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Power Rangers In Space: Chase for Zeo - Allies

Alpha 6

Alpha 6 originally appeared after Alpha 5 and Zordon left for Eltare. He joined Dimitria in helping the Turbo Rangers. However, after the Power Chamber was destroyed, he joined the Space Rangers in the Astro Megaship. After the battle against the United Alliance of Evil, he travelled to Mirinoi with the Lost Galaxy Rangers. He stayed there until he was accidentally teleported back to Earth along with Kai by the Zeo Crystal to determine who would be the new Gold Ranger. He is now back with the Space Rangers in the new Astro Megaship.


D.E.C.A is the onboard computer for the new Astro Megaship, Andros had it installed especially for it so the new Megaship felt just like the original. D.E.C.A helps the Space Rangers by informing them when Earth or any other planet is under attack.

Bulk & Skull

Bulk and Skull are lifetime friends. They went through many an ordeal with monsters sent down by Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire and Divatox. They once discovered the secret identites of the Power Rangers, but they threw away their knowledge in order to save the Rangers. Bulk and Skull were split up when Bulk and Professor Phenomenus left Skull behind on their trip to Mirinoi. However a teleportation device created by the Professor has brought Skull to Mirinoi, and the two best friends are together once again.

Professor Phenomenus

The eccentric Professor joined Bulk and Skull several years ago, after the two spotted the Dark Fortress in the sky. The Professor has been with them ever since, creating inventions such as the Evilyser. He went with Bulk to Mirinoi and took up a job in the Comet Cafe. Now on Mirinoi, he and Bulk have been rejoined by Skull, and the comedic three are back together once again.

Galaxy Rangers

The Galaxy Rangers lost their powers through a device built by Noma during the time Rita and Zedd were once again attacking Earth. But, when Astronema came to Mirinoi to find the Galaxy Book, the former Rangers called on the Lights of Orion, and the Light's gave them thier powers back. They then helped the Space Rangers try to keep the Galaxy Book away from Astronema, but they failed. They now remain on Mirinoi, protecting the planet from any danger that may arise.

Former Zeo Rangers

After the person who has turned out to be the Vengeance Ranger scattered all the pieces of the Zeo Crystal, the Zeo Rangers are now powerless and must rely on the Space Rangers to regain the subcrystals so they can have their power back. The former Rangers remain on Earth, and have just done battle with Rita and Zedd's newest army, whilst trying to defend the Earth.

Jason, the Gold Ranger

Just after the Zeo Crystal had been scattered, Alpha 5 told Jason that he would no longer be able to morph as the Gold Ranger due to a critical piece of the Power Transfer left out by Alpha. However, Alpha has finally found a solution to the problem, and Jason was once again able to morph, just in time to protect the Earth from Rita and Zedd.


Once the Space Rangers had left Earth, Ninor retreated to his temple in order to finish what he had begun before Rita and Zedd atacked the Earth, calling on the Zeo Rangers to battle them once again. What he was working on is unknown, but he has once again been called away rom it, as he joined Jason in defending the Earth from Rita and Zedd.