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Last time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Zedd kidnapped Mike, the former Magna Defender, he then sent down Globber to attack the Rangers. Globber proved too much for them, so the Mysterious Figure released Ninjor to aid them. Ninjor came to their rescue and helped them destroy Globber. Meanwhile, the Zeo Crystal has still not picked a Gold Ranger, when will it do so? Next in Power Rangers Zeo: The Return……….



Andros: "D.E.C.A, set a course for Earth."

D.E.C.A: "Yes Andros."

Ashley: "I can’t believe we’re going home in a new Astro Megaship."

Cassie: "I know, its amazing."

Andros: "Well, the original Astro Megaship was built on KO-35, and since we learned how the space shuttle attached to it, and we had the space shuttle when the Megaship exploded, we could build another one, and a new Astro Megazord."

T.J: "Yeah, now we’ll be ready if anything tries to attack the Earth."

Carlos: "Well, lets go home."

Andros took control and took the Megaship to Hyper Rush Velocity. It sped away, travelling back to Earth.

Zack: "Well, that’s it man. You are now officially my room mate."

Jason: "This is great. I’m back in Angel Grove. Hey, I wonder what Tommy’s up to, and the other guys."

Zack: "Yeah we should go to the You…..Aauh!!"

Jason and Zack both froze as they’re bodies filled with pain, they were then teleported away. Back at the Palace….

Zedd: "What? What do you mean you lost that pathetic human? How hard is it to transport him from my dark dimension to here? You buffoons! Now I have to think of a completely different idea."

Rita: "Don’t worry Zeddy. Finster and I have been working on rebuliding monsters. Give a welcome back to the Octophantom."

Octophantom entered the room, but stopped short of Rita and Zedd when he noticed himself in a mirror.

Octophantom: "Ooh, look how wonderful I look."

Zedd: "Oh great, a monster that was destroyed because of his vanity and you brought him back just the way he was. Oh well, Octophantom: Go and destroy Angel Grove!!"

Octophantom teleported down, ready to attack Earth.


D.E.C.A: "Andros, we have reached Earth."

Andros: "Thanks D.E.C.A, well guys, we’re back."

Zhane: "Yep, and the Mega Winger has been fixed, the Space Rangers are back!"

D.E.C.A: "Andros, I’m reading some disturbance down on Earth."

Andros: "What? Bring it up on the screen."

The Space Rangers saw the Octophantom attacking Angel Grove.

Andros: "The Octophantom? But that’s Rita and Zedd’s monster. But they were turned good by Zordon’s wave."

Carlos: "Guys, I think you better look at this."

The Rangers gathered around a monitor, which showed the moon, with Rita and Zedd standing on the balcony.

Cassie: "No……it can’t be, they’re back? How?"

Andros: "I don’t know, but we better go down to Earth and destroy the Octophantom. Ready?"


The Rangers morphed and flew down to Earth on their Galaxy Gliders, as the alarm went off in the Power Chamber.

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai! Rita and Zedd have sent down the Octophantom."

Rocky: "They never get bored of sending monsters do they?"

Tommy and Adam: "ITS MORPHIN TIME!!"

Karone: "Zeo Ranger One, Pink!"

Rocky: "Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!"

Billy: "Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!"

Adam: Zeo Ranger Four, Green!"

Tommy: "Zeo Ranger Five, Red!"

The Rangers morphed and teleported to the city, just as the Space Rangers landed.

Karone: "Andros?"

Andros: "Karone? I can’t believe it. I thought you were on Mirinoi? You’re a Ranger again?"

Karone: "Yep, I’m the Pink Zeo Ranger."

Cassie: "Amazing! Do you know what’s going on?"

Karone: "It’s a long story…."

Octophantom shot at all 12 Rangers with his new arm laser, sending them all down.

Karone: "……But I’ll have to tell you about it later."

Zedd: "What? The Space Rangers? When will those pesky Zeo Rangers stop getting help and let me win!!!?"

Rita: "Those annoying Power Punks!! Goldar, Rito get down there and help the Octophantom."

Goldar and Rito teleported down. Rita and Zedd then combined their staffs.

Rita and Zedd: "By the Power and Forces of Evil, make our Monsters GROW!!!"

Lightning shot out of the staffs, making Rito, Goldar and the Octophantom grow.

Adam: "Woah! Looks like you guys aren’t getting a warm welcome from Rita and Zedd."

Carlos: "Looks that way."

Tommy: "Ok, I need the Red Battle Zord now!"

Zeo Rangers: "We need Zeo Megazord power now!"

The Zeo Megazord formed and the Rangers flew into their zords.

Andros: "Ok guys, ready?"

Space Rangers: "We need Astro Megazord power now!"

The shuttle flew out of the new Astro Megaship, whilst the Megaship took the exact same form as the original Astro Megazord, the shuttle came around and finished off the Megazord by forming its head.

Zhane: "I need the Mega Winger!"

The Mega Winger flew out of its base and formed into battled mode whilst Zhane jumped into the cockpit.

T.J: "Still think you can win Goldar with four zords against only three of you?"

Rito: "Hey, that’s cheating. Err..Goldar, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?"

Goldar: "Quiet. Octophantom attack."

Tommy: "Red Battle Zord star visor blast."

The blast shot out from the Red Battle Zord and knocked both Rito and Goldar down. They stood up as the Mega Winger came flying down with a double kick. The Zeo Megazord then readied its Mega Sword for the final blow on Rito and Goldar.

Goldar: "OK, I’ve had enough of this, lets go!"

Rito and Goldar teleported back to the Palace, leaving the Octophantom all alone.

Space Rangers: "Astro Megazord Saber, power up."

The Astro Megazord Saber powered up as the Megazord jumped into the air. It came flying down as the Saber ripped the Octophantom into two, and his body exploded.

Ashley: "Alright, we did it!"

Cassie: "Yeah, the Space Rangers are back."

The Zeo Zords returned to their holding bay, as did the Mega Winger whilst the Astro Megazord returned to space and reformed into the Astro Megaship.

2 hours later……..on the Astro Megaship…..

Carlos: "So a spell which Leo said brought back Rita and Zedd and all their minions? Unbelievable!"

Tommy: "Yep, and they’re badder than ever. They’ve already destroyed Trey the Gold Ranger and the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers."

T.J: "Oh man!"

Billy: "The Gold Ranger powers survived though. We are awaiting the Zeo Crystal to choose who will be the Gold Ranger."

Ashley: "Well that’s good news. I still can’t believe you got your powers back. I mean Adam finding the Zeo Crystal in the wreckage of the Power Chamber is amazing."

Adam: "Yeah, I still can’t believe I’m a Ranger again."

Carlos: "Well if anyone deserves it, its you."

Rocky: "So you guys gonna hang around Angel Grove for a while?"

Cassie: "Well with Rita and Zedd back, I think we’ll hang around here and help you guys out."

The Rangers then continued to talk……meanwhile Zedd was getting very annoyed with the way things were turning out.

Zedd: "This can’t go on much longer! Well……if two Ranger teams decide to join together….I think we should join forces as well. Finster!"

Finster: "Yes Lord Zedd?"

Zedd: "Find me this Ransik in Silver Hills, its time we made a deal……"

Just outside of Angel Grove the two mystery figures appeared.

Mysterious Figure: "The Space Rangers and the Zeo Rangers have joined together. It is only a matter of time before the day comes when you will be able to reveal your self."

???: "Good, I can’t wait to help them destroy Rita and Zedd. But what of the Gold Ranger?"

Mysterious Figure: "Hmm…I can sense the Zeo Crystal is close to picking the new Ranger……it will happen soon."

???: "Then we just have to wait. But who will be the third Ranger team?"

Mysterious Figure: "For that answer, you just have to look to Silver Hills…."



Next time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Noma launches an attack on the Galaxy Rangers, Zedd and Ransik join forces but realise they will need some extra help…..and the new Gold Ranger is finally revealed. Who is it? Find out in the next episode of Power Rangers Zeo: The Return………