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Last time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Rito and Goldar fought the Rangers in Angel Grove, whilst Zedd’s White Ranger battled Jason on the ground. The Rangers were able to fend them off thanks to the arrival of Ninjor. Now, the Phantom Ranger has snuck into Rita and Zedd’s Palace, in an attempt to free Zack from Zedd’s spell. Will the Phantom Ranger be able to do it? Next on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return…………..



Zedd: "Come my wife. We shall go plan our next attack on the Rangers."

Rita: "Excellent idea Zeddy!"

Rita and Zedd then left the Throne Room. The Phantom Ranger looked on from his hiding spot, still in his invisible form.

Phantom Ranger: "Now’s my chance. I just have to grab Zedd’s Staff, and aim it at the White Ranger. That should break him from Zedd’s spell."

The Phantom Ranger looked into the Throne Room and saw Zedd’s staff propped up against his chair. Unfortunately, Rito had decided to have a sit down after Rita and Zedd had left.

Rito: "Hey Goldar! What do you think of this? All hail to King Rito!!"

Goldar: "Get off there you idiot. Zedd won’t be pleased if he finds you sitting on his throne."

Rito: "Ah, lighten up Goldy, I’ll get up in a minute."

Phantom Ranger: "Hmm…. Should I take on Rito and Goldar? If I can break the spell, then it’ll be worth it, but its still two on one."

The Phantom Ranger pondered over his decision. Meanwhile back on Earth, the Rangers were playing basketball. Billy jumped up and slammed the ball into the net, all the while having Zack watch over them from a bench at the side of the court.

Rocky: "You sure you don’t wanna play Zack?"

Zack: "No! I’m fine!"

Rocky: "Ok."

Rocky wandered over to the other Rangers.

Rocky: "You know, is it me, or has Zack been, well, not exactly his normal self lately."

Jason: "Yeah, I know what you mean. Back home, he’s always in a bad mood, ad keeps saying how I should spend more time with him, and not you guys."

Tommy: "Weird. When did he start acting so strange?"

Jason: "Bout a couple of days ago."

Billy: "You mean, the time when Zedd picked his evil Ranger."

Jason: "……Yeah! You don’t think……"

Billy: "I’m not sure. Maybe we should take him to the Power Chamber, see if we can run some tests on him."

Adam: "Ok, lets go ask if he wants to visit there."

The Rangers wandered over to where Zack was sitting.

Karone: "Hi, Zack. You know we were wondering if you wanted to come see Zordon and Alpha again."

Zack: "No thanks. I got better things to do with my time."

Zack then walked off, leaving the Rangers all with puzzled looks in their eyes.

Adam: "Man, that was weird. Billy what do you think?"

Billy: "I don’t know. He could just be having a tough time with his family. But it does seem a coincidence. This Ranger Zedd chose knows all of the moves we are gonna make. Its like he knows what we are going to do, when we are going to do it."

Tommy: "And the only people who know that much about us, are former Rangers."

They all looked at Zack, who had walked off further into the distance.

Karone: "Do you really think its him?"

Billy: "I think, we better go to the Power Chamber. Maybe Alpha can build something which will enable us to run some tests on Zack without him being at the Power Chamber."

Tommy: "Ok, lets go."

The Ranges then teleported to the Power Chamber. Back at the Palace, Rito and Goldar had finally left the Throne Room. The Phantom Ranger had stayed in his invisible form. He walked up to the chair and grabbed the Zedd’s staff which was leaning against the chair.

Phantom Ranger: "Yes! I got it!"

He then appeared out of his Phantom form.

Phantom Ranger: "Now I’ll be able to free the White Ranger from his spell."

Zedd: "I don’t think so Phantom Ranger!!"

Lord Zedd appeared from a hidden area the Phantom Ranger had not noticed when he stepped into the room.

Rita: "Your going no where and freeing no body. Tenga’s grab him!!!"

A swarm of Tenga’s surrounded the Phantom Ranger and grabbed him, holding his arms. He kept a tight grip on Zedd’s staff. He then turned himself into Phantom mode, becoming invisible. The Tenga’s not being able, confused, loosened their grip on the Phantom Ranger, which is just what he was hoping for. Using the Tenga’s hold, he did a reverse somersault, and broke their grip. He then kicked them all down. To Zedd, it looked like the Tenga’s were falling down for no reason.

Zedd: "Get up, you bird brains. He could get away!"

Phantom Ranger: "Too late Zedd."

The Phantom Ranger reappeared at the entrance to the Throne Room.

Phantom Ranger: "I’m out of here!"

Goldar: "That’s what you think."

The Phantom Ranger turned around and was struck down by a strike from Goldar’s sword. As he fell, Zedd’s staff fell out of his hands and landed next to Zedd’s feet. He picked it up.

Zedd: "Excellent work Goldar! Now you and Rito, tie him up over there.

Goldar and Rito carried the Phantom Ranger over to the wall near Zedd’s Throne, and tied his arms and feet to the wall.

Zedd: "Now even if you become invisible, you will still not be able to escape. Ahaha!"


At the Power Chamber, Alpha had some unfortunate news.

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai! I’m sorry Rangers, but in order for me to be able to determine whether Zack is the White Ranger or not, I would have to have him here at the Power Chamber."

Tommy: "Then we’ll just have to find a way to bring him here."

Adam: "But what if he’s not the White Ranger. We could be wasting time with Zack whilst the real Ranger destroys the city."

Karone: "The we just have to hope that Zack is the White Ranger."

Back in the Palace…..

Rita: "Look Zeddy, I’ve found it.!"

Rita pulled the Dragon Dagger out from the Phantom Ranger’s side.

Zedd: "Excellent. We can have the Dragon Zord destroy the city, occupying the Rangers, and we can send our Ranger to capture the Zeo Crystal."

Rito: "What about the White Ranger’s zord Finster built for him. Send that down with the Dragon Zord, and the Rangers will be in real trouble."

Zedd: "I’m astounded Rito!"

Rito: "Uuuh, by what!"

Zedd: "That little brain of yours actually came up with something useful. Goldar, here take the Dragon Dagger. Rito, whilst Zack is capturing the Zeo Crystal, I will have you control the White Battle Zord."

Goldar: "Yes, Lord Zedd."

Zedd: "When Zack captures the Zeo Crystal my darling the Universe will be all ours!"

Rita: "And with the control of two zords, the Rangers won’t stand a chance against Goldar and Rito. Ahahaha!!"

Phantom Ranger: "You won’t get away with it Zedd. The Rangers will be able to stop you. You won’t win.

Zedd: "On the contrary Phantom Ranger. It is you and your pesky little Ranger friends who won’t win. I, will make sure of that!"

In the Power Chamber…….

Zordon: "I fear our time to discover the identity of the White Ranger is running out. Zedd will no doubt be planning an even more powerful attack. And soon, I will not be here to help you anymore. My time in this life is running out. Soon, I will be gone forever."

Tommy: "Then we gotta hurry. We have to get Zack here to let Alpha run the tests that need to be done."

The alarm went off in the Power Chamber.

Alpha: "Aiayaiyaiyai! Zedd has sent down two zords to attack Angel Grove."

Adam: "Two zords?"

Zordon: "Yes Adam, while you were here, the Phantom Ranger tried to capture Zedd’s staff in order to break the White Ranger from the spell. However, he was discovered by Zedd, and is now being held in the Palace. Rita has taken the Dragon Dagger, and given it to Goldar."

The Rangers looked at the screen to se Goldar with the Dragon Dagger, controlling the Dragon Zord.

Rocky: "But what’s that other zord?"

Karone: "It looks like a white version of Tommy’s Battle Zord."

Zordon: "That is exactly what it is. Finster has built a White Battle Zord for the White Ranger to control."

Jason: "Oh, man. We better get down there and save the city."

Billy: "Wait, look!"

The viewing screen closed up on the White Battle Zord to reveal Rito at the controls.

Rocky: "If Rito’s in control of the Battle Zord, then where’s the White Ranger?"

Adam: "Maybe Zedd’s holding him back again. Ready to surprise us."

Jason: "It doesn’t matter what he’s planning. We’ve got to get down there."

Karone: "Jason’s right!"

Tommy and Adam: "ITS MORPHIN TIME!!!!!!"




Next on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, the Rangers take on the two zords controlled by Rita and Zedd, not knowing that Zack has been ordered to raid the Power Chamber to steal the Zeo Crystal. Will the Rangers find out in time in order to save their powers? Find out in the next episode of Power Rangers Zeo: The Return………