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Last time in Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Adam went to the wreckage of the Power Chamber and found the Zeo Crystal, which then reformed the Power Chamber. Adam saw the 5 Zeoniser’s had returned and raced off to find the 4 other original Zeo Rangers. Find out what happens in The Beginning Returns Part 2…..


Billy loaded the last of his belongings onto his ship. After 5 years of living on Aquitar, he was leaving and heading back to Earth.

Cestro: "Are you sure you want to leave Billy? We, the Aquitan Rangers will always need your guidance to assist us in any battle."

Billy: "Thanks Cestro, but since the United Alliance of Evil attacked 3 years ago and Divatox and her minions had control over you, there has not been any kind of a threat to Aquitar. I no longer need the anti-ageing water either, I found a way to fully cure myself. Earth needs me more, they have had several attacks since that day when Zordon let Andros take his life….I’m needed more there. I just wish I knew if the Power Camber was still standing. Alpha, can you remember anything Alpha 6 told you?"

Alpha, said nothing.

Billy: "Oh, forgot to turn him on. Just got to connect terminal 3B54 to terminal 7GHT, there that should do it."

Alpha 5: "My name is Alpha 5, my mission to protect the Rangers and help Zordon."

Billy: "I should remember to change that one day….Now Alpha, do you remember anything from those 4 years ago when Alpha 6 contacted you, telling you what had happened to the Power Chamber?"

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai Billy, I’m sorry but my memory chip of that communication is completely disintegrated. I don’t remember it at all. Aiyaiyaiyaiyai!"

The Aquitan Rangers had saved Alpha 5 from Eltare during Dark Specter’s attack. They had travelled there to try and save Zordon, but it was too late, all they could do was save Alpha from being kidnapped as well. They had brought him back to Aquitar and gave him to Billy to see if he could find any information from Alpha on where they might be taking Zordon. Unfortunately, Billy couldn’t find anything from Alpha.

Alpha: "I could always contact Alpha 6 and find out for you Billy but I’m not sure if he will remember either."

Billy: "No its Ok Alpha, you’ve tried before, and Alpha 6 couldn’t remember due to his voice chip disintegrating."

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyaiyai! Your right Billy. Well I’m going to contact him anyway to say I am heading back to Earth with you Billy. It is in my programming to inform all Alphas of where I stay."

Billy: "Ok Alpha."

Meanwhile, on Mirinoi;

Alpha 6: "Aiyayaiyaiyai! I’ve just received a message from Alpha 5 saying he is going back to Earth."

Kai: "That’s great Alpha, but could you keep it down, I’ve discovered something in the Lost Galaxy book."

Maya: "What is it?"

Kai: "Its some kind of spell. I’ve written it down on this piece of paper here. Just don’t read it aloud, I don’t know what it does yet but I’m close to finding out."

Kai researched this spell some more, but at the moment the only words he could get from it were…evil…..Earth….and…..Power Rangers. He knew though he was on the verge of solving it.

Back on Aquitar;

Cestro: "Goodbye Billy, we will always remember what you have done for us."

With that, Billy’s ship flew off into space on its way back to Earth.

On Mirinoi;

Kai: "I’ve got it!!!"

Kendrix: "What does the spell do then Kai, can it help us against Noma who’s been attacking Mirinoi?"

Noma had shortly begun attacking Mirinoi after the Lost Galaxy Rangers had returned from Earth after battling Trakeena again. Noma had worked for Captain Mutiny and had snuck through the Lost Galaxy hole which had brought Terra Venture back into the Galaxy. He had built up an army, buying some time, and after he had built an army consisting of thousands of robots, he had attacked Mirinoi, meaning the Lost Galaxy Rangers were always under threat.

Kai: "Unfortunately, it doesn’t help us. In fact, if this spell is read it could destroy Earth…."

Damon: "How can it do that?"

Kai: "If anybody reads this spell, two evil beings will return…it doesn’t say who, along with their minions and attack Earth."

Maya: "Well we best throw that spell……."

Alpha: "Aiayaiayaiyai….Noma is attacking! I can’t contact Leo, he hasn’t got his communicator on…"

Kendrix: "We’ll go now, Alpha you stay here and tell Leo as soon as he returns."

Half an hour later, Leo and Karone walked into the room. Alpha in all his worry had given up and had gone to search for Leo.

Leo: "Hey, what’s this?" Leo grabbed the piece of paper Kai had written the spell on.

Karone: "I don’t know. What does it say?"

Leo: "Frot Ddez lear goutish Airt."

With the spell said a magical blue light shot out of the Lost Galaxy book speeding towards space…..just as the other four rangers walked back into the room having dealt with Noma…..

Kai: "Leo what have you’ve just brought a huge evil onto Earth?"

Leo: "What?"

Kai: "Earth is in big trouble, we’ve gotta go help them…"

Maya: "We can’t what about Noma?"

Karone: "I’ll go, I’m not a ranger anymore, I can go and warn my brother Andros who’s still on Earth."

Damon: "But how can you get there?"

During this conversation Alpha had returned….

Alpha: "I know..I can contact Alpha 5. He and Billy are going back to Earth and they have to pass Mirinoi, on their way back. Karone, Billy can help you, he was once the Blue Ranger on Earth."

Karone: "Ok, Alpha, go and contact them I’ll get my stuff ready."

Several hours later, Billy had landed the ship on Mirinoi and Karone was now on board as they took off. Kai had told Billy everything about the spell, they still did not know what it had done though. The ship flew back into space again now with Karone on board……

Karone: "We’ve got to go warn Andros my brother the Red Space Ranger."

Billy: "I think it would be better to head to the Power Chamber….unless you know if its not there anymore….."

Karone: "I have never heard of the Power Chamber."

Billy: "Well, we’ll go there first, if nothing is there, then we’ll go find Andros."

Back on Earth…..

Tommy: "I can’t believe it….the Power Chamber!"

All 5 of the original Zeo Rangers stood at the entrance to the Power Chamber.

Rocky: "Well what are we waiting for lets go inside."

They all ran into the Chamber and there just as Adam had told them lay the 5 zeoniser’s on the table, and flying near the ceiling of the Chamber were the 5 pieces of the Zeo Crystal still separated. Each Ranger, went over to grab their Zeoniser, but as each person reached out to touch it, their hand was electrocuted.

Adam: "Aahw! Why’d it do that?"

Rocky: "Yeah, why can’t we pick up our Zeoniser’s?"

Just then the door to the Power Chamber slid open again. All 5 rangers turned around, and in walked Billy, Alpha 5 and Karone.

Billy: "Hey guys, good to see you again."

Tommy: "Billy, man. What are you doing here?"

Billy: "I’m back to stay and I brought Alpha 5 with me…"

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai…hello Rangers….Aiyaiyaiyai the Zeo Crystal!!"

Billy looked up to see the Zeo Crystal in its five pieces flying high above the floor.

Billy: "Amazing."

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai, it seems the Zeo Crystal has written a record into the Power Chambers computer. It says that it rebuilt the Power Chamber and is waiting to pick the 5 destined ones to take control of the Zeo Powers…Aiyaiyaiyaiyai!!"

Just as Alpha finished speaking, the Zeo Crystal formed again and shone brightly.

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai…Rangers, stand in a line, your about to get your zeo powers back….."

All 5 Rangers stood in a line again just like they had 6 years ago….The Crystal split up again and each piece flew in the air again. The first crystal went over Tommy and shone the color Red down onto him placing the zeoniser back onto his wrist, and morphing him into Zeo Ranger 5 Red. The second piece to move went over to Adam, and did the same as it had done before, morphing him into Zeo Ranger 4 Green. The third crystal began to move…..

Rocky: "This is me, its my color, my back’s healed and I’m ready to go."

The third crystal lingered over Rocky, a huge smile went across his face, then at the last moment the crystal flew over to Billy and shone blue down onto him.

Rocky: "What?"

The zeoniser appeared on Billy’s arm and he was morphed into Zeo Ranger 3 Blue.

Rocky: "I can’t believe….."

He stopped as he saw the fourth zeo crystal move away from Tanya and shine down onto him…The zeoniser appeared on his arm and he morphed into Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow. Finally, the last crystal moved. After what had just happened, Kat didn’t know what to expect. The crystal hung over her for a second before flying over to Karone. The zeoniser appeared on her wrist and she morphed into Zeo Ranger 1 Pink.

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai…new Zeo Rangers..

Kat and Tanya moved away from the new Zeo Rangers and both of them smiled.

Kat: "Karone, I knew I wasn’t able to become a Ranger again, I’m glad that having seen you change back form Astronema in the big fight on Earth two years ago that the Zeo Crystal has chosen you."

Tanya: "Rocky, I have let myself go over these past four years so much so that I could barely help in the great fight against the United Alliance of Evil. I’m glad that having missed out on being a Turbo Ranger that you can continue the legacy and be the yellow zeo ranger."

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai…Billy, you’re a ranger again."

Billy: "I know….this is great!"

Tommy: "All right, we’re back in action."

Rocky: "Yeah, now we can go help the Time Force Rangers in Silver Hills, and battle Ransik!"

Karone: "Wait, there is something you should know. Unknowingly, Leo the Red Galaxy Ranger read out a spell which will bring back two of the worst people ever to attack Earth, and they are going to attack Earth, causing catastrophe everywhere…"

Tommy: "Oh man, do you know who these two evil people are?"

Karone: "No, not yet, but I know its only a matter of time before we find out….."


Next time in Part 3……with the Zeo Rangers back together and two new rangers joining the team….who will return to battle them and try to take over the Earth? Will the Zeo Rangers be able to handle it? Find out next time….