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Last time in Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Leo’s unfortunate casting of a powerful spell brought back Rita and Lord Zedd who immediately attacked Trey the Gold Ranger, destroying him and the Gold Ranger power. With their first Ranger death, they leave Triforia to return to their Palace on the moon to launch an attack on Earth….Find out what happens in the upcoming episode of Power Rangers Zeo: The Return………


Serpenterra arrived at Rita and Zedd’s old palace base on the moon. The army of monsters and minions ran off Serpenterra and entered the palace followed shortly afterwards by Rita and Zedd.

Zedd: "Ah! Its great to be back. Now, its been 5 years since we last attacked Earth, lets see what form those pesky Rangers are in now."

Zedd used his red vision to look down onto Earth from the balcony he had done so for so long…..he stared down onto Mariner Bay and saw 6 Rangers helping to put out a fire.

Zedd: "Whats this? Rangers helping to put out a fire? Where’s the evil? Where’s the monsters? Your gone for 3 years and look what happens to the world, a world where Rangers are not needed."

Finster walked into the throne room in an unusually excited manner with news for Zedd.

Finster: "Lord Zedd it seems that there are many more Rangers than the usual 6 we had become accustomed to. From what I have seen it seems there are 3 Ranger teams on Earth, each with a team of 6 Rangers."

Rita: "That means that down on that no good planet there are 18 Rangers!!! I think I’m getting a HEADACHE!!!"

Zedd: (Grunts) "Now look what you’ve done! 18 Rangers? It seems we are going to be kept busy on our conquest of Earth. Finster, give me the name of these 6 Rangers in Mariner Bay…."

Finster: "Why those are the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, they fought off Diabolico and Queen Banshera after they escaped from the tomb they were encased in."

Zedd: "Ah! Queen Banshera, she once worked for me. A very useful demon, she almost took control of Mariner Bay and the world 3000 years ago."

Finster: "It seems Lord Zedd that they put her back into the tomb, but whilst doing so lost all their Mega Zords in the process. Aside from their ground based Ranger powers, they are completely defenseless."

Rita: "Excellent, an easy victory for our return battle Zeddy!! Goldar, Rito, get down to Mariner Bay now!!"

Goldar and Rito teleported down to Earth and Mariner Bay, ready to attack the Lightspeed Rangers.

Zedd and Rita: "By the Power and Forces of Evil…make our Monsters GROW!!!!!"

A fork of lightning shot out of the combined staffs causing Rito and Goldar to grow as the Lightspeed Rangers looked on.

Carter: "Woah, what in the world are those"

Dana: "I don’t know, but there huge, how can we beat them without any zords?"

Carter: "I’m not sure, but we better morph."

All: "Lightspeed Rescue!!"

Ryan: "You better say your prayers you two, because your about to go down."

Rito: "I don’t think so Grey Ranger."

Ryan: "I am the Titanium Ranger."

Rito: "Well you look as dull as a Grey Ranger would, but anyway your still dead."

With that Rito put his right arm outwards, opening his bony palm and sending a huge thunderbolt crashing down onto Ryan, overloading his titanium powers causing them to explode, shattering Ryan’s body into a million pieces.

Dana: "NO!!!!!!!"

She ran over to where her brother had last stood and looked around at the many pieces of his body.

Goldar: (Growls) "One down, 5 more to go."

Goldar swung his sword to the right preparing to swipe it through the Green and Blue Rangers.

Goldar: "Any last requests?"

Joel: "Yeah, get a breathmint."

Chad: "Mega Battle Power."

Joel and Chad’s Mega Battle powered up and they went charging towards Rito and Goldar slicing into their legs. Goldar was knocked down in the process.

Goldar: "You’ll pay for that……Rito…now!!"

Rito: "Watch this!"

Rito transformed gaining a rocket launcher on his right arm. He shot out a rocket which zoomed downwards and collided with Dana, destroying her in a matter of seconds.

Ms Fairweather: "Joel, I order you to get out of there now!"

Joel: "I’m not leaving Mariner Bay defenseless!"

Goldar: "Too bad. Say goodbye to your friend!"

Goldar brought his sword down in a sideways slash ripping the upper body of Joel and Chad off, sending them flying into the air while their legs just sank down onto the ground.

Carter: "Joel…..Chad……This can’t be happening."

Rito: "It is and it has. Looks like your failing to your name of Rescue. Say goodbye!!"

Another Rocket launched from Rito’s arm. It cruised downwards and hit Carter sending him high up into the air. Goldar then stuck his sword through Carter’s body whilst he was still in the air, sending blood flying through Mariner Bay.

Back at the Palace….

Zedd: "Ahahaha! What a beautiful day this is…..7 Rangers destroyed and not even one loss to our team."

Rita: "That was so easy my darling Zeddy! With those Rangers being destroyed so quickly, the other 12 should be no problem to us. Finster, tell me where the other 12 Rangers are!"

Finster: "6 more Rangers are based in Silver Hills; they are called the Time Force Rangers and they are currently battling a mutant called Ransik."

Zedd: "Ransik? Hmm….I have never heard of that name before…….interesting."

Rito and Goldar walked back into the throne room.

Rito: "Well, did we do good Edd?"

Goldar: "Its Zedd you numbskull."

Rito: "Now that you mention it, my skull does feel a little bit numb."

Goldar: "Well that’ll be because of the lack of a brain in that head of yours."

Rito: "Oh. Well thanks for clearing that….hey!!"

Rita: "Enough!!!! Finster, tell us of the other 6 Rangers location."

Finster: "The other Rangers are located in Angel Grove…..(gulps)….and I’m afraid they are the Space Rangers, which has Andros as their leader."

Zedd: "Andros? Uuuh! That Ranger discovered Dark Specter’s plan to steal all of Zordon’s power. Its time for him to pay."

In the Power Chamber, the Zeo Rangers watched on as Goldar destroyed the last Lightspeed Rescue Ranger.

Tommy: "I can’t believe it. Goldar and Rito managed to destroy the Rescue Rangers."

Billy: "It seems by my calculations that, the spell which brought Rita and Zedd back must have also tripled their power. Their more dangerous than ever."

Rocky: "That means we’re gonna have a harder time of it now…we don’t even have our Zeo Zords anymore."

Alpha: "Not true Rocky. When you were all given the Turbo Powers, the Zeo Zords were never scrapped or used for parts. They remain in the Zeo Zord holding chamber to this day."

Adam: "We’ve still got our Zeo Zords? Excellent! Rita and Zedd won’t find it so easy when they attack here. But what if they go for the Time Force Rangers in Silver Hills?"

Billy: "I doubt they will Adam. The Time Force Rangers are battling Ransik, someone Rita and Zedd have never heard of before, they are likely to go after a city without Rangers as it will be an easier target for them."

Karone: "What about my brother Andros and the rest of the Space Rangers? I know they are in Angel Grove, though I haven’t heard from them in weeks, they could have gone to help a planet somewhere."

Billy: "I don’t know, it seems we’re just going to have to wait and see what Zedd does next."

Zedd: "Finster get in here. I’m looking down on Angel Grove and I can’t see any Rangers."

Finster: "They may have gone off to help a planet in the Kerova System Lord Zedd. If that is so, they may not be back for a long time."

Zedd: "Hmm…..Angel Grove without any Rangers, ready for the taking. I like it. Bushido!!"

Bushido walked into the throne room. He had a curved rectangular head and a muscular body. He was covered in the color black, with swords sticking out of his shoulders.

Bushido: "Yes Lord Zedd."

Zedd: "Prepare to attack Angel Grove……….."



Next time in Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Rita and Zedd launch their first attack on Angel Grove, not knowing that the Zeo Rangers are back. But with Rita and Zedd’s increased power, will the Rangers be able to defend Angel Grove? Find out in the next Power Rangers Zeo: The Return………..