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Last time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, the mystery Ranger had an impromptu battle with Zedd. Neither came out on top as the Ranger left before anybody could win. Now Rita and Zedd have gone off on their own, away from Astronema, so that they can complete Zedd’s plan. Meanwhile, Rito and Goldar have grown causing the Space Rangers to call on their zords. But this leaves the former Galaxy Rangers alone with Astronema! Will she be able to get the Galaxy Book and bring back Ecliptor? Next in Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo…………….


Zedd pulled Rita along beside him as they hurried through a thick forest. They brushed past many twigs and branches.

Rita: "Zeddy, where are you taking me?"

Zedd: "Patience dear. Soon my planning from so long ago will finally be put to good use."

Rita: "What plan? I want to know where you are taking me this instant!!"

Zedd: "You know, sometimes I wonder why I married a twin horned witch like you! Fine… six months before Dark Specter told us to attack the Universe, I hid a ship on Mirinoi. He had told me that when the attack would begin, you and I would be attacking this planet…. But he then changed his mind, sending us to Triforia, leaving the ship I had hidden here all alone."

Rita: "Why did you put a ship here anyway Zedd?"

Zedd: "It was there just incase anything in the battle did go wrong, incase we needed to escape quickly. I had a feeling inside me, that something would cause Dark Specter’s plan to fail, but I did not know what. As it turned out, all those years battling Zordon had created a connection between the two of us. We could tell what each other was thinking, and he knew that Dark Specter and everyone else would be destroyed. Deep down inside, I knew it too, and that prophecy became true."

Rita: "And your taking me to this ship now because…..?"

Zedd: "Because my dear…. You may have noticed that Astronema has taken over Serpenterra, and taken our army as well… or at least our army has betrayed us. I never thought I would see the day when Goldar would turn his back on me. But that day has arrived. It is time for you and me to break away from Astronema, and everything that we once built. It is time for you and I to start afresh!! It is time for Rita and Zedd to rule the Universe!!"

Rita: "Great idea Radiator Face. But there’s one problem in this ‘oh so great plan of yours’. Astronema has an army, and there are no less than six Space Rangers. How are we supposed to find the Zeo Crystal alone?"

Zedd: "That is another point my wife, that you know nothing about, whereas I, of course, know it all. There is one minor detail I didn’t tell that spoiled brat Astronema. Whilst the spell needed to bring back any evil being you wish is in the Galaxy Book, you only need to be on the same planet as the book, in order for the spell to work properly. And I just happen to know the spell that we need. We can create our own army. Our own brand new army. And with it, we can conquer the Universe!! Ahahahahaha!!"

Zedd then continued pulling Rita through the forest. Leading her to the ship he had hidden on Mirinoi, so long ago. As they disappeared from where they had stood. The mystery Ranger walked out from where he had been hiding, listening to what Zedd had told Rita.

"So….. you only need to be on the same planet as the Galaxy Book, in order for the spell to work. Ha! This is just what I have been waiting for. Zordon must despise the day when he taught me all these spells now! Haha. With this knowledge, I can create my own team. A team which can destroy the Space Rangers…. Especially Andros. A team, which can destroy anything that gets in my way. A team, that with my help, can capture all the sub crystals, and take the power of the Zeo Crystal. Hahaha! Beware Andros, your time is running out."

The mystery Ranger then walked off…….

Professor Phenomenus lead Bulk and Skull towards a cargo bay which had been built after the people of Terra Venture had arrived.

Bulk: "Professor, we’ve been walking for hours. Where are you taking us?"

Skull: "Yeah, and incase you haven’t noticed there’s a big monkey and his bony friend fighting above us!!"

Skull pointed into the sky, where Goldar and Rito were doing battle with the Astro Megazord and Mega Winger.

Phenomenus: "Ah! That is of no bother to us. We are here now."

Bulk: "But Professor, this is a space ship cargo bay."

Phenomenus: "Exactly my boy! Whilst we have been on Mirinoi, I have been constructing a space ship to take us to outer space!"

Skull: "Well, why would we want to go there?"

Phenomenus: "To search for……..aliens!"

Bulk and Skull looked at each other with bemused expressions on their faces. Bulk then spoke up.

Bulk: "Uh, Professor, we’ve got two great big aliens fighting above us right now. Why do we need to go into space?"

Phenomenus: "Aliens? He! Perhaps to the untrained eye!!"

Skull: "But we know those two up there."

Bulk: "Yeah, we’ve seen them before. In fact, they were our servants for a while."

Skull: "Ahahahaha! Yeah servants."

Phenomenus: "Ah! And there is your proof my boys. Aliens do not become servants. Now, let us go find my ship. With it, we shall blast off into the great space!"

Professor Phenomenus then walked off.

Skull: "Bulky, are you sure we want to follow this guy again?"

Bulk: "…I don’t know. We could always go sing up for the Police Patrol again."

Just then Goldar hit a rock with his sword, sending a huge chunk over to where Bulk and Skull were standing. It landed next to them. They turned to face each other with horrified looks on their faces.

Skull: "…..I think…….we, we, we……"

Bulk: "S-s-s-should f-f-follow……."

Skull: "T-t-t-the Prof….Prof….."

Bulk: "Professor!!"

Skull: "Right!"

Bulk and Skull: "AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"

The two then ran off after Professor Phenomenus.

Astronema: "Maybe you all didn’t hear me properly…. I said to hand over the Galaxy Book……..NOW!!!"

The former Galaxy Rangers stood their ground, not wanting to hand the book over.

Leo: "We’re not giving you the book If I can bring back Rita and Zedd, there’s no telling what you can do with it."

Astronema: "You foolish human……. You can’t keep the book from me. You seem to have forgotten.. You don’t have your powers anymore."

Kendrix: "We may not have our powers, but we’re still Rangers at heart. There is nothing you can ever do to take that away from us!"

Astronema: "Oh be quiet….. I have had enough goody goody Ranger lectures to last me a life time."

Damon: "Wait…. Maybe we haven’t lost our powers."

Maya: "What are you talking about!"

Damon: "Leo, you must know….. the one thing Noma didn’t take away from us. The one thing which caused us so much trouble on Terra Venture."

Leo: "Oh…. You mean the….."

Damon: "Exactly. Still think they’ll work?"

Leo: "Only one way to find out. Guys follow my lead!"

Kai: "Ok!"

Leo: "Hope this works…… Light of Orion, Activate!!!!"

Zedd pulled Rita into an opening, revealing his hidden ship. It was in the shape of a space shuttle, only much bigger, with so much room, he could fit thousands of Putties in there if he so desired.

Rita: "Zeddy…. Its wonderful! You mean to tell me this is the ship we will be travelling in now.. in our attempt to get the Zeo Crystal?"

Zedd: "Yes my dear. Astronema and those Rangers won’t know what hit them!"

Rita: "But who are we bringing back, to be in our army?"

Zedd: "I have been thinking of that my wife. Who, in the entire Universe, besides Dark Specter did we fear the most? Who did we run away from when the Earth was right under our nose?"

Rita: "Your not telling me, we’re bringing back Mondo and Machina are you? I can’t stand them!!"

Zedd: "Of course not! Those two only lead the Empire because they were big, fat and ugly. No, they were only two robots who were the true brains in the Machine Empire. They created hundreds of brilliant ideas. But that annoying child Sprocket always took the credit for them!"

Rita: "Who are you talking about?"

Zedd: "I am talking about the robots who will replace what Finster was to us. I am talking about Klank and Orbus! And with them, we shall bring back an army of Cogs!! Ahahahahaha!!"

Rita: "Klank and Orbus!!? Why that’s…. that’s… Brilliant! But that still leaves us down numbers wise against Astronema and the Rangers. Who else can we bring back?"

Zedd: "We would need someone, so evil, so vile, so corrupt, not even Dark Specter could completely trust him. We need….. Darkonda!"

Rita: "Excellent my husband!! Darkonda can destroy anything. But how can we trust him?"

Zedd: "By putting a simple binding spell in with the main spell when we bring him back! He will be the same Darkonda, but a Darkonda completely under our control! Ahahahahahahaha!!"

Rita: "Ahahahaha! Now Zeddy, let’s get to work!"

Zedd: "Yes, before the sun sets, we shall have our own army. An army so vicious, it can destroy anything that gets in our way!!"

The former Galaxy Rangers punched they’re fists into the ground, and the Lights of Orion shot out into the air.

Kendrix: "Yes! It worked, the Lights of Orion!"

The Lights hovered above the former Rangers. It then began to sprinkle a gold dust onto them all. The dust fell upon each Ranger, and as it did, they’re powers returned! Kai, Damon, Maya, Kendrix and Leo once again became the Galaxy Rangers!

Leo: "Galaxy Rangers!"

Astronema: "WHAT?? This is not supposed to happen!"

Kai: "You still want the Book, Astronema?"

Damon: "Five Rangers against one little girl!"

Astronema: "You under estimate my powers Ranger. Haha. Prepare for the biggest battle you will ever take part in!"

The mystery Ranger walked up to his ship which had landed on Mirinoi’s surface.

"So, I can bring back whoever I want, as long as the Galaxy Book remains on Mirinoi. Now, I want the Zeo Crystal, but I also want to destroy Andros for what he did to me. But, then again, I also want to destroy any evil which gets in my way! I’m going to need a lot of help with this task. Not just, some puny idiot like Porto………I’ve got it. I can bring back the team which was feared in every Galaxy. I can bring back……………"



Next time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo…… Astronema does battle with the powered up Galaxy Rangers. The Space Rangers continue to battle Rito and Goldar; Rita and Zedd set about bringing back they’re own brand new army; And the mystery Ranger decides who he will bring back in his own attempt to get the Zeo Crystal! Next time in Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo………….