "Five bolts? This isn’t getting any better is it? I mean last time those bolts flew out of the book, Rita and Zedd returned."

Astronema, tired of being ignored one more time by the Rangers, raised her staff. She took aim and fired. A purple lightning bolt flew out, and hit all five Rangers. They fell to the ground, and whilst doing so, Kai lost his grip on the book. It flew out of his hands and landed next to Astronema. She knelt down and picked it up.

Astronema: "Ah! Finally, I have it. You Rangers have been very bothersome. Once I have the Zeo Crystal in my possession, I will return to destroy you. For now though, you are safe. Time to go!"

Purple lines appeared around Astronema and she quickly vanished as the Galaxy Rangers ran towards her.

Leo: "NO!!! I can’t believe she’s got the Galaxy Book."

Maya: "What are we going to do now?"

Kendrix: "We can’t leave Mirinoi and help the Space Rangers, Mirinoi still needs our help."

Kai: "We’ve just got to hope Astronema doesn’t discover the spell she needs, or how to utilise the full power of the book. If she does, the Universe is not going to last long."

Rita paced around Zedd, obviously getting more and more impatient.

Rita: "Zedd!! I thought you said this spell would bring back who we want. What is going on? Where is are new army?"

Zedd: "Just look above you my dear. The spell is taking place…."

Rita looked up into the sky, and there hovering around them were four blue bolts. They circled around and around, before suddenly dipping down towards the ground, one of the bolts taking a huge branch from a tree with it. The four bolts crashed into the ground, causing an explosion and a dirt storm to pick up. Rita and Zedd looked on as through the mist they could see 3 shapes form, and behind them, almost thousand of another shape form. The dirt storm began to disappear, and the forms began to walk through it. First to reach through the mist, was the body running towards Rita and Zedd. He drew his sword and knocked Zedd down with a low sweep on his legs. He stuck the sword just inches away from Zedd’s neck.

Darkonda: "Why, have you brought me here??"

Rita: "Zeddy, it worked, Darkonda is here!! Ahahahahaha!!"

Zedd: "Darkonda, I brought you here for revenge on the one person I know you hate just as much. I want revenge on Astronema and her soon to be brought back stooge Ecliptor."

Darkonda slowly took away his sword from Zedd’s neck, and Zedd got back onto his feet.

Darkonda: "Astronema and Ecliptor? I almost destroyed them to become King Darkonda! If it wasn’t for that fool Dark Specter I would have. I assume you want me to help you. If helping you means I can get rid of those two, I will!"

Rita’s face suddenly turned to a state of shock.

Rita: "Zeddy, why did Darkonda agree so easily to what you said?"

Zedd: "That is the binding spell my dear. He believes he has full control over what he is doing, but he really does not. He is our own to mold."

Just then, two more figures appeared out of the mist.

Klank: "It seems Orbus, we’ve been brought back."

Orbus: "And there’s no Mondo, Machina or that annoying Sprocket in site."

Klank: "It seems that, yes."

Zedd: "Ah! Klank, Orbus, perfect timing."

Klank: "Oh, Lord Zedd. I bow down to your great power. Is there anything I can do t’help you with?"

Zedd: "Yes. You and Klank will become my new heads of monster making. You two shall create monsters for me to use against those Rangers and Astronema!"

Orbus: "As long as we get the respect we deserve."

Zedd: "I promise, there will be no one to take credit for all your ideas this time."

Klank: "Then we are in."

Rito: "Hey, Edd, can I come back in too?"

Rita and Zedd turned around to see Rito back in his normal size walking towards them.

Rita: "My brother? You’ve got some nerve coming here! You betrayed us to join that wretched Astronema!"

Rito: "Yeah, I know, but she’s nothing like you two. I left Goldar to fight the Rangers on his own. I want back in."

Zedd: "Oh no! You made your decision, I don’t want you back!"

Rita: "Zeddy!! He’s my brother. Of course your allowed back Rito. Just don’t screw up!!"

Rito: "I never do sis. But I was wondering, you haven’t got any Tenga’s anymore, what are you going to use now?"

Zedd: "Just look!"

Zedd pointed towards the mist, as a thousand cogs appeared through it, all doing their war type dance, and shouting Zedd whilst doing it.

Zedd: "Come on. Everyone aboard the ship. Its time for us to leave."

Goldar stepped forward towards the two zords.

Goldar: "You’ll never take the both of us down Rangers. Give up now!"

Zhane: "The both of you?"

Andros: "Guess you haven’t seen that Rito’s left you all alone. Heh. Your time is up Goldar!"

Goldar: "Uh what? Why that good for nothing bag of bones. He’ll pay for this. And you Rangers; I will see you again!"

Goldar ran his hand across his sword and then vanished. The Rangers sent their zords back, and then dropped down to rejoin the Galaxy Rangers.

Cassie: "Where’s Astronema?"

Damon: "She’s gone."

Carlos: "What? Are you telling me you guys beat her?"

Kendrix: "No, she beat us."

Leo: "And she took the Galaxy Book with her……"

The mystery Ranger walked around. The anger inside of him was boiling up. If something didn’t happen soon, he didn’t care if it was him against 6 Rangers, he was going to destroy Andros. Just then, he heard something up in the sky. He looked upwards and saw the five blue bolts he had conjured up from the Galaxy Book he presumed.

"Finally! My waiting is over. Soon, I can begin my quest properly to take everything from the Universe and have it in my possession. Including the Zeo Crystal."

The five bolts flew down and smashed into the ground. Mist once again swirled up around the Ranger. Five shadows then appeared, and walked towards him, all in the same step pattern as the other, like a well trained military group. The one who was in the middle of them all then spoke up.

"Why have you done this? Why have you brought us back?"

Mystery Ranger: "I will explain everything. Just listen."………………….


Next time in Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo…… we finally find out who it is that the mystery Ranger has brought back to join him in his battle. Bulk, Skull and the Professor launch off into space, and Astronema finally puts her plan of bringing back Ecliptor into action. But all does not go as she expected. What will happen? Find out in the next Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo………….