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Last time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo, Pirantishead made the Mega Winger crush Zhane who was then teleported to the Power Chamber in the hope that Billy and the others can help him. Meanwhile, Astronema and her forces landed on Eltare and joined in on the battle, as did the Robot Turbo Rangers who earlier on destroyed Darkonda with their Turbo RAM in Cannon mode. Now with an all out war raging on Zordon’s home planet, who will survive? Find out next……………….

The Turbo Rangers finished calling on the Turbo Megazord. Pirantishead had stopped moving in preparation for what was about to come, as had everyone else in what had become a temporary battlefield. Even Astronema was standing there, waiting for the next to move to be made. However, they weren’t met with the sounds of five cars heading their way, all anyone could hear was silence.

Astronema: "Haha. Five little robots, and their poor old Megazord doesn’t work. Such a pity I’m going to have to destroy you now!"

Robot Ashley: "Why isn’t it working?"

Robot T.J: "I don’t understand! The Turbo Megazord should be here by now…… unless…. It was destroyed by Dark Specter’s forces in the battle long ago."

Robot Cassie: "But that means we’re sitting ducks!"

Pirantishead, who had just pushed Elgar onto the floor with one swipe, made his way over to the Queen of Evil.

Elgar: "Hey, I’m not done with you yet. Come here and fight like a monster!"

Zedd’s creation turned around, and shot out several blue beams, which flew towards Elgar and landed near his feet on the ground, making him dance on the spot.

Elgar: "Hey! Ok, stop it already, I hate dancing!"

The monster then continued his trek over to Astronema.

Pirantishead: "You are not supposed to be here, get out of my sight before I make that Megazord over there crush you, just like it did the Silver Ranger!"

Astronema: "No one tells me what to do! Especially an insignificant monster like yourself."

Ecliptor: "Do you want me to destroy him my Queen?"

Astronema: "No…. first we shall destroy the Rangers!!"

She turned around just as the Space Rangers joined the side of the Turbo Rangers.

Robot Carlos: "What are we going to do now?"

Andros: "What’s wrong? Where’s the Turbo Megazord? We heard you guys call on it!"

Robot T.J: "Its not coming. Its been destroyed."

Cassie: "Not good. If we can’t get another Megazord down here, we stand no chance against all of these monsters."

Andros: "No, we have to pull through this. We have to get to Zhane, help Alpha, and not let the Universe be controlled by people like Zedd and Astronema. We can’t give up!"

Robot Justin: "Your Red Ranger here is right. We need to take them all on now!"

Every Ranger agreed, before calling on each of their weapons, and beginning a charge towards Astronema and her army. Meanwhile, hovering above the planet, Rita and Zedd were watching over the battle with glee.

Zedd: "Excellent, now the Rangers are banding together to get rid of that brat. Either side can be destroyed in this confrontation, then the other, will be ripe for the taking, by Pirantishead’s Megazords!"

Rita: "And then nothing will be in our way to stop us!"

Zedd: "Exactly."

Klank: "Far be it from me to question your judgement my Lord, but would it not be better, to have Pirantishead use the Megazords to crush them all as they’re battling one another?"

Zedd: "Silence! If we do that, what fun would it be for me? I want to see them all suffer, just like I have for so many years."

Rita: "Don’t you mean, just like we have for so many years?"

Zedd: "Part of my suffering is having to deal with you Rita!"

The two then went into an argument, not knowing that travelling through the depths of space, the Vengeance Ranger’s ship, suddenly turned around.

Psycho Blue: "I’ve found them. The Blue Ranger is on the planet Eltare!"

Psycho Yellow: "Yes, the Yellow Ranger is there as well!"

Owen: "Well done my Psycho friends. Now, I think its about time we reintroduced ourselves to those Rangers. They won’t know what hit them!"

Just then, everything throughout Owen’s ship switched off covering them in darkness.

Psycho Pink: "What’s happening?"

Owen: "….He is about to arrive!"

A flash suddenly went off in the room around them, before the lights came back on. There standing in the entrance to the room, was the person the Psycho Rangers had met on the planet of Primelta.

Psycho Red: "You again. I want some answers. Who are you?"

Whoever was standing in the entrance way, looked towards Psycho Red with anger.

???: "Your answers shall arrive one day……. Owen, I see you have located the other Rangers. Well done, but I only want you to go into the battle."

Owen: "Just me?"

???: "Yes, if the Psychos show themselves at the same time, our surprise attack will be forever gone. No, only you will go Owen. You will make sure that Andros sees you. Haha, that will put him off guard. Once he knows you’re around, he won’t be able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Meaning the Rangers are down of their leader. Giving the Psycho Rangers the perfect time to strike in our next confrontation. Those Space Rangers won’t know what to do!"

The figure in shadow then began laughing as the Psychos looked across at Owen, angry that they were not being allowed to go and fight the Rangers.

Owen: "An excellent plan. We will go to Eltare at once."

???: "I will see you again at our next meeting destination."

Owen: "Of course. And then the next stage of our plan begins!!"

The Psychos made their presence in the room felt.

Psycho Black: "But if we can’t fight the Rangers now, what are we supposed to do?"

???: "You will stay on this ship until given further orders."

Owen: "Yes…. Don’t worry my friends. Your time will come soon enough."

Another flash then went off in the room, and the shadow figure was then gone.

Psycho Pink: "When will you tell us who that person is?"

Owen: "In time….. but right now, I think its better Andros discovers his old friend is back!"

The Vengeance Ranger’s ship then sped off on its way to Eltare.

Back on Eltare, all 10 Rangers continued running, as Astronema’s forces took a battle stance.

Andros: "Remember guys, don’t take out Astronema. My sister is still somewhere inside of her."

All: "Right."

The Pirantishead monster then turned around, and began summoning the Astro Megazord and Mega Winger back to where the battle was taking place.

Goldar: "Look out, it’s the Megazords!!"

Robot T.J: "Come on, we can use this to our advantage!"

As everyone minus the Rangers turned around to keep an eye on the two Megazords being controlled by Lord Zedd’s monster. They charged in and each Ranger team began to hammer down on Goldar and Ecliptor with their weapons. Each monster struggled to maintain their balance, and fend off the Rangers at the same time.

Astronema: "Elgar!"

Elgar: "You mean me?"

Astronema: "Get in there now!!"

Elgar: "In there? I… a ….. um …. I just remembered, I have to be somewhere."

Elgar then vanished into thin air, heading back to Serpenterra, as Goldar and Ecliptor were sent down onto their knees by a combined shot from the Quadro Blaster and the Turbo RAM in cannon mode. The Rangers drew away their weapons, and then the ground began to shake, as the Megazords loomed above them.

Carlos: "We’ve got to deal with Pirantishead first!"

T.J: "But how can we without any Megazords."

Robot Justin: "T.J, we’ve got to give it one more chance."

T.J: "Give what one more chance?"

Cassie: "I, err think he was talking to your robot counterpart."

Robot T.J: "There’s no point, we called on it, and the Turbo Megazord didn’t come. We have to fight this battle on our own."

Andros: "If we can just get rid of Goldar and Ecliptor, then combined we should be able to take down Pirantishead."

Suddenly a rumble was heard from far off in the distance. Everyone turned around to see what it was, but all they could make out was something tearing through the land, making its way to the city, causing a sand storm to be left in it tracks.

Astronema: "What’s going on?"

Ecliptor: "Something’s heading this way."

The rumble came closer and closer, until finally, something appeared out of the clouds of sand. There speeding towards the battle, were the Turbo Zords; Red Lightning, Mountain Blaster, Dune Star, Wind Chaser and Desert Thunder.

Robot Ashley: "It’s the Turbo Zords!"

Robot Cassie: "They’re here! That means they weren’t destroyed."

Robot T.J: "Alright guys, let’s go!!"

The five Robot Turbo Rangers then jumped up into the air, and each landing in their own Turbo zord.

Robot Carlos: "Yeah! Now lets take care of this monster and those Megazords as only the Turbo Rangers can!"

Robot T.J: "Initiate Turbo Megazord!"

All: "Turbo up!"

Each Ranger placed their auto key into position, and began to form them up into the Turbo Megazord. The Red Ranger brought Red Lightning into place, and slammed on the breaks, causing the Turbo Megazord to skid up into its standing position, as the head formed, completing the transition. The Turbo Megazord was back! Inside the cockpit, the Rangers took ahold of their controls.

Robot T.J: "OK guys, this is the plan. We have to keep those two Megazords over there distracted, so that the Space Rangers can take care of Astronema and Pirantishead."

Robot Cassie: "Right. And we can’t destroy the Megazords either. Otherwise, we leave them open if another monster ever grows."

Robot Carlos: "OK, let’s get to it!"

The Turbo Megazord began to slowly step forward, making its way across to the Mega Winger and Astro Megazord.

Pirantishead: "Another Megazord? Enough fooling around controlling them. Go my Megazords, and destroy that threat!"

The two Megazords then began making their way over to the Turbo Megazord. The Astro Megazord was the first to reach its opponent, and it swung back its right arm, bringing it down hard onto the Turbo Megazord’s chest. It tried to do it again with its left arm, but this time, Robot Justin manoeuvred and managed to counter the blow. A kick was then made on the Astro Megazord sending it crashing into one of the only standing buildings left. The structure then collapsed.

Robot Ashley: "Well…. At least we’re making the city all look the same now."

The Mega Winger finally approached, and jumped up into the air, coming down with a spinning kick, hard onto the Turbo Megazord, which was sent down.

Robot Cassie: "Main stabilisers are gone."

Robot Carlos: "Thrusters are almost gone too. We’re gonna have some trouble getting back onto our feet."

Robot T.J: "Justin, centralise all energy from the Turbo Megazord sabre. We won’t be using the spin out, so we might as well use the power from that, to get us back up on our feet."

Robot Justin: "Good thinking T.J! Power being transferred now…… Its working. Thrusters are back online. Let’s get back on our feet!"

With effort the Turbo Rangers finally managed to get back up, only to be met with a shot from the Astro Megazord’s Astro Blaster. It connected with the right leg, causing an explosion to go off.

Robot Carlos: "Oh man, Power to the right leg has been completely disintegrated. We’ve only got one leg that can move."

Robot Cassie: "That’s not good, we’ll be sitting ducks."

Robot T.J: "Brace yourselves."

With the Turbo Megazord now having only one functional leg, the Mega Winger had taken advantage, and had stepped in, delivering punch after punch, as the Turbo Rangers tried to keep the Megazord on balance.

Pirantishead: "Ahahaha! Witness the end of some Power Rangers!!"

Back down on the ground, Ecliptor and Goldar were still doing battle with the Rangers. The effects of the summoning spell now seeming to kick in, as neither monster was tiring at the same rate they had done before. Goldar did a 360 spin holding his sword outwards, which connected, slashing Cassie. T.J ran to her side.

T.J: "You ok?"

Cassie: "Ah… yeah! But man, are they ever gonna stop? I don’t know how much longer I can last."

T.J: "Me neither, and there’s still Pirantishead to take care of too."

High above the planet, Rita and Zedd’s shuttle continued to keep track of the battle raging on the surface.

Zedd: "We need to get rid of Astronema now! How am I supposed to capture those Robot Rangers with her down there? Just think Rita. Our own batch of evil Power Rangers. If they were to destroy everything, victory would be all the more sweeter!"

Rita stepped up onto the balcony Lord Zedd had had constructed for the ship, and stood next to her husband.

Rita: "Evil Power Rangers? Haven’t you already tried that before?"

Zedd: "Yes, but I’ve also tried to get rid of you before as well. It seems not many things work around here. The difference Rita, is that these Rangers are robots. We can programme them to do anything we want! Ahahahahaha!! Now to deal with that pesky little wannabe villian."

Lord Zedd held his staff up high, before launching a wave of lightning bolts from it. He rapidly fired more off as they sailed down to the planet’s surface. Astronema stood beyond the reach of the Space Rangers, and far away from the ensuing Megazord battle. She stood and watched with a smile on her face.

Astronema: "Excellent. The Rangers are beginning to tire. Soon they will be gone. Then I’ll get rid of that monster, and those robots will also be mine. Haha!"

The sky roared with the sound of thunder, and the Queen of Evil looked up, as she saw up to 100 lightning bolts speed down towards her. She began running to try and get away from them, but they seemed to follow her. This isn’t any normal thunder storm she thought. The first batch came down and surrounded her as they smashed into the floor. The second wave then followed, some striking her filling Astronema’s body full of electricity. She fell onto the stony, cold floor writhing in pain, as the assault from high above relentlessly continued.

Andros clashed weapons with Ecliptor before being kicked in the ribs, and backing away from any further damage. He looked off into the distance to see Astronema being pelted with the lightning bolts from Zedd’s staff.

Andros: "Oh no. Karone!!!"

The Red Space Ranger, ran past Ecliptor as Ashley and Carlos distracted him. He tried to get near the fallen Astronema, but to do so would be risking his life.

Andros: "I’ve got to get in there and save her! Red Battlized Ranger!!"

He screamed in agony as his body filled with power, and he morphed into the Red Battlized Ranger, accidentally discovered by Silvy back on Earth. In battlized mode, he flew into the air, and swooped in-between each lightning bolt. With the extra power given off from his battlizer, he was now fast enough to be able to avoid any contact. Andros flew down and scooped up his turned sister, before flying back out of the storm into safety.

Andros: "DECA! Is there enough power onboard to teleport somebody?"

DECA: "Teleportation systems operational."

Andros: "Good, I need you to teleport Karone out of here. Try and get her back in Serpenterra."

DECA: "Force fields of Serpenterra breached. Teleporting now."

The Queen of Evil’s body began to glow a faint purple, as she soon vanished. Andros stared into his open arms as he heard Cassie shout out.

Cassie: "Why’d you send her back there? We could have turned her!"

Andros: "I don’t think we’re gonna be able to. Not without countering Rita’s spell."

Goldar looked behind him to where Astronema had been standing. Only this time to see nothing.

Goldar: "Uuh, hey Ecliptor! Where’s Astronema?"

Ecliptor: "She’s standing right behind….."

He trailed off his sentence, now too noticing his Queen was no longer there.

Carlos: "Looks like you two have lost your ring leader."

Ecliptor: "This isn’t over Rangers. This is only the beginning of the war!"

The two henchman’s bodies flashed with green and fire, as they both teleported back to Serpenterra. The rest of the Rangers then ran up to Andros.

Cassie: "I don’t get it. You had a chance to bring your sister back with us, and you sent her back to her ship?"

Andros: "Where else could I have sent her? The Astro Megazord? Look what happened to Alpha in there! And I couldn’t send her to the Power Chamber, what if she were to wake up? The others would be powerless against her!"

Ashley: "He’s right. You did the right thing Andros."

T.J: "Now all we need to do is figure out how to get rid of Pirantishead, and get our zords back."

The Rangers looked up to see the battle still raging between Megazords. The Mega Winger continued its fury of punches, swinging with each arm quickly after the other. The Turbo Megazord swayed back and forth as the Rangers tried to maintain balance, not having much luck, they sighed a breath of relief as they saw the Mega Winger cease its assault and back away.

Robot Ashley: "Whew, if that had continued, we’d have gone down hard."

Robot Justin: "Err….. guys, I think the worst is yet to come."

The Turbo Robot Rangers looked outwards to see the Astro Megazord powering up its sabre, and aiming at their Megazord.

Robot Cassie: "Oh, this can’t be good!"

Robot Ashley: "Its heading right for us!"

Robot T.J: "Brace yourselves!!"

Down on the ground, the Space Rangers watched what has happening, as the Astro Megazord got closer and closer to their Robot counterparts. Everything started to go in slow motion for Andros. He looked to the side to see Pirantishead dancing for joy, hopping slowly from one foot to the other on the dirty ground he was standing on. He looked to his team mates, to see fear and shock on their faces as the Astro Megazord came closer yet to its adversary. He looked down at himself to see his fists curled up into balls and shaking furiously.

Finally, the Red Space Ranger peered back into the sky, to see what seemed to him, the slow crawl of the Astro Megazord as it slid its sabre into the Turbo Megazord. It finished its sweep and stopped as the Turbo Ranger’s Megazord began to explode around everyone. He looked on in wonderment, as he saw the Robot Rangers fall out of the Megazord, flying with speed and landing with a thud on the floor, before seeing their bodies explode and their circuitry melt away into nothing.

The Turbo Megazord continued to explode off around them, when out of nowhere, each zord flashed in its color, before the Megazord suddenly vanished. Andros gazed on in astonishment as he realised that now, there was nothing standing in-between him and his friends. Nothing to aid them in their battle. They had been left open against a monster controlling two Megazords. Megazords, which they called their own. And now, they were about to be destroyed by them.

Andros: "Its……. Its over. There’s nothing to stand in Pirantishead’s way."

Ashley: "Don’t say that. They’re must be something we can do."

Cassie: "Yeah, we can’t give up. We’re Power Rangers!"

Andros: "So were the Robot Rangers! And now look at them!"

The Red Ranger pointed over to where the Turbo Robot Rangers had landed and been destroyed.

Andros: "They were Power Rangers, and they’re now gone. What is there to stop us from being destroyed?"

Pirantishead walked over to the Rangers, standing threateningly, poised to call on the two Megazords if needed.

Pirantishead: "Your little red friend is right. Its over Power Rangers, Lord Zedd has won!!"

The Rangers stared at the monster, hoping for someway to get out…….

So, this is Eltare? A lot has changed since I was here last. Cloudy, dusty atmosphere. The planet has changed. The Vengeance Ranger appeared on top of a building, a few hundred feet away, from where the confrontation between Pirantishead and the Space Rangers. I never thought I’d see the day when the planet would be like this. And it wouldn’t be, if it wasn’t for Andros. Owen looked across to see the Astro Megazord and Mega Winger standing above him, both covered in blue.

The Space Ranger’s zords? Ha! They’re being controlled by some monster. Hahaha! How pathetic. They can’t even look after they’re own zords anymore. Almost makes me feel sorry for them. I wonder where they are anyway. He looked down, to see the Rangers staring at Pirantishead, as he called on the two Megazords to come and crush them. Slowly, they began to step forward, as the Rangers stood there helpless.

What? No! I can’t let that monster destroy Andros. I’m the only one who’s going to do that!! Owen changed his stance to that of somebody holding a weapon.

Owen: "Vengeance, Cannon Mode!!"

The Vengeance Cannon appeared in his arms, as he carefully took aim at Pirantishead. The Megazords finally reached the Rangers, and awaited their next order.

Pirantishead: "Now, crush them all!"

Two huge feet lifted up into the air, as they made their way down to crush the Rangers. Back on the top of the building, Owen locked on target.

Owen: "Its ready! You’ll be sorry you ever messed with my plan! Vengeance Cannon, fire!!!!"

The Vengeance Ranger’s weapon began to rumble, and light up, as the energy inside began to swirl up. Owen kept aim, as a huge green bolt viciously shout itself out of the cannon. It dashed off, heading for its intended target. The Space Rangers looked on in fear up at their Megazords, as the feet came closer and closer. Before his final breath, Andros took one last look at Pirantishead…. Only to see a green bolt collide heavily with him, as his body exploded into a million pieces, and they spread themselves all over the city. Andros looked on in disbelief as he saw their threat go away. Within seconds, the Megazords stopped moving and resumed a standing by position. They were back in the Rangers control. They all began to jump for joy.

Carlos: "Yeah, we got them back!"

Ashley: "I don’t believe it! We won. What happened to Pirantishead?"

Andros: "Someone shot something at him…… I’ve seen that kind of power in a weapon before….. Who was it?"

Cassie: "Does it matter? We’re alive!"

The Red Ranger, unsatisfied with the way they had won, looked up to a building, to see a flash. He took a step back, as the flash travelled downwards, and landed right in front of them all. The other Rangers tuned to see what it was, as they all ended up staring at one of their own……..

Owen: "Its been a long time Andros."

Andros: "Owen? Is it you?"

Owen: "You never thought you’d see me again did you? Not after you cost us the battle on KO-35. Well, I’m here, and better than ever!"

Andros: "It was you. You and your weapon. You destroyed Pirantishead!"

Owen: "That I did! But don’t expect any more favours from me Andros. I only saved you, and your….. ‘friends’, so the pleasure of killing you would be all mine!"

Andros: "Killing me? What?"

Owen: "Haha. You still don’t get it after all this time do you? You cost the Universe millions of lives. I’m not going to let that happen again. I will kill you Andros!"

T.J: "If you want to do that, you’ll have to go through us first!"

Owen: "Oh… I’m sure I’ll be able to keep all of you pre-occupied with a little something I cooked up. Andros, I’ll see you around."

With a gold flash, the Vengeance Ranger disappeared, leaving the Space Rangers alone once again.

Cassie: "Who was that?"

Andros: "An……. An old friend…."

Ashley: "Well he didn’t seem to pleased to see you."

Their attention was suddenly turned, when they heard T.J shout out. They looked to see him standing by the remains of the Robot Rangers.

T.J: "You guys! The Red robot Ranger is still here. He’s moving!"

The other Rangers joined him, to see the Red Turbo Ranger with his legs cut off, and wires exposed all over his body. He began to move his right arm.

Robot T.J: "Rangers….. he destroyed us. That monster destroyed us. I only have a minute left before being shut down for good….."

Carlos: "What can we do?"

Robot T.J: "There’s nothing you can do… evil has never been this strong. I commend you all for still being alive. The threat to the Universe is like I’ve never seen. That’s why I must tell you this."

Andros: "What is it?"

Robot T.J: "Before we fell out of the Turbo Megazord, we managed to hit its separate and hide function. The Megazord wasn’t destroyed, its merely back in its hiding place. But we’ll no longer be around to use it. That’s why I’m giving you these…."

The Red Ranger held out his right hand to reveal the five auto keys. Needed to control the Turbo Megazord.

Robot T.J: "Take them…. The Turbo Megazord will be able to assist you in any future battles. Good luck"

He closed his hand, as the robot’s body stopped moving. The Robot Rangers were now no more.

Andros: "Thank you my friend. We won’t let you down."

T.J: "…..We better head to Earth…. We need to find out what’s happening with Zhane."

Andros: "You’re right. Astro Megazord transform!"

The Astro Megazord transformed back into the Astro Megaship as the Mega Winger went back into its hiding place. The Rangers appeared in the control deck.

Cassie: "Oh man…. What a mess!"

Computer consoles were broken with wires hanging out everywhere, as Alpha 6 lay on the floor not moving, still down from what had happened earlier.

Andros: "DECA, do we have enough power to get to Earth?"

DECA: "Power is minimal. A flight to Earth is not advisable."

Andros: "We’ll have to try anyway. Set a course for Earth. Don’t worry Zhane. We’re coming."

The Astro Megaship hit hyper rush velocity and sped off into space, as Andros began to think what would happen now he knew Owen was back………..

Hovering above the planet of Eltare, Rita and Zedd’s shuttle began to glow a bright red, as the fury from within Zedd multiplied.

Zedd: "I can’t believe we lost!! All because of that pathetic Ranger from all those years ago?"

Rita: "Oh pipe down Zeddy. Its not really surprising we lost is it? We do it all the time. Now, you can sit here and sulk while I conjure up another plan."

Rita left the room, as Zedd looked on, as the rage inside him grew and grew.

Zedd: "That does it!! No longer will this go on! I will not put up with this any longer!! Soon, I will have the Universe bowing down at my feet. But to do that, changes will need to be made…………………."








Next time on Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo; Lord Zedd begins to implement his first plan. What is it? And who should be most worried? The Rangers or Astronema? Find out in the next episode of Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo!!