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Last time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Zordon, after freeing Zack from Zedd’s spell, died, leaving the Rangers on their own once again. The Phantom Ranger and Dragon Zord are still in the clutches of Rita and Zedd. Will the Rangers without the guidance of their mentor be able to defeat them? Next on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return………



Zedd: "Finally, Zordon is gone forever! I have waited for this day for a long time. Soon, the world will be mine!"

Rita: "Ours Zeddy! It will be ours!"

Zedd: "Of course, how could I forget, especially with a voice like that!"

Rita: "What did you say?"

Zedd: "Nothing my butter cup."

Rita: "Enough of this nonsense, we should send Rito down to Earth with the Dragon Zord!"

Zedd: "An excellent suggestion, we shall attack as soon as your annoying brother returns. Where is he anyway?"

Goldar: "He said he was going to help Finster with the reconstruction of Serpenterra."

Zedd: "Blast, with Rito holding Finster up, he may not finish in time. Goldar, go and get Rito now!"

Goldar: "Yes my master!"

In the Youth Center,

Tommy: "Its great to have another zord on our side. Rita and Zedd have been a real threat since they returned and destroyed the Super Zeo Megazord."

Zack: "I’m just glad we got it back."

Billy: "They still have the Dragon Zord though."

Rocky: "And the Phantom Ranger!"

Adam: "We’ve got to figure out a way to get them back."

Jason: "This would be so much easier if Zordon was here."

All the Rangers went silent for a moment, before moving on.

Karone: "Well, I don’t think it’ll be long before……"

Adam’s communicator went off whilst Karone was speaking.

Rocky: "Looks like Zedd knew what you were going to say."

Alpha: "Rangers, Rito is attacking the city with the Dragon Zord, you must go and protect the city."

Jason: "We’re on our way!"

Tommy and Adam: "Its Morphin Time!!"

Karone: "Zeo Ranger One, Pink!"

Rocky: "Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!"

Billy: "Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!"

Zack: "Zeo Ranger Four, White!"

Adam: "Zeo Ranger Five, Green!"

Tommy: "Zeo Ranger Six, Red!"

Jason: "Gold Ranger Power!!"

Whilst the Rangers were morphing their zords had arrived. They were teleported in to them.

Alpha: "Tommy, Zack. Before Zedd attacked, I had been working on something."

Zack: "What is it Alpha?"

Alpha: "Well, I’ve managed to reconstruct the White Battle Zord to combine with Tommy’s Red Battle Zord. If you join them together you will form the Mega Battle Zord."

Tommy: "Alright, thanks Alpha. Mega Battle Zord Power, now!"

The Red and White Battle Zords combined together to form the Mega Battle Zord.

Zack: "Oh, man, this is awesome!"

Tommy: "Yeah!"

Adam: "You ready guys?"

The Zeo Megazord went towards the Dragon Zord. Rito played a tune on the Dragon Dagger and it spun its tail around knocking the Zeo Megazord down. Another tune was played and some missiles were launched at the Mega Battle Zord, also sending it to the ground.

Jason: "That’s enough Rito!"

Some golden lightning bolts flew out from Pyrimidas and hit the Dragon Zord. It fell on to the ground badly damaged. Jason aimed Pyrimidas ready for another shot.

Tommy: "Wait!!"

Jason: "What is it?"

Tommy: "We can’t destroy the Dragon Zord."

Adam: "Tommy, Rito’s got the Dragon Dagger. We have to."

Tommy: "What if we can get it off him?"

As if able to hear the Rangers, Rito suddenly disappeared back to the Palace. However, the Dragon Zord remained, getting back on its feet ready for another attack.

Jason: "Tommy, Rito’s gone. We have to destroy it, or they’ll be back, and destroy even more of Angel Grove."

Billy: "Jason’s right! Tommy, you have to put all your memories of the Dragon Zord behind you. It served you well when you were the Green Ranger, but its now helping Rita and Zedd. You can’t forget that. We must destroy the Dragon Zord."

Tommy: "Your right. Ok then, Zeo Ultrazord now!"

The Mega Battle Zord split up and the Zeo Ultrazord formed. The White Battle Zord stood beside it.

Adam: "Ok Tommy, its your call."

Tommy: "…………"

Jason: "Tommy, you have to do it."

Tommy sat there, remembering everything he and the Dragon Zord had been through together. Rita’s spell which made him evil, when his powers were diminishing and Lord Zedd aimed all of his attacks at him, when he lost his powers and Jason took control of it before he came back, when Rita after marrying Zedd made the Wizard of Deception create a clone of him, giving him the Green Power coin and the Dragon Zord, forcing Tommy as the White Ranger to battle it.

Billy: "Tommy!!"

Tommy broke out of his trance.

Tommy: "………..Zeo Ultrazord………."

The Dragon Zord started a charge towards them ready for another attack.

Tommy: "Fire!!!"

The Zeo Ultrazord fired, and all of its massive power hit the Dragon Zord. It stood there, shaking with electricity running all over its body. It seemed like an age for Tommy as he watched. Then, the Dragon Zord exploded into a thousand pieces. The Zords went back to the holding bay and the Rangers demorphed.

Karone: "You did the right thing Tommy."

Rocky: "Yeah, if we didn’t destroy it, Rita and Zedd would just keep using it, causing more and more chaos in Angel Grove."

Tommy: "I know, its just…….. I’m gonna miss not seeing it ever again. Its like another chapter in the Power Rangers book has just been finished."

Back in Rita and Zedd’s Palace…..

Zedd: "Curse those Rangers, they destroyed the one zord I thought would be around forever."

Rita: "Have no threat my husband, we still have the Phantom Ranger, and I have come up with an excellent plan."

Zedd: "Well? What is it?"

Rita: "It all involves……"

Finster: "……Lord Zedd, Lord Zedd, I’ve done it!"

Zedd: "Done what?"

Finster: "I have finished the reconstruction on Serpenterra. Now, I had to decrease its size greatly. It is now in the same shape as that Astro Megaship, and is the same size as the Dark Fortress which Astronema once used."

Rita: "What!!!? You mean you’ve decreased its amazing size and its potential to crush every thing alive?"

Finster: "I’ll admit, it no longer has that amount of power. However, with its decrease in attack power I have given it, it now has an infinite amount of kinetic power."

Rito: "Meaning what?"

Finster: "Meaning, we can travel the whole Universe, without Serpenterra running out of power. If the need arises to escape, we can go to any destination we want."

Zedd: "Excellent work Finster! Now, Rita, let us hear this plan of yours………"





Next time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Rita reveals her plan to Lord Zedd, a plan so sinister that it can spell the end of not only the Zeo Rangers, but the Universe itself. Next time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return…………….