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Last time in Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Rita and Zedd sent down their first monster to what they thought was a defenceless Angel Grove. Upon the monster’s arrival though, the Zeo Rangers appeared and destroyed the monster……..but only after some help from a mysterious person. Now with the Zeo Rangers back up and running what will Rita and Zedd do next? Next in Power Rangers Zeo: The Return…….


Tommy was still celebrating the defeat of Bushido whilst walking through the Angel Grove park with Adam. He just couldn’t believe he had got his Zeo powers back and that they had defeated a more powerful Rita and Zedd.

Tommy: "Yeah, I can’t believe I managed to make the Zeo Megazord do that new finishing move. Man it was awesome."

Adam: "You didn’t do it Tommy…..someone else did…..all we know was it wasn’t Alpha."

Tommy: "Yeah, yeah whatever. Oh man, but did you see the way we formed the Zeo Blaster and we took him down with one shot? I can’t believe I thought of it!"

Adam: "Tommy, you didn’t think to form the Zeo Blaster, I did."

Tommy: "What? You sure? I don’t think so, I’m the leader, and I think I can remember what I thought of and what I didn’t."

Adam: "I did think of it Tommy. Man, what’s your problem?"

Tommy: "What’s your problem? I’m the leader of this team."

Adam: "Why’ve you got such a big ego all of a sudden?"

Tommy: "Why are you messing with someone who could kick your butt?"

Meanwhile, back at the Palace, Zedd was watching this confrontation between the two Rangers, enjoying what he saw.

Zedd: "Ah! Theres nothing like seeing two Rangers fight to give you a wonderful idea on how to take control of the Earth."

Rita: "Your so right Zeddy! Rito, get down their and cause those two Rangers to tear further apart!"

Rito: "You got it sis!"

Rito teleported down to Angel Grove park, ready to attack both Zeo Rangers.

Adam: "Look, why don’t you just back off. I didn’t see you in the fight against the United Alliance of Evil."

Tommy: "Oh yeah, well where were you?"

Adam: "I was there helping out the Space Rangers, taking down as many Pirahnatrons as I could! Where were you?"

Tommy: "Well, I was in a race, but if I was there, I would have done a much better job than you!

Adam: "Typical Tommy, doesn’t think of anyone but himself!"

Rito: "Err….sorry to break up the argument, but I’m here to take you down!"

Adam: "I wouldn’t count on that Rito……ITS MORP….."

Tommy: "That’s my line Adam. Only the leader says it! ITS MORPHIN TIME!!"

Adam: "Zeo Ranger Four, Green!"

Tommy: "Zeo Ranger Five, Red!"

The Rangers morphed and prepared to attack Rito…….only……

Adam: "Why can only you say it. We’re a team, theres no I in team."

Tommy: "The leader always says it. That’s the way it has been forever."

Adam: "Why don’t you just go marry that huge ego of yours?"

Tommy: "Why don’t you get some talent, your not good enough to be a Ranger!"

Adam: "That’s it! I’ve had it up to here with you! Your going down!!"

Rito: "Ermm….hello? Evil villain here. Shouldn’t you be taking me down instead?"

Tommy: "Why don’t you just shut up Rito? We’re busy here!"

Tommy took out his Zeo Blade and threw it at Rito, knocking him down .

Rito: "Well, I’ve had enough of this, time to go."

Rito teleported back to the Palace to meet a very angry Zedd."

Zedd: "You bumbling nitwit!! We send you down to tear apart those Rangers and you don’t even lay a finger on them? Why must I be stuck with these pathetic morons?"

Rito: "Err…sorry Edd but they weren’t paying attention to me."

Zedd: "Its ZEDD! Z E D D!"

Rita: "Calm down my wonderful husband. Rito didn’t need to do anything those two Power Punks are about to tear each other apart Ahahahaha!!"

Back at Angel Grove Park, Tommy and Adam were still morphed and their confrontation was getting more heated as time went on.

Adam: "Not good enough to be a Ranger huh? I’ll show you whose not good enough to be a Ranger!"

The Green Ranger charged towards Tommy.

Adam: "I need my Zeo Weapon…..Zeo Hatchets!"

The weapon appeared in Adam’s hands as he reached Tommy. He swung the Hatchets, and they hit the Red Ranger across the chest, causing an explosion and sending Tommy down. Tommy, stood back up.

Tommy: "Using your weapon? Well two can play that game…..I need the Zeo Sword!"

The sword appeared in Tommy’s hands and he brought it down across Adam’s back causing another explosion. Adam went flying through the air and landed with a loud thud.

Tommy: "Hahaha! Whose the better Ranger now Adam?"

Adam: "You will never better me!"

Adam stood up and made another charge towards Tommy…………The other 3 Rangers were hanging out at the Youth Center when Billy’s communicator went off. They walked over to a quiet spot.

Billy: "What’s up Alpha?"

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai! Tommy and Adam are fighting in the park!"

Rocky: "Against who?"

Alpha: "That’s the problem Rocky, they’re fighting each other!"

Karone: "Each other? Are they under a spell?"

Alpha: "No, they just started to fight. Aiyaiyaiyaiyai!!"

Billy: "Ok Alpha, we’re on our way!"

The other Rangers ran over to the park to see the Red and Green Ranger taking it to one another.

Rocky: "You guys, stop!"

Rocky and Billy pulled the two fighting Rangers apart.

Karone: "Why are you guys doing this?"

Adam: "Our ‘leader’ over here won’t admit that I came up with the idea to use the Zeo Blaster on Bushido!"

Tommy: "Well he won’t accept that I’m the leader of the Zeo Rangers!"

Billy: "Tommy, Adam did come up with the idea to use the Zeo Blaster, and yes you are one of the most experienced Rangers on this team, but that doesn’t make you the leader. Remember? Each time we got a new power, old or new, Zordon picked who the leader was."

Rocky: "But Zordon’s gone, how are we gonna pick a leader?"

Billy: "I’ve got an idea but we’re gonna need to go to the Power Chamber, though first you two are gonna have to make up."

Adam: "Fine. I shouldn’t have doubted that you would have come up with the idea to use the Zeo Blaster. Sorry."

Tommy: "And I shouldn’t have said you weren’t good enough to be a Ranger. Sorry."

The two Rangers shook hands, and then teleported off to the Power Chamber as a figure in blue looked on from the trees.

Mysterious Figure: "They sorted out their problems. Good, they have grown as Power Rangers."

The mysterious figure then walked off.

Billy: "Alpha, I have an idea on how we can pick a new leader for our team. Tell the Zeo Crystal to pick who it thinks is most worthy to lead our team."

Alpha: "Aiayaiyaiyai. The Zeo Crystal has changed the Power Chamber’s computer, all I have to do for that to happen is press this button."

Alpha pushed the button down and the Zeo Crystal flew to the ceiling of the Power Chamber.

Alpha: "The Zeo Crystal says that it will shine the color of the Ranger down on to the floor that will become the leader of the Zeo Rangers."

All the Rangers waited, then the Zeo Crystal began to move, and a light shone down onto the floor, only it wasn’t one color. It was split up into two, those colors were Red and Green.

Rocky: "Unbelievable!"

Alpha: "The Zeo Crystal has picked Tommy and Adam to be the leader."

The two new Rangers looked at each other, each with a look of happiness for that person. They shook hands once again as a new era for the Power Rangers begins……….



Next time in Power Rangers Zeo: The Return…………with two Rangers now leading the team, can anything stop the Power Rangers. Only Zedd has the answer to that, and that answer comes in the form of Serpenterra. Will the Rangers be able to take down Serpenterra? And who was that mysterious figure in blue? Find out in the next Power Rangers Zeo: The Return..