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Last time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Zedd who had entered the Power Chamber, made off with four pieces of the Zeo Crystal. However, Zedd can only harness the power of the Crystal with all six pieces combined. Now he has brought the Phantom Ranger to Earth, in an attempt to trade him for the last two pieces which are still in possession of the Rangers. Will the Rangers trade with Zedd? Next on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return………………


All the Rangers stood in the Power Chamber, trying to work out a plan before they had to meet with Zedd.

Cassie: "We can’t just leave the Phantom Ranger there to be destroyed, he’s given us the Rescue Zords and the Delta Megaship."

Billy: "Don’t worry Cassie, we won’t let anything happen to him. Alpha, is it possible to make two fake pieces of the Crystal?"

Alpha: "Yes it is Billy, but Aiyaiyaiyaiyai, not in the time that we have. It would take days to make the fakes look exactly right."

Tommy: "Then the only choice we have is to give the two pieces to Zedd. If we don’t, the Phantom Ranger will be destroyed."

Rita and Zedd stood in Angel Grove Park.

Zedd: "What’s taking those blasted Rangers so long? You would have thought they would care more about the Phantom Ranger."

Rita: "Don’t worry Zeddy, there’s still an hour left. There’s plenty of time to plan what we can do once we have complete control of the Zeo Crystal."

Rito: "Can I mess around with the Phantom Ranger? I want to torture him!"

Rita: "NOO! Knowing you, you’ll probably set him free by accident. You leave the Phantom Ranger alone. If we lose him, we lose any good chance we have to complete the Zeo Crystal."

The Phantom Ranger struggled in the Tenga’s grip.

Phantom Ranger: "You’ll have to destroy me Zedd. The Rangers will never let you have that much power."

Zedd: "Is that so Phantom Ranger? You’d be surprised at how faithful those Rangers are. It is one of their many flaws. Yes….. by the end of the hour, I will have the Zeo Crystal and all its powers. Hahahaha!!"

Jason: "What if the Space Rangers and I morph? I’m sure we can take some of them out, and get the rest of the Crystal back."

Adam: "Its too dangerous."

Tommy: "Adam’s right. The spell that brought Rita and Zedd back, gave them even more powers."

Billy: "You’ve seen what a struggle it has been, even when we are only against Goldar."

Zack: "I’ve got to admit, they’ve never been this strong when I’ve faced them before."

Karone: "The only thing that we can do then, is to give Zedd the two pieces of the Crystal."

Andros: "We can’t give him that much power!"

Ashley: "Yeah, if we do that, then we may as well all kill ourselves now. Zedd will destroy the Phantom Ranger yes, but that’s one life, not the whole Universe which is what would happen if Zedd got the Zeo Crystal."

Cassie: "I am not going to let you just decide to let the Phantom Ranger die! If you don’t give Zedd the Crystals, I will. We still have Ninjor, and the Phantom Ranger would be able to help us. I’m sure we could hold off Zedd along enough to figure out a way to get the Zeo Crystal back."

Zhane: "Man, if only he was here………"

Rocky: "Who? Zordon?"

Zhane: "No. An old friend of Andros and mine….."

Andros: "….Don’t even bring his name up in conversation!"

Zhane: "But if he was here, he could help us. You know how powerful he is."

Andros: "We don’t need him. We can get along fine without him."

Carlos: "Who are you guys talking about?"

Zhane: "Back on KO-35…."

Andros: "…….It doesn’t concern you. We haven’t seen him since the battle, and we’re not gonna see him again, so you may as well just drop it Zhane. He won’t be here to help, and even if he was, I doubt he would."

All the Rangers fell to an awkward silence as they tried to think of a way to steer the conversation away from where Andros and Zhane had taken it. But, they couldn’t help but wonder, what they were talking about. And who this "he" they kept referring to was.

Tommy: "Ok, when we go to the Park to make the trade with Zedd, we have to be prepared for any surprises he has. Andros, you and the other Space Rangers will have to come with us, morphed. Same with you Jason, if Zedd tries anything, we have to be ready."

The alarm sounded in the Power Chamber.

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiayai! Its time!"

Adam: "Ok, let’s go!"

Jason: "Its Morphin Time! Gold Ranger Power!"

Andros: "Let’s Rocket!!"

The Space Rangers and Jason morphed and teleported to the Park, the former Zeo Rangers teleported along with them.

Zedd: "Ah! Its so good to see you Rangers! Have you got the final two pieces of the Zeo Crystal I need?"

Jason: "We have them right here Zedd! Now, give us the Phantom Ranger!"

Zedd: "Oh, its not that simple. You have to give me the pieces first. And, I want…… You, to do it."

Zedd pointed to Karone.

Andros: "Why do you want my sister do give you the pieces?"

Zedd: "She was once Astronema, no matter what happens to a person, if they were once evil, they always have some evil remain in them. The person you call Karone, is the only one I can truly trust."

Jason handed the pieces to Karone. Karone began her slow walk over to where Rita and Zedd stood. She reached out and handed them to Rita. As she did, Zedd struck his staff onto the Phantom Ranger. A huge explosion went across the Phantom Ranger’s body. The Phantom Ranger fell to the ground, and his body ceased to move. He had just been destroyed by Zedd.

Cassie: "Nooooooooooooo!!"

Rita: "And we still have one little more surprise for you."

Rita grabbed her wand, and fired a beam at Karone. It struck her in the eyes, and an explosion filled the air.

Andros: "Karone??"

The mist disappeared from the explosion. But Karone was not there. Where she had stood, a person turned around and stared at the Rangers.

Astronema: "Not Karone, I am Astronema!!"

Andros: "Noooo! You’ll pay for this Zedd!"

Zedd: "Oh, I think it is you, who will be the one to pay."

Zedd grabbed the other two pieces of the Crystal from Rita, and joined them together, completing the Zeo Crystal! A bright light shot out, and the Zeo Crystal was fully formed.

Zedd: "Ahahaha!! The Zeo Crystal and all its powers are mine!"

A ship flying high above the Earth turned around.

"Computer, aim scattering lasers at the Zeo Crystal. Ready, and fire!!"

A laser shot out from the ship that was in space. It sped down to Earth and collided with the Zeo Crystal still in Zedd’s hands. The Crystal split up and all six pieces flew into the air and vanished.

Billy: "What just happened?"

Andros: "Someone shot a scattering laser at the Zeo Crystal, the six pieces have been separated and spread through out the Universe!"

Zedd: "Blast it!! We’ll have to search the Universe for each piece. Come on, we’re heading back to our new Serpenterra. We shall scour the Universe and recomplete the Zeo Crystal, even if it’s the last thing I do!"

Rita, Zedd, Astronema, Rito and Goldar then teleported away.

Zhane: "No! Now what will we do?"

T.J: "And who shot that scattering laser?"

Carlos: "It came from outer space!"

Andros: "It couldn’t have been………"

Ashley: "Well, if Zedd has gone after it, we’ll have to as well. We can’t let him gather the pieces of the Crystal."

Zhane: "Yeah, whoever shot that scattering laser has only bought us some more time. But that time will run out."

Cassie, leaned over the body of the now deceased Phantom Ranger. Tears swelled up in her eyes.

Cassie: "I can’t believe…. He’s gone."

Ashley: "Come on, we have to get to the Megaship, we’ve got to go after the Crystal."

Tommy: "We’re all coming with you!"

Andros: "No! It’ll be useless if you do. You have no powers. And Jason and Ninjor, will have to stay here incase the Earth is attacked. It looks like we’re gonna be a long time, who knows what threat will cross the Earth’s path."

Andros looked up into the sky.

Andros: "I’m gonna make you pay Zedd! I will get my sister back!"

Cassie came to his side.

Cassie: "We’ll pay him back double, for you and Karone, and for me with the Phantom Ranger."

Zedd: "Come on you fools. We have to get into Finster’s remodelled Serpenterra and go search for the Zeo Crystal before those Rangers or anyone else finds it."

Rita and Zedd and his army boarded the new Serpenterra. It was the same size and shape as the Astro Megaship, but it still had the head of Serpenterra on it.

Finster: "It’s a good thing it now has unlimited fuel."

Zedd: "We’ll need a monster to distract the Rangers long enough so we can gain a good head start.

Astronema: "What about this gruesome monster?"

Astronema pointed towards Center Back.

Zedd: "Ah! An excellent idea. Center Back go and destroy the Rangers!"

Center Back teleported to Earth.

Zedd: "Goldar, get us out of here!"

Goldar took the controls, and the new Serpenterra sped off into space.

"Computer, track that ship. We’re going after it!"

The ship hovering above Earth turned around and sped after Serpenterra.

The Rangers stood in the Power Chamber.

Jason: "Ok, Ninjor and I will stay here to protect the Earth."

Adam: "And we’ll help out as much as we can, if anything happens."

Andros: "Right, and we’re going after Rita, Zedd……. And Astronema."

The alarm went off in the Power Chamber. The Rangers turned and looked at the viewing globe. They saw Center Back.

Andros: "Looks like we’ll be leaving after we get rid of this monster."

Zhane: "It seems, the Chase for Zeo has begun………."


Power Rangers Zeo: The Return has now ended, and the Zeo Rangers have lost their powers, but Rita and Zedd have now been joined by Astronema, who was once again made evil by one of Rita and Zedd’s spells. Whilst, Rita, Zedd and Astronema have gone off in search for the six scattered pieces of the Zeo Crystal, the Space Rangers remain on Earth for a while longer to do battle with the Center Back. Will they be able to destroy the monster and go after the new band of evil before they can lay their hands on the Zeo Crystal? Will the Zeo Rangers ever get their powers back? Find that out and more, and join the adventure when Power Rangers In Space: Chase For Zeo begins………………….