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Last time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, Astronema found out that she would need the Galaxy Book in order to bring Ecliptor back. She has now travelled to Mirinoi, in an attempt to take it from the former Galaxy Rangers. However, the Space Rangers are in hot pursuit. Will they get there in time? Next on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo.


A big man walked over to a patch of grass, and placed a pole into the ground. He then walked over to where his friend was standing.

Bulk: "Professor, are you sure this will work?"

Phenomenus: "Ah, my boy, it is simple. We place the two poles opposite each other, and then we shall be able to teleport to Earth, or vice-versa."

Bulk smiled.

Bulk: "Professor, you are genius."

Phenomenus: "Now, I will place the other pole over here, and then we shall give it a test run."

Professor Phenomenus walked off with Bulk following behind him.

The person who had been following the Space Rangers walked around the corner, leading to Kai’s room.

"Typical. I’m the only one here to help these former Rangers out. Although, it doesn’t surprise me that Andros isn’t here. Three against one will be fun anyway. Well, its now or never. Time to show these guys why I am the best Ranger ever."

Astronema: "Hand over the book…….NOW!!"

Leo: "Astronema?"

Kendrix: "Rita and Zedd?"

Damon: "This doesn’t look good!"

Zedd: "Ugh….. I suppose I should say give us the book, but then I don’t care what happens."

Astronema: "Silence. You will speak only when I tell you."

Zedd: "Oh yes, I’m sorry I completely forgot……. Spoiled brat!"

Leo: "We have to get out of here!"

Kai: "Quick, out the window."

The former Galaxy Rangers all jumped out the window and ran off, speeding away from Astronema as fast as they could go.

Astronema: "After them!!"

"Hold it! You didn’t think I’d let you guys have all the fun?"

Zedd: "You!!? I can’t believe it! When did you decide to crawl out from the sewers again?"

"I’ve been around, you just haven’t seen me. Gee, I wonder why that is. Oh that’s right, you were a good guy. Haha! You’re puny Zedd. Just like you were then. Just like you are now!""

Rita: "Zeddy? Who is this Ranger?"

Zedd: "Someone I know from the attack on KO-35."

"Well? You gonna fight me or not?"

Zedd: "I will gladly fight you!"

Zedd took his staff and made his way over to where the Ranger was standing. By now, Astronema had ordered Rita to follow her, after Leo and the others.

D.E.C.A: "Approaching Mirinoi now."

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai! Leo and the others are in trouble!"

An image of the former Rangers running away from Rita and Astronema came up on the screen.

Cassie: "We’ve got to get down there."

Andros: "Let’s Rocket!!"

The Rangers morphed and landed in front of the Galaxy Rangers.

Leo: "Andros? Oh, man, am I glad to see you."

Andros: "Didn’t think we’d leave you alone again did you?"

Astronema: "Eeeww, Space Rangers. A sorry site. Tenga’s!"

Some Tenga’s appeared next to Astronema.

Astronema: "DESTROY them!!!!"

The Tenga’s then charged towards the Rangers…..

"You’re getting slower Zedd!"

The Ranger began to run circles around Zedd.

"You’re not what you were all those years ago."

Zedd: "I beat you then. I can beat you now!"

"I’m sure you could, but unfortunately, I’ve gotta go. I got a more pressing engagement."

The Ranger then teleported away.

Zedd: "You my Ranger friend will get what’s coming to you some day. But… now is not the time. I must find Rita, and then we will continue with my plan."

Zedd walked off in a search for Rita.

Phenomenus: "The teleportation device is ready. Lets give it a whirl!"

The Professor turned the device on. A multicoloured beam appeared between the two poles which had been placed opposite each other. The beam swirled around and around. Then suddenly, someone came flying through. He flew through the air and landed with a thud next to Bulk.

Phenomenus: "Ah! It seems we have experienced a technical difficulty."

Bulk: "Yeah, someone came through."

Bulk picked up the person from the ground and looked to see who it was.

Skull: "How ya doing Bulky?"

Bulk: "Skull?"

Skull: "Ahahaha!!"

Bulk: "Skull!!"

The two hugged for a few seconds before deciding a hand shake would be better.

Phenomenus: "Excellent. My other subject is back."

Skull: "What a freaky looking planet this is."

Bulk: "You don’t know the……."

Bulk trailed off, as he and Skull saw Zedd wander through the trees.


Zedd: "Oh no! Its you two clowns."

Bulk, Skull and the Professor then ran away.

Zedd: "Out of all the planets I come too. Why are they always with me?"

The last Tenga fell to the ground with a thud.

Carlos: "Looks like you need some better lackeys."

Astronema: "You will pay for that Rangers. Goldar, Rito!!"

Goldar and Rito appeared.

Goldar: "What is it my Queen?"

Astronema: "You will grow and destroy the Rangers!"

Rito: "With all due respect. We need something to make us grow."

Astronema: "Uooh! FINE!!"

Astronema used her staff and aimed it at Goldar and Rito. A green electrical bolt appeared and hit them both, they grew to a tremendous size.

Zhane: "Oh man! We can’t let them destroy Mirinoi."

Andros: "We need Astro Megazord power now!!"

Zhane: "I need the Mega Winger!"

The two zords appeared and the Rangers took control.

Rita heard some rustling in the bushes.

Rita: "Who’s there?"

Zedd: "Its me. Come on. Before Astronema sees you. Its time to make our escape so we can complete my plan."

Rita snuck away from Astronema, and her and Zedd wandered off!

Maya: "I hope the Rangers will be ok against those two."

Astronema: "You should be more worried about yourselves. Now…. Seeing as there is no one to protect you. Hand the book over……. Before I destroy you. Hahaha!!"…………..



Next time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, the Space Rangers battle Rito and Goldar, whilst the former Rangers try to deal with Astronema. Will they be able to cope? And where have Rita and Zedd gone? Find out in the next Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo…………