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Last time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase For Zeo, Jason found out that his Gold Ranger powers would eventually be gone, the person who scattered the Zeo Crystal decided to head back to Earth to see how the Space Rangers handled Center Back. And Astronema turned on Rita and Zedd and took charge. Goldar and the rest then betrayed Rita and Zedd. She now plans on bringing back Ecliptor, will she succeed? Next on Power Rangers In Space: Chase For Zeo………………


"What? They’ve only just began to attack Center Back? What are they doing? Has Andros become that bad that he leaves a whole planet on its own to be attacked by a monster? I can’t believe him…. But then, I shouldn’t be that surprised. He’s always been like this. Caring about himself more than anybody else. He wanted to be the hero, he didn’t want me to get anything. That’s why we lost the battle on KO-35, because Andros is an egotistical idiot. Someone needs to teach him a lesson. And when I have control of the Zeo Crystal, he will know who is the better person. I will show him, that I, and I alone, am the best Ranger to ever have existed. Andros and his friends won’t know what hit them!!!"

Center Back charged towards the Rangers, bent over so as to hit them all with his head. He ran in, but the Rangers jumped out the way. Center Back stood up, and looked around.

Center Back: "Hey, you’re not supposed to do that!"

T.J: "We don’t have to do what you say!"

Andros: "Spiral Sabre, powered up and ready for action!"

Carlos: "Quadro Blaster, locked on and ready!"

Andros: "Fire!!"

Two bolts of energy shot out from the Quadro Blaster and Andros’ Spiral Sabre. They flew towards Center Back and connected. The monster spun around before falling to the ground and exploding.

Cassie: "And that’s the end of him!"

Ashley: "Yeah! That wasn’t one of Rita and Zedd’s best monsters!"

Zhane: "We should think about getting going now guys!"

Andros: "Good idea! Let’s go to the Power Chamber and say goodbye to the others!"

The Space Rangers then teleported to the Power Chamber.

Astronema: "What do you mean we can’t bring Ecliptor back?"

Goldar: "Well, we can, but we don’t have the spell to do it."

Rito: "Yeah, that spell is in the… the….."

Goldar: "Yeah, its in the…. Err…..!"

Astronema: "Rita….. Zedd, where is this spell I need to bring Ecliptor back?"

Zedd: "Why should we tell you?"

Astronema: "Well, if you don’t….. I will be forced to destroy you!"

Zedd: "Anything’s better than listening to you and Rito talk all day!"

Astronema: "WHAT… was that?"

Rita: "Be careful Zeddy!"

Zedd: "The spell you need is in the Lost Galaxy book! Its located on Mirinoi. It is how Rita and I came back to existence."

Astronema: "Mirinoi…..? That place sounds familiar. Finster! Set a course for Mirinoi!"

Astronema then walked out of the room, leaving Rita and Zedd alone.

Rita: "Why did you tell her the planet its on!"

Zedd: "Because my dear, I have a plan, and we need to go to Mirinoi in order for my plan to work. Telling her where the Lost Galaxy book is, was the only thing I could think of to get her there."

Rita: "Oooo. I love it when you concoct a plan behind someone’s back! What is it Zeddy?"

Zedd: "You shall find out soon enough…."

Ninjor stood inside his temple.

Ninjor: "It seems that Earth will be safe from Rita and Zedd. I can only hope that the Space Rangers will be able to find the Zeo Crystal before they do. But, now is not the time to worry. No, now I shall go back and finish what I had begun."

With that, Ninjor walked off…….

The Space Rangers landed in the Power Chamber.

Tommy: "Hey man, that was excellent. You really took care of that monster."

T.J: "Yeah, it was no problem."

Andros: "But now we have to get going. We’ve got a lot of ground to make up."

Adam: "Right. We can’t let Rita and Zedd take control of the Zeo Crystal."

Billy: "You know, I wouldn’t be so sure Rita and Zedd are still in charge."

Carlos: "Why do you say that?"

Billy: "Well, Dark Specter made Astronema the Princess of Evil, obviously because she was more powerful than anybody else. It wouldn’t surprise me, if she has taken over from Rita and Zedd, and that they are now, nothing more than what Goldar was to them."

Cassie: "Astronema in charge?"

Ashley: "Let’s hope not."

Andros: "Astronema is not in charge. Karone is. She’s still my sister. Come on let’s go!"

The Space Rangers teleported to the Astro Megaship.

Alpha 6: "Aiyaiyai. Great work Rangers. What’s happening now?"

Zhane: "We’re going after Serpenterra."

Andros: "D.E.C.A, find the vapour trail left by Zedd’s ship and set a course to follow it."

D.E.C.A: "Understood, scanning now….. Vapour trail found."

Andros: "Hyper rush 9, engage."

The Astro Megaship sped off through space, chasing after the new Serpenterra, unsure of who was now in charge.

"So, they’ve finally managed to follow them. Took them long enough. If I lead the Rangers, we would have been chasing after that Serpenterra a long time ago. But no, Andros is incapable of doing anything right. He will be shocked when he sees me again. Computer, make the ship follow the Astro Megaship."

Serpenterra cruised towards Mirinoi.

Astronema: "So… this is the planet where the Lost Galaxy book resides. Getting it should not be a problem, and then…. Ecliptor will be back to aid me in my quest."

Zedd: "You think its going to be that easy? Haha! You’re as foolish as you were before!"

Astronema: "Quiet! You will not talk to me like that!"

Zedd: "Soon…. It will be you who will not talk to me in the way you are."

Astronema: "You will stop mumbling this instant…. Now tell me, why will the Lost Galaxy book not be easy to capture."

Rito: "I can answer that…. Err….. oh yeah. The book is in the hands of the former Lost Galaxy Rangers…. You’ll have to defeat them if you want it….. I think."

Astronema: "Lost Galaxy Rangers? Hmm…. I remember them somehow…. BUT, you said former, that means they don’t have their powers any more…. The book will be mine."

Finster: "My Queen, I’ve done it."

Astronema: "Done what?"

Finster: "I’ve located the exact location of the book."

Astronema: "Excellent….. now…. There is no time to find a monster to use. Rita, Zedd. You will come down to the surface with me."

Rita: "We shall do no such thing!"

Astronema: "You two are beginning to annoy me. Do you want me to unleash an army of monsters on you?"

Rita: "Fine we’ll go!"

The Astro Megaship sped through space on the trail of Serpenterra.

Andros: "D.E.C.A, where is Serpenterra now?"

D.E.C.A: "Analysis shows that Serpenterra is now over Mirinoi."

Ashley: "Mirinoi?"

Cassie: "Do you think a piece of the Zeo Crystal could be there?"

Zhane: "If they’re there, then I think a piece might be as well."

T.J: "We can’t let them get it first."

Carlos: "Right, I’m setting a course for Mirinoi now!"

Kendrix walked into Kai’s room, where the Lost Galaxy book was kept.

Kendrix: "Do you think we’ll ever get our powers back?"

Kai: "I don’t know, I had an idea that the Lost Galaxy Book may have something, like a spell to bring them back."

Damon: "Does it?"

Kai: "Well, so far I’ve found nothing."

Leo: "You know, I don’t think we should keep that book. I mean it brought Rita and Zedd back."

Mike: "Yeah, thanks to you."

Leo: "Well, yeah, but the book is way too powerful for us to keep. Especially seeing as we’re not Rangers anymore."

Astronema: "You don’t want it? Fine….. we shall take it!"

Astronema followed by Rita and Zedd, entered the room.

Astronema: "Now, hand the book over"…………….


Next time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, Astronema tries to take the Lost Galaxy book in her attempt to bring back Ecliptor. Can the Space Rangers get there in time to stop her? Or will someone else get there before Andros and the team does? Find out in the next Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo…………….