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Last time in Power Rangers Zeo: The Return……Rita and Zedd returned to their Palace on the moon and made their first attack on Earth……Goldar and Rito went up against the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers and without any zords the Rangers didn’t last long with Goldar and Rito destroying them all……now with Zedd planning an attack on what he believes to be a Rangerless Angel Grove will the Zeo Rangers be able to hold them off?…….next in Power Rangers Zeo: The Return…..


Zedd: "Bushido… your plan of attack ready?"

Bushido: "Yes Lord Zedd……Angel Grove will not know what hit them!"

Zedd: "Good……without any Rangers to help them…..Angel Grove will be mine for the taking. Go now Bushido and destroy Angel Grove!!"

Bushido teleported down to Angel Grove and immediately began to attack the main city. He pulled a sword out of each shoulder and with each swipe of the sword an electric bolt flew through the air, colliding into a building knocking it down. At the youth center everyone began to panic.

Lt. Stone: "Everybody stay calm…..we’ve survived attacks before!"

Skull: "Yeah, but before we had Rangers protecting us……the Space Rangers aren’t here….we’re all gonna die!!"

The alarm in the Power Chamber went off and the Zeo Rangers turned around to look at the viewing screen.

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai! Zedd has sent down a monster to attack Angel Grove. He hinks that Angel Grove is defenseless."

Billy: "That doesn’t surprise me….he goes for the city he could not take over before….now he wants it at any cost."

Tommy: "He thinks Angel Grove is defenseless huh? Well he’s about to get a big shock. ITS MORPHIN TIME!!"

Karone: "Zeo Ranger One, Pink!"

Rocky: "Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!"

Billy: "Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!"

Adam: "Zeo Ranger Four, Green!"

Tommy: "Zeo Ranger Five, Red!"

The Rangers finished morphing and were teleported to down town Angel Grove by Alpha, where Bushido was attacking.

Adam: "Stop right there, your attack is about to end right now!"

Bushido: "Huh? Who are you guys?"

Billy: "We’re the Zeo Rangers…….."

Tommy: "…….And your about to go down!"

Lord Zedd looked down on to Earth from his balcony in anger.

Zedd: "The Zeo Rangers!!? Uuh!! You think you’ve got everything under control and those pathetic little wannabe teenagers are there to ruin everything. This time they will not win so easily."

Bushido pulled two more swords out of his shoulders and threw each of them at the Rangers. As they made contact the swrods exploded, knocking all the Rangers down.

Rocky: "I need my Zeo Weapon! Double Clubs!"

Tanya’s old Zeo Weapon materialised in Rocky’s hands. He ran towards Bushido and sent him flying with one quick strike.

Rocky: "Yeah this is awesome!"

Bushido crawled back up onto his two feet and started to pull yet another two swords out of his shoulders."

Tommy: "I need the Zeo Blade!"

The Zeo Blade appeared and Tommy started a sword battle with Bushido with each strike of their swords causing a bigger and bigger explosion. Finally, Bushido managed to knock Tommy flying. He landed next to the rest of the Zeo Rangers.

Karone: "Tommy, are you alright?"

Tommy: "Yeah I’m fine, but we’re gonna need a heavy hitter to defeat this guy."

Adam: "I got it. Lets combine all our weapons to form the Zeo Blaster!"

Billy: "Excellent idea Adam!"

The Rangers combined their weapons, blades and pistols to form the Zeo Blaster.

All: "Zeo Blaster ready!! 3…2…1….FIRE!!!"

Bushido began to charge towards the Rangers but was halted by the shot from the Zeo Blaster. He spun around as he began to explode…..and fell to the ground. Back at the Palace, Rita was not laughing any more.

Rita: "Zeddy, our monsters losing, we have to do something. I am not losing to these brats again!"

Zedd picked up his staff and walked over to Rita. They combined their staffs.

Rita and Zedd: "By the Power and Forces of Evil……make our monster grow!!"

The lightning from the combined staffs sped down to Earth, and made Bushido grow to an enormous size.

Bushido: "Heh heh! What do you puny Rangers think of me now?"

Tommy: "Oh man…..our trouble just got a whole lot bigger!"

All: "We need Zeo Megazord power…….NOW!!!

The Zeo Megazord formed as the Rangers once again flew into the Zeo Megazord cockpit.

Adam: "Yes. We’re back in action with our zord. Prepare to go down Bushido."

Bushido: "Oh someone will go down only it’ll be your pathetic zord!"

Bushido’s arms suddenly grew to a massive length as spikes started to grow out of them he threw two explosives at the Megazord. The explosives hit, sending the Megazord down.

Billy: "We’re hit bad……main power down……."

Rocky: "Back up power fading. We need to do something quick!"

Karone: "Wait. Main power’s back online……but how…….it was completely damaged…..?"

Adam: "It must have been Alpha helping us out, quick lets finish this guy off."

Tommy: "Alright. We need the Zeo Megazord Sabre now. The sabre appeared and the Megazord powered it up bringing it clashing down onto Bushido. Bushido started to shake as his body imploded……..

Billy: "Amazing……a new finish for the Megazord…..Tommy how’d you do that?"

Tommy: "I don’t know…….it just happened……."

Rocky: Man, has Alpha helped us or what."

The Rangers teleported back to the Power Chamber as the Zeo Megazord returned to the Zeo Zord holding bay.

Meanwhile back at the Palace…….

Zedd: "Uuuhh! Those wretched Rangers have spoiled everything."

Rito: "Hey don’t worry Edd!"

Zedd: "We’ll someone get this bumbling oaf out of here before I rip the skull off his body."

Rito: "Hey, alright, I’m going."

Rita: "It doesn’t matter Zeddy! In one day we’ve managed to destroy the Gold Ranger and the Rescue Rangers. We now know that the Zeo Rangers are back…….and we will find a better monster next time. Trust me Zeddy! Those Power Punks won’t kow what hit them."

Zedd: "Yes! Next time those Rangers won’t be so lucky!

The Rangers arrived back at the Power Chamber.

Adam: "Alpha……how did you get the Zeo Megazord’s power back online?"

Rocky: "And how’d you create that new finish?"

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai! I’m sorry to disappoint you Rangers but that wasn’t me."

Karone: "Well if it wasn’t you? Who was it?……"

Billy: "I don’t know……but I hope we find out soon…….."



Next time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Rita and Zedd plan their next attack on Angel Grove. Meanwhile, is Tommy able enough to still lead the Rangers? Find out in the next episode of Power Rangers Zeo: The Return…………